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Thomas Sewell has long been a pain in the neck of Australian nationalists. Offered opportunities, he always chooses the wrong one and goes down the least advisable path. At all times he negates Australian nationalism and takes a contrary course, seeking to divide the movement, and by his actions, inadvertently discrediting us.

We make it very clear that the Australian Council of Nationalists does NOT regard Thomas Sewell as anything more than a troublemaker. He is not a nationalist and is an obstacle to the spread of the nationalist message. He is a problem.

His latest stunt in concert with the feeder group for his European Australian Movement, National Socialist Network, continues in the worst tradition of every state-affiliated Neo-Nazi spoiler organisation we’ve had cause to mention. First up, we were disinclined to mention The Age’s report on the story, which we’ll get to because it was penned by the dubious Nick McKenzie. He is part of the former Fairfax now Nine Entertainment media-state hit squad. We wouldn’t give credence to him reporting on whether or not the sun rose in the morning. The man is a shill.

Yet, this story has, as was to be expected, metastasised into the exact propaganda that the state was hoping for in the lead up to the parliamentary inquiry into the ‘far-right’.

The ‘boys’ (sic) who comprise the insular ranks of this new subculture, which has as its fetish objects flags, symbols, and ‘fascist’ appurtenances that link them to European movements, and nothing Australian, visited the Grampians in Victoria over the Australia Day long weekend. It was a “camping” trip, with a lot of ‘camp’ in the other sense.

Frankly, that’s nothing of itself, since they’re entitled to go where they like. But ‘hikers’ and a small contingent of police encountered the group and, according to reports, were greeted with the theatre of George Lincoln Rockwell. Stiff-arm salutes were allegedly proffered, and cries of “White Power” were heard from individuals. Worse yet, a picture shows the group standing barechested in a fraternal picture taken with all standing in a formation in front of a burning cross. If ever a gift to those who wish to sniff out and proscribe those holding patriotic views were offered by those who aren’t patriots then here it is.

Thomas Sewell, in our view, ticks all the boxes of a state operator. We have previously documented how he deputised the now-discredited Mark McDonald who it is widely agreed was a snitch. McDonald is reportedly packing his bags and returning to New Zealand. Sewell had been warned consistently about McDonald, but he knew best. He dubbed him the leader of the Lads Society in Sydney when during the time of that failed project. But, the Lads crumbled, and it’s doubtful it was solely down to the sabotage of McDonald — Sewell is reported to have held a meeting for all sorts in Canberra in 2019, at which place, backed by bullyboys, he ‘laid down the law’, and, if the reports are true, was being addressed by some as ‘the fuehrer’.

It was an exhibition of megalomania and it hastened the decline of the Lads by turning off adherents in their droves. But, by teaming up with an arrogant youngster named Jacob Hersant, who had a following of very young males all recruited through the dodgy platforms of social media, and who, as youth do, were seeking membership in a tribal atmosphere, his dream of being a ‘fuehrer’ was resurrected.

Sewell, when speaking to a Nationalist friend of ours in 2015, told him that he believed Blair Cottrell was sent by providence to “save Australia.” Providence must’ve been pulling his leg, for he grew an Oswald Mosley moustache, looked in the mirror and realised it was him that God had sent to save us all. This is his mindset.

Only, everything he does is wrong. As they all do, he has fashioned himself on the pantheon of fascist heroes. This is how he perceives himself, like a cross between Oswald Mosley and Adolf Hitler. But is he to be believed? As recently as 2015 he was entertaining sexual relations with an Asian female. His Facebook profile showed him standing in black-and-whites in a friendly group with Asian friends. Then, he is understood to have condoned sex with Asian women so long as “they don’t get pregnant.” And he also greenlighted drug usage, according to some present at the Canberra meeting, although we cannot be sure which drugs and whether or not that was an admission that he uses them for recreational purposes.

Having come out of the army and straight into the fold of the far-right, and given his free admission that he “talks to ASIO” and the Feds, one wonders if he does more than talk. If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, as the saying goes . . . None could have been better placed to be a stooge, since, like McDonald, he is encouraging exactly the kind of theatre that plays right into the hands of the establishment. It is a historically documented FACT, and it goes around and around in cycles. Now, it appears, it’s his turn.

He does this at a crucial time. Neo-Nazism is a cult, a subculture; it doesn’t serve the cause of nationalism in any way, it harms us. It sends the wrong message, it bespoils the brains of those involved, and it ruins would-be recruits to nationalism by making them unuseable to the cause. However, Sewell is doing it on the eve of a Parliamentary inquiry when we’re trying our best to dispel these myths. He is contradicting us.

The Australia First Party, the Nativist Association, neither of these receive the kind of bogus media attention that Sewell and the NSN willingly court — for a good reason: because they don’t pander to these imported cults. They are truly native, and do not accord with the topography of that hazy American ‘craze.’ By bragging about recruiting from the media attention the NSN has become the hand in the media glove, and formed a mutual partnership that works solely in the state’s favour. Their bravado is the fuel, and that’s exactly what the parliament wants to see ahead of the inquiry.

What have Burning Crosses to do with Australian Nationalism? What have they got to do with Australia? These kids (and they are kids) aren’t showing any ‘Aussie pride’, they haven’t demonstrated any willingness to embrace the heritage of Australian Nationalism; they want to wear uniforms and follow a leader. The fact that Thomas Sewell could even name a group ‘the European Australian Movement’ shows this New Zealand born misfit has no truck with Australian identity. He besmirches and denigrates it. What he does is sacrilege. He should be booted out of the country on that basis alone.

Again, it is funny how these state-agents always follow the same course, always adopt the same rhetoric, and always mimic the same cultish game. He has to disabuse himself of the idea that this is anything that would even last. Nothing Tom Sewell touches lasts; it’s as though it’s not meant to. The time will come when someone within that orbit will argue that “violence is the only way”, and the fact is that kids grow up. The state will always wave its iron glove and they will scatter. We’ve seen it time and again. Only, before they have a chance to they will have been proscribed, and along with them, well-intentioned, well-meaning, good-hearted Patriots will have been taken down too. All because Thomas Sewell and Jacob Hersant want to be ‘Fuehrer.’

Bear in mind, only today, it was revealed that the leader of the Proud Boys in America, Enrique Tarrio, was a “prolific FBI informant.” Will the real Thomas Sewell please stand up.


Sir Oswald Mosley

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