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We at NAB watch the spread of the so-called “dissident right” with bemusement. It is a swamp to us ideological hawks. But our commentaries meet deaf ears because of a near-decade-long effort to undermine traditional class-rejecting non-imperial Nationalists and shut us out of our milieu.

The Internet has, predictably, incited a subcultural matrix. In the exigence of today’s political divide, the Left and Right are pitted staunchly against each other. Social media exacerbates the cultural quarrel.

While ostensibly levelling the class barrier, it has blown the bulwark between age and competency. Any young twerp can insinuate themselves online and inflict their opinion, no matter how ill-informed. Once upon a time, the youth expressed themselves on the walls of lavatories and public buildings. Now, with social media, they can interpose themselves in any discourse.

Perhaps that is unkind and more than a little patronising. Likewise, it is everything we’re accusing the young of being, ageist. But the point has validity. For instance, while students may—and should—question their teachers, it would be an affront for a querulous upstart to storm into a meeting of physicians and mock them over arguments about medical procedures because he figures he has the same qualifications having watched a Netflix series about doctors. Today’s social media has created that type of situation, and, given the anonymity of the platforms, the foolish are at liberty to ridicule the wise.

The algorithms of social media judges value not by quality but by quantity.  Fools gain greater rewards than the wise, who, if subjected to a campaign of defamation, are unjustly discredited. Reputations are ruined by rampaging mobs in the digital ‘town square.’

That scenario has relevance in the arena of political dissent we brooch today.  The above situation is symptomatic of a wider problem. We’ve established the free reign of the ill-informed and those disdainful of luminosity. We have had a reasonable sketch of the online ‘town square’ where authority has little currency. Yet, that doesn’t mean the digital sphere is absent of class stratification. If anything, it is segregated by tribal classes. That is the nub of the matter.

This brings us to the eponymous “dissident right,” which is a hodgepodge of disparate positions that unite against the Left. It is driven by mainly young male Netizens creating networks among each other. Beneath that broad umbrella of the Dissident Right, they labour to define terms to advertise their positions. Those who claim to be “Fascists” interact with “National Socialists”, “Christian nationalists,” “Traditionalists,” “White Nationalists,” and so forth, until the lines are blurred. Many appellations keep them entertained.

The Dissident Right is an evolution of the Alt-Right, which, again, spawned on social media in 2015 in the US to support the election of Donald Trump. Curiously, we’re at the same juncture as then, although the Dissident Right are not all pro-Trump, and their positions—as with their cogency—are unsatisfactory. The young are deaf to the experiences of the political veterans and prefer to learn as they go. The trouble is, not that they are learning, but what they learn.  They think with their mouths open and their fingers jabbing away at the keypads. It is painful reading their ideas. What brought them to this and not to that?  You must locate where their mutual outlook interconnects to grasp why they get things so wrong. But first!

The Left doesn’t share unconditional agreement on every issue, but we know them for what they unite over. We recognise the Left as elitists who flaunt their academic credentials to denigrate “inferiors.” Moreover, the Leftist elites are the beneficiaries of economic and social privilege, yet they proselytize on behalf of the “marginalised.” They even include themselves in their ranks.

The smug, entitled, student radical comes from an elite school. Although he doesn’t work, he megaphones to the workers; knowing what’s best for them because his Marxist education tells him so. He is rewarded by the meritocracy with a career and lifestyle commensurate with his class; employed in a super-skilled profession we’re locked out of. To get there, he stood on the heads of the workers that he knows so well, and identifies with so passionately. They helped pay for his tuition. But he wouldn’t have them around for smashed avocado and Pinot Grigio. After all, they are down there, and he is up here. Besides, he lives in an exclusive metro neighbourhood where their presence would spoil the optics.

Our parliament is full of examples of elitists living in a bubble—even our unworthy Prime Minister, Anthony “I grew up in the housing commission” Albanese. He is impelled by class consciousness but is unaware of the fact that he is what he once resented. “Albo” worked ‘not so hard’ to become so. Indeed, he never held a legitimate job; he worked his ticket and climbed the ladder of the modern Labor Party.

Then are those Aboriginal “battlers” like Linda Burney, who is a millionaire on a handsome parliamentarian’s salary. Noel Pearson is a millionaire lawyer. The list goes on but you grasp: putting aside racial differences, they are not us. But they’re doing much better than we are. They are an ‘elite.’

The Left moralises on high while the world is stacked in their favour. The rest of us face locked doors. The Left elites are gated from all they rain down on us with their social, economic, and cultural policies—especially immigration. Their insularity buffers them from the reality they create. They are the 21st Century’s elite caste.

The Dissident Right is a political soup. Nationalists are not in favour with this bloc, but that’s OK, they say—those within call themselves Nationalists anyway; especially if they identify as “National Socialist” or “Fascist,” or whatever their young fancy dictates. But they are not because they abhor the only true Nationalists in the game; even if most can’t articulate their reasons why.

The history of Australian Nationalism doesn’t bear their claims to it, so they reinterpret the heritage to their taste. They share this trait with the Left. Still, if you can’t beat ’em, just claim to be them, that way you can declare them illegitimate. Yet, it doesn’t work like that. By stealing ideological property, they take what they don’t understand. They think it’s something it’s not, so it cannot work for them. But it misdirects the ‘seeker’ on a path that is not Nationalist but a divergent road. The positions of the Dissident Right revolve around conservative issues with White Nationalist concerns thrown in. Chiefly, they do begin with immigration and anti-White prejudice. Naturally, it is stirred with a generous spoonful of anti-Judaism. Lately, “Christianity” is being woven into the “Nationalist” weltanschauung. But it’s Christianity interpreted as these young agree among themselves (nothing new there); never mind that religion plays no role in Nationalism whatsoever. The inevitable trajectory of “far-right” dissidence is to another plane of class chauvinism.

A distinguishing influence in the “dissident right” is the abrogation of the ‘socialist’ element. Australian Nationalism is inseparable from its roots in the Labour Movement. The vision of Australian Nationalism was of a European people without the yoke of its hereditary class system. That did not make the original Nationalists “red-raggers,” since the abolition of class-centric sensibilities worked both ways. Shopkeepers and other merchants shared a platform with Nationalists. But never royalists.

A common misconception is that the Old Guard and New Guard were expressions of Australian fascism. But that wasn’t the case, being a reactionary order; regardless of Eric Butler’s vagaries. They were defending the Monarchy in Australia, and the mercantile class by association. However, that’s not how the likes of the Sydney Traditionalists, the British Australian Community, Andrew Guild and Frank Salter would view them; not their loyalties at any rate.

A distinct branch of alternative conservatism is proselytizing among would-be Nativists and cunningly waving them in another direction like a strip club’s doorman. Those “Anglophiles” bring their influence to bear in the dissident-right swamp. You find them with various social media characters identified with the “far-right” and platforms that give a voice to everybody but Australian Nationalists.

They do not accept the description “Anglo-Celtic-European” of our identity that Australian Nationalism observes but consciously omit the “European.” Likewise, they argue the Australian pneuma resides in England. We are just Englanders transplanted to Antipodean soil in the mind of this formation. To them, we spiritually belong in England. They cannot countenance a new Australian race that abhors the historic influence England has wielded on our fledgling nation: such as coaxing us into two devastating European wars we had no business joining. Thereafter, they slapped us with a bill.

Jack Lang, the Nationalist Premier of New South Wales was caught in the crisis of the Great Depression. He wished to defer “interest payments” to England for our privilege of losing the best of our countrymen in World War 1. In 1932, Francis De Groot and his New Guard threatened mutiny when Jack Lang tried to withhold payments to prop up our ailing economy. Likewise, Bob Menzies—revered by these fake Nationalists—said that it was better that Australians starved than withhold interest payments to the Old Dart. This is not the attitude of an Australia Firster.

Anglophiles admire the British Aristocracy. No one offended by class differentiation appreciates the monarchy. No Australian Nativist expresses loyalty to a foreign figurehead; especially one that has betrayed its race. However, youngsters from the Dissident Right are celebrating King Charles, the vilest of them all. No man has done more in England to betray his people other than Tony Blair.

This bespeaks the elitism they propose. Australian workers might be roped-in to support them but they are foolish. These are elitists and arrogant to boot. They envision an Australian ruling class loyal to the wreckage of Britain. Their atavistic mentality is a flaw, but they are traitors and outright opponents of Australian Nationalists, who seek a level field in which all Australians contribute to the Australian project.

Our opponents on the “far-right” despise us for this: it is an insurmountable bugbear. They dismiss us as “socialists,” and dispute the right of other Europeans to call themselves Australian. They gain influence in the Dissident Right and ally with a disparate assortment of organisations—including Neo-Nazis—to boil them in a pot. We have witnessed this with the “far-right” conservatives of the Liberal Party and its satellites. A historic precedent exists: they will court ‘Nazis’ before touching us. Now, while these same kids have acknowledged what we’ve had to say about those conservatives, they’re being conned by them anyway.

They are an elite and their goal is no different to the elitists of the Left. Be warned. ■

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