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It’s true, the New Australian Bulletin is closing. Nathan Sykes sent the memo to Alfred, who published it. But then he sent the passwords to me. And I’m probably violating his trust here, but I want it known. He wasn’t entirely truthful.

The site isn’t closing strictly for the reasons he mentioned in his final post. Although they’re true enough, the real reason is that he just couldn’t find anyone who understands Australian nationalism and can write. This has been his problem all along.

In the beginning, he had me. He also had a handful of others. But we had to move on. None of us could afford to help him keep the site running, and Nathan isn’t the richest bloke alive. But he would’ve found the money, but what he couldn’t find were intelligent, politically erudite people.

Nathan doesn’t suffer fools. Most who’ve tried to write for NAB have confused their ambitions with their abilities. They failed miserably.

The reason Sykes has shut it down is that people just can’t write. He is, if people aren’t aware, engaged in a major project. He’s taken this on, and it means that aside from the large body of work he does for AFP, he cannot keep this site running on his own steam any longer.

Nathan, being Nathan, won’t admit to these sorts of things. Whether he hates me or not for saying it, I’m going to. He just couldn’t run it single-handedly any longer.

I’m closing now. But I wish he’d keep it up to keep this whole mess honest. I hope you don’t hate me. It’s over anyway. The YouTube channel survives along with your skills on Eureka, etc. I didn’t do enough; I know. I should have. I couldn’t. You know the story. But you did give me the keys. And you’re always a big one about ‘honesty.’


Thanks for all you’ve done.


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