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In the mire of dubious ethno-nationalist crap floating about the sewers of the internet one site sits like a semi-sentient fatberg absorbing and regurgitating turds in some heaving subterranean grotto.

I speak, of course, of the XYZ blog and its helmsman on the river of self-important swill, Ryan Fletcher.

Mr Fletcher, whose main claim to fame is being brained with his placard by Antifa during an ill-conceived protest against a Halal food festival, has favoured us with his submission to the upcoming parliamentary enquiry into political extremism.

Now the first strike against Ryan’s polemic is that submissions to such enquiries are not supposed to be published by the persons submitting, this is made quite clear in the guidelines.

Nevertheless, the first thing the addle-pated Herring does is bung it up on his website, replete with a “satirical” picture depicting himself as some sort of White trash Juggalo, with a brief, yet amusing curriculum vitae attached.

The body of the submission is an extended whinge about how supposedly pro-White activists are being persecuted and demonized by all and sundry and how he was recently reefed out of bed and black bagged by the Security Intelligence Unit of Victoria Police. Here’s a tip though, if you are being bounced by the Jacks merely for being pro-White, you are probably going about it the wrong way.

We can hazard a guess as to why old mate here got the knock from the goon squad, it is likely due to his juvenile antisemitic “shitposting” and glorification of violence, coupled with his affinity for disgraceful provocateurs like Neil Erikson it’s no wonder the Rozzers have been on his case.

Ryan, uneducated pilchard that he is, hasn’t the wherewithal to come up with a nuanced critique of the role played by Zionist fanatics and cynical self-promoters in the Jewish diaspora, instead, he doggedly pushes on with the played out American White Nationalist tropes that real nationalists abandoned decades ago.

As with most sensitive issues, there is a right way and a wrong way to broach certain subjects; for example, Dvir Abramovich of the B’nai B’rith association is the mainstream media’s go-to guy for commentary on Antisemitism and he is, frankly, a pain in the arse to listen to.

A lot of what Mr Abramovich says is hearsay, the hate crime reports produced by his organization are always hazy on details and full of highly suspect facts and figures, yet because he constantly blows his own trumpet he gets a seat on the TV panels and The Age will publish his articles.

Before jumping to conclusions and vomiting 1488 bile all over the place it might be necessary to put Dvir Abramovich and his organization into some perspective.

B’nai B’rith is a service club for Jews, much like Rotary or The Country Women’s Association and they, like the aforementioned groups, produce all sorts of reports on the social welfare of their communities and advocate on a range of social justice issues.

Furthermore, like any other service club, they are most likely suffering from demographic decline, due to an ageing membership and a lack of new members, I would wager that Mr Abramovich is one of the younger members.

So instead of blabbering on about hyper-ethnic (read Jewish) plutocrats conspiring to keep the White man down how about explaining that Dvir Abramovich is a silly man who, at the head of a declining social service club, makes all sorts of wild claims about antisemitism because he is stuck in an outdated paradigm where that kind of rhetoric may once have garnered his group support and new members.

I suspect that B’nai B’rith is about as relevant to the shrinking Jewish community in Australia as The Lions Clubs or the R.S.L are to the rest of us, with a near 50% out-marriage rate it’s hard to imagine young Jews and their partners giving up their leisure time to go and have tea and Babka with the old fogies down at the lodge.

Abramovich can be safely ignored, as can Clementine Ford, Roz Ward and the host of other self-aggrandising progressive gadflies, there is no need to construct a weekly rant on the Jewish question, or the feminist conspiracy, or how the Jews are pushing feminism to tots in subliminal rap videos.

Fletcher claims to be something of a satirist but the only people he seems interested in lampooning are himself and other White Australians, in that sense, he is giving the anti-racists and ethnic demagogues everything they want, a pre-made psycho boogeyman to wave in the face of elderly Jewish social club members and alcoholic Instagram mums.

XYZ draws its inspiration entirely from the online world, its worldview is pessimistic, eschews politics and is frozen in time somewhere around 2008, the era before widespread discourse among nationalists put paid to the America centric WN position.

The enquiry into political extremism is an opportunity to put forward a nationalist-nativist argument which will be written into the public record forever, what Fletcher has done is, as usual, run around like a randy Baboon displaying his big red arse to the world and playing up the White folk devil stereotype.

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