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That bloke in the Hawaiian shirt who we call our Prime Minister has shown that it wouldn’t matter if you voted for a ripe pear as Prime Minister, the system would carry on regardless.

As such, brave PM Scott Morrison of the cringing chicken crest has renewed our status as chief boot-licker of the United States by calling up the crook who stole the US Presidency and validating his unprecedented election fraud. He hasn’t spoken to his best mate Donald Trump since Rupert Murdoch changed his mind about him. Morrison only needed to pick up his copy of The Australian to learn that Trump was out of favour with his other American boss.

Six months ago, every serious commentator on that paper was praising him to the moon, now, it’s as though they were panning him all along. He is a maverick, they reckon; a renegade. He is dividing the US for the sake of his ego; he is a monster — he simply won’t relinquish office. He riled up the mob and set them loose on Capitol Hill. He is a megalomaniac and Biden is the legitimately elected President, and all those dead people in key states who voted twice for him were exercising their constitutional rights as stiffs to elect a senile old chuck whose son is second only to Caligula in degrees of degeneracy.

Right now is the time for a great Australian leader to emerge. You would recognise him immediately, he is the one who would tell both Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, in the parlance of a young Joe Pesci, to go **** their mothers. Only, he would do it in a distinctively Australian way, because there’ll be no more copying the US on anything.

It is beyond the pale that a country like ours can (rightly) censure China on its human rights records and ignore what’s going on against our race right in front of our eyes under the hegemonic US system of government. This is not about Donald Trump, it’s about the US people. Those brave fools who stormed Capitol Hill weren’t doing it for Trump, they did it for America; for truth, justice, and the  Apple Pie constitution; the brand of truth that lays warming on the sill, which is recognizable without having to open a law book, but which you know by smell.

Trump was a unique president in that he was an outsider. He defied the system and the caretakers of that rotten system, in turn, made it their mission from the moment he emerged as a serious Presidential contender to bring him down. The disrespect which was shown to an elected President, by that revolting woman Nancy Pelosi, who is agin everything truly American, invested as she is in her Jewish prejudices, which are Democrat chauvinisms, so it’s a perfect fit, would have been shocking in any other age.

Not that the Biden government will represent Democrat-alone governance, it is a ‘system’ representation – that oligarchical ‘one world’ congress. It is made up of both sides and its hypocrisies are already forgotten by the Australian government that will follow it to Davos for the ‘big reset’ in which “A new kind of capitalism takes root.” This kind of “capitalism” isn’t White, it’s black and mulatto. This kind of capitalism wears a black ski mask and smashes up cities, tears down monuments, and threatens life with impunity. It is a ‘peaceful’ kind of violent capitalism that can spot “White privilege” a mile away and licenses young people of its skin colour to do the dirty work required in beating it down. It is the culmination of years of New-Left indoctrination in the Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Media-Tech complex.

The “New kind of capitalism” mooted on the World Economic Forum’s website is already making space for the mass migration of millions from the dark corners of the planet (sic) into your cities, neighbourhoods, and jobs. This is why those good people who called themselves ‘Trump supporters’ stormed Capitol Hill and took it to the woodshed. But they didn’t do it for Trump, or shouldn’t have, because Trump can run away to his golf course whenever he likes. He is insulated against the effects of the Reset by dint of being rich.

Trump was only ever a symbol, and it’s not one man, but a people who matter. They believed Trump spoke for them, and in a symbolic way he did, but in reality, he didn’t, and couldn’t if he wanted to, for if ever a lesson was learned by his presidency, it is that this phoney idea of “the great American dream” is just an opiate, like all the rest. Nobody assumes power who doesn’t receive the stamp of approval from the international syndicate.

Morrison’s grovelling is so sickening but what would we expect of a walking beach towel? He has just given his support to the tearing down of monuments and the greenlighting to urban terrorists in BLM and Antifa that anything they do is ‘peaceful’ and whatever racism occurs against White people is ‘democratic.’ He has just rung up and congratulated a fraud whose puppet strings no amount of photo-shopping can edit out. He has given credence to a man who deals with China on behalf of the global resetters preparing for the global division of power into the hands of a few countries and for the country he represents, ours, he has just ticked off the syndicate’s choice of China for our region.

So, for all those who’ve watched the events on Capitol Hill, and in wider America this past year, it’s time to look to home because that same ‘system’ that shafted Trump, and thereby the American people, is sitting in the PM’s office waiting to do the same thing to us.

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