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Jewish people hate White people. It’s a fact. Maybe it has to do with our not murdering Christ. Perhaps it’s because six million Jews were killed in the Shoa, a figure that if contested against historical proofs, may lead to a Doubting Thomas being imprisoned.

But White people, or goyim, make useful stooges in the Jews’ war against Arabs. Jews hate Arabs, too, see. However, they also defend Arabs, as well as killing them. They defend Whites who defend Jews but do everything in their power to ensure that those helpful Whites don’t have to worry about living with other Whites. Whites who hate Arabs earn the ire of Jews especially if those Whites hate Arabs because the numbers of Arabs migrating to their White countries lead to Whites effectively dying as a people. This goes ditto for every other race that isn’t White.

Yes, it makes not much sense if you aren’t Jewish, or non-White, but Jews will not defend Whites against the kind of compacted hatred sequestered away in the rationality of purpose that leads to White people being killed off. That kind of crypto-genocide has a ring of justice about it if perceived through the dizzying kaleidoscope of Jewish morality.

Jews are among the most prominent representatives in NGOs (non-government organisations) responsible for actively promoting non-White infiltration into White societies. Complicit with those in power, or the control above those who rule, these Asylum Seeker Agents will coach so-called refugees in Europe — who clearly aren’t refugees by virtue of the fact they need coaching in how to be refugees — on how to cadge refugee status. Those refugees are largely Islamic which is good for Jews on the grounds it gets them out of their homes in the Middle East but confusing as Islamic refugees hate the Jews loudly defending them. This might seem self-defeating given the danger posed to the Jewish community but then you need to think like a Jew to get it. See, it then becomes a basis to demand greater security for Jews.

Given a Machiavellian twist, it’s easier to guess why those same Jewish promoters of mass migration are, however, quite opposed to the idea of mass migration into Israel, which must be protected from extraneous races. Jews wish to remain Jews and not become displaced by foreigners altering their social structure. Who could argue with this who wasn’t anti-Semitic? Yet, who could question the reasonable proposition that race doesn’t exist? After all, we all need to eat, and drink, and build a shelter?

Demanding homogeneity when it means excluding others who understandably only want to take advantage of a better system that might afford them generosities that are not on offer where they come from is therefore illogical, misguided, and probably a little mad into the bargain.

A foolish person might highlight the hypocrisy in Jews adopting such causes while being vehemently opposed to acting as they preach. But this mischaracterised duplicity necessarily binds the fabric of Jewish society.

Zionism serves Jewish security, be it overt, like Hasids, or a liberal guise that promotes a Jewish state which runs afoul of Hasidic sensibilities. For those whose beliefs are clouded by hatred, Zionism is a chauvinistic concept.

Arguing one is opposed to Zionism and not Jewry per se doesn’t cut any ice either, as it is an obvious attempt to shroud one’s anti-Semitism. Thus, critics of Zionism are faced with a ‘heads you win, tails you lose’ logic that is an important defensive measure for Jews since Zionism protects Jews from those enemies it makes in the natural process of being.

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