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Portland, the capital city of the U.S state of Oregon, has long been a bastion of “progressive” and counter-cultural activity, lately though it has become the playground of the loopier elements of the Left.

Honestly, I have little interest in the affairs of the Americans, theirs is a society so different to ours that any comparisons seem pointless; however, the Portland example allows us to make some observations on the nature of insurgent activism.

For those who do not have the time to follow current affairs, the situation in Portland has remained tense since the outbreak of the George Floyd demonstrations, whereas the troubles have simmered down in most major U.S cities nightly rioting has afflicted the “City of Roses”.

Portland is a curious case in that its mayor is also the commissioner of police, so the incumbent, the progressive Ted Wheeler, has had ultimate authority over the handling of the law enforcement response to the huge collective tantrum being thrown by the city’s revolutionary communist elements.

Wheeler’s cops have been ineffective in keeping a lid on the unrest so the federal government under the direction of attorney general William Barr have sent in federal agents, in force, ostensibly to protect besieged federal buildings from arson and criminal damage.

The footage coming out of Portland as these federal flying squads come to grips with the communist rioters has been amusing, to say the least, with masked men in combat fatigues grabbing individuals off the street and bundling them into unmarked vehicles, presumably to be charged and remanded in the federal justice system.

Federal charges in the U.S.A are serious business, there is a separate justice system with its courts and prisons; there is no parole available to federal prisoners and the attorney general has stated that in the case of the Portland rioters no plea bargains will be entered into, all convicts will be given maximum sentences.

For the first time, the painfully bourgeois Black Bloc and their fellow travellers have encountered a motivated, highly disciplined paramilitary police force who are trained in counter-insurgency tactics. The face-off with “the man” is no longer a ritualised street performance with local plods, troublemakers are being identified at the protests then collared afterwards, when they are alone and vulnerable.

This has been the preferred tactic of police forces worldwide and through the ages when dealing with insurgents, the main body of dissenters are kept contained and the ringleaders or committed activists are quietly made to disappear, either literally or by incarceration and internment without charge.

People of our generations may not realise that the feared Waffen S.S of the Third Reich and the Soviet N.K.V.D were primarily police units who, upon encountering partisan resistance behind the battle lines, would round up any civilians whom they suspected of crimes against their respective sides and commit them to detention camps, or shoot them outright.

They did not seek open confrontation with the civilian guerrillas, though that would occur if the opportunity arose, they simply picked off the ringleaders one by one and brutalised the remainder of the population into informing on the freedom fighters and their sympathisers.

These were extreme examples of the type and their barbarism during the second war needs no further illustration here however a softer version of their tactics has been used for decades in Western democratic states.

The way Israeli authorities have dealt with the numerous Palestinian uprisings since the 1960s is a portent for any aspiring revolutionary hoping to force the hand of authorities in a developed society.

Israeli defence companies are world leaders in developing riot suppression equipment while their military and police are also experts in the suppression of insurgencies, notable for the fact that once a person has made an enemy of the Jewish state he is never off the hook, he will eventually be hunted down and eliminated.

I am no fan of the Zionist entity but they export their technology and tactics all across the world, Nationalists have long been saying that once an individual or a group makes enough trouble in a Western state they are likely to meet the same fate as the members of Hamas, or Islamic Jihad.

If you are a real thorn in the side of the system then they won’t send in riot cops to deal with you, it will be special forces teams and attack helicopters, or covert operators who will put a time bomb under your bed.

The fact that the Portland miscreants are now being treated as proper insurgents and are subject to being snatched off the streets, or from their homes is probably a proportionate response by the federal authorities; being noodle-necked wimps for the most part this may be enough to cause the movement to fold, either out of fear or because of the destabilising effects of paranoia among their ranks.

I am sure that today’s weedy radical leftists have no stomach for life on the lam, they are nowhere near the level of fanaticism of the old Weather Underground or Red Army Faction activists; when Antifa start hijacking cash delivery vans or blowing up office buildings as their ideological ancestors did we may see an Israeli style reaction from the U.S state, but I won’t hold my breath.


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