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Covid sceptics in denial, Glowing serum in a vial Going nowhere fast or slow, Censors, cameras, tracers, show Check your facts, misinformation, Roll ‘em up or else face treason, you may jab your way to freedom Do as I say, don’t do nothing, Zip it up, Worse is coming Tough love, a big-nosed Jackal, Words can kill, deniers heckle Control of risky information, Eyes roll back, Inflammation, Double dose, Elimination, Jab your way to salvation Your reward, QR-code stamp , Eyes forward, a freedom camp Wires high, rifles levelled, Davos guards, Vaccine rebels No jab no job no stamp no eat, No property, no home no meat Who won’t follow, Won’t see reason, Do it now, jab for freedom Coming soon Omega Man, Zombie vaxxers, Rosemary’s pram It’s Davos stupid, a global plan, I got vaxxed therefore I am Cops patrol by the legion, Drawing curtains, season to season Your only choice, a jab for freedom Proudly jabbed, willingly bitten, Dreadful ache, Kind of living Masses drop like sheeple zapped, A compromise, a cunning trap Vaccine in the water tap, Big smile, needle capped On a high, on a mountain, Two plus five plus I stopped countin’ Life in lockdown shrinks the mind, Like a lifer doing time, Think twice, close the door, No sound of bombs, but this is war Job too hard? Shoot the client, Make ‘em all COVID compliant Wokeness leads to COVID wisdom, do it now, Jab your way to freedom COVID is our new religion, Jab ‘em in the softer regions Jab ‘em hard, till they cry, Jab ‘em all, Jab ‘em high Jab ‘em when you see the whites of their eyes, Jabbees win the booby prize Out of rubbish, there come lies, A jab that comes in every size Now we’re equal, now we’re even, Jab like a bastard for your freedom! Covid cluster, singles bubble, Now we’re all in for trouble Lock the playgrounds, Make ‘em eat masks Davos friendly, Davos farce Jab me tender, Jab my arse Jabbing Judas, Jabbing beauty Jabbing fool, Jabbing cutie No way, no siree, You are jabbing up the wrong tree, Take your fear, your Pfizer needle, Your authoritarian power evil, I’ll take a pass, I’ll be leaving, I’ll take the less jabbed path to freedom

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