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It’s time for the New Australian Bulletin to say goodbye. When we started this site, it was with an ambitious desire to promote Australian nationalism. The trouble was, that the interests of Australian nationalism intersected with the need to oust those who pretended to be Australian nationalists but misused that false impression to deceive people. To that end, this site often ran stories critical of those who’d gained popularity for the wrong reasons. They were popular, but not nationalists. Nationalism isn’t a popularity contest, but a set of fixed ideals that make you unpopular.

          This site would never have happened without Susan Jakobi, who donated the money to set us up, or Australia First, who footed the bill for the last year. The rest came out of the pocket of Nathan Sykes. Nobody else contributed a cent. We never asked anybody for money no matter whether it was for our YouTube channel or otherwise.

          Since we began, the online environment has become so toxic, so utterly controlled, that true nationalism can only breathe offline. Nothing radical can be controlled. Furthermore, we found that false entities took our ideas and stole them. They never acknowledged us or understood that without us, those ideas could no longer live because you cannot take a lifeform from a particular environment and expect it to survive somewhere unnatural. The thinking is now that to learn proper Australian nationalism you must come to us. We will no longer give it away for free. Firstly, it informs our enemies, and secondly, it weakens us.

          Australian nationalists have been betrayed. We have been used and cheated by those whom we sponsored. Those people know who they are. No longer. Without us, they will die. That’s the idea. We need you to pass away. From now on, Australian nationalism is the Australia First Party. There is no other expression of it. Anything that attempts to borrow our symbols and ideas is fake and misleading and will rob you of the ability to fight back. They are lost from the get-go because they are fakers.

          Our writers are migrating to the new off-grid nationalism. We are going where our audience is concentrated and serious. We brook no more obnoxious Z-Generation hucksters, no more former United Patriots Front grifters, and no neo-Nazis. They don’t get it and never will. They are the problem. Their followers are the problem. They believe only in the absoluteness of the online world. But that’s not the real world.

This site will be available until March. After that, either join the Australia First Party or buy a clown hat.

Hit ’em where they ain’t.

Nathan Sykes, January 1, 2024.

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