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Joel Davis is an elder veteran of the Australian Nationalist Conservative Christian Radical Ethno-Identitarian Alternative Fifth Position Dissident Right. Having fought a solid struggle on social media for over 12 months the bearded Zoomer is a seasoned commentator with a large following and radically uneven hair. Some even consider him the “leader” of Australian Nationalism, but he believes such a label is discursively inorganic to pure post-conservative radical identitarian ethno-racial interest rhetoric and is endeavouring to finally come up with a label that will perfectly stand out on his Twitter bio like his signature word salad.

We had the extremely muted pleasure of tearing him away from watching videos of himself to pick his brains about going forward in the struggle against White Replacement in Australia.

Thank you for speaking with us, Joel. Is that your real personality?

What personality?

No, nothing. What is it you do for a living, JD?

Well, I’m presently building up my Twitter, YouTube, Odyssey and Telegram audience and I think pretty soon…

We mean for a crust. How do you put a six-pack on the table?

I just lift it and put it down.

Ok, it must be a Zoomer thing. What do you do for work?

I am the undisputed leader of Australian Nationalism according to the under-18 middle-class high-school-radical demographic. Plus, I have Blair Cottrell and Tom Sewell on my show, and they, like, started Nationalism in Australia. So, it rubs off by proximity.

Yes, Tom and Blair were there before anyone. But how do you pay the bills?

Oh. I trade crypto, you know. Don’t buy Doge.

You trade crypto. That doesn’t sound suss at all. Are you still living with your parents?

Let’s not bring my family into this. Let’s try to talk about me without asking any awkward questions.

What’s an awkward question, Joel?

That for a start.

Now, you made your big entrance by having a paragraph of your highly advanced writing published in a book put out by the not-suss-in-the-least Imperium Press. They’ve been linked to the Sydney Trads who are conservatives. What do you say to that?

Ok, boomer.

We’re not boomers.

Boomers always say that.

What do you think the major problem is with Nationalism today?

Firstly, we don’t call it Nationalism because that’s too much of a single position. And in radical dissident politics, you’ve got to have a position. Take me for instance, I’ve got about 100.

What do you call them?

[Rolls his eyes dismissively] Look, we’re the Radical Right, but we’re also ethno-realists unadulterated by boomer class distinctions. To us, class is a matter of how much wax you use in your beard. You can’t cuck us with your boomer terminology because although the Zoomers are currently less-white than boomers and Gen Z once the Lib-Nats fade into oblivion then they’ll arise as the real conservatives.

What is a conservative, Joel?

They used to be called Nationalists but they got cucked on immigration.

Who do you think was Australia’s most famous Nationalist?

It’s a toss-up between Bob Menzies and Joe Bjelke Petersen.

How do you think Australia came to become multicultural?

The Jews.

And there were no European migrant lobby groups involved?

That’s a Jew lie. Not that I’ve heard it, but if I haven’t heard it, didn’t happen. Life for the new Radical Right is everything after 2010. Before that, it was all boomers.

You’d then say that John Curtin was a boomer?


You talk a lot, Joel. Do you DO anything?

We do more than boomer Nats like Jim Saleam. He’s been around for, like, 40 years and what has he achieved?

He’s still around for one thing. And he helped establish modern nationalism.

No, that’s not true—that was Tom Sewell and Blair Cottrell. They began it with Neil Erikson in 2015.

Never knew that. What did THEY achieve?

What do you mean? They started the UPF. I remember reading their stuff on Facebook when I was a kid. Without the UPF they’d never have had the Lads Society!

All right, what did either of those two groups “achieve”?

The UPF had about 100,000 Facebook followers and the Lads Society changed the way we look at the gym.

Doesn’t look like you’ve ever seen a gym, Joel.

Yeah, but Blair has, and I do a podcast with him.

Now, Joel, explain to us how to achieve a Nationalist victory in this country.

Firstly, get a bigger Twitter following, secondly, we need more Telegram channels. After that, it’s a matter of uniting all Zoomers with millennials. If we’re all together we’ll never have to talk to Gen Z or the boomers again. They’ll be dead soon anyway.

But you’ll be old before long. You’ll die too.

No, that’s not true. Not the Zoomers. We never grow old because of social media and stuff.

Can you give us some insight into your ideas for changing Australia?

Kick out the Jews.

OK, but what comes next?

See, you ask so many boomer questions. How about you just watch my podcast? It’s called The Joel and Blair Show and it has over 2000 subs. I’m the guy who is not Blair. I wear a shirt that looks like a restaurant tablecloth and talk as though I’ve overdosed on Tranq.

Yeah, that’s why we’ll never watch it. Have you anything you want to add before we forget we ever heard your name?

I’d just like to say that I have nearly 10,000 subscribers on Telegram. I must be changing the world.

How about just changing your shirt? Joel, thanks a lot.

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