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Queensland Democratic Alliance founder Drew Pavlou, 22, has announced he is to be charged by NSW Police. Pavlou appeared at Eastwood shopping centre yesterday and upset Chinese shoppers with a demonstration mocking Chinese President Ji Xinping. The “young larrikin” fired his run for the senate with the stunt, which turned nasty when his photographer was restrained. The former University of Queensland student arrived with a placard bearing the slogan, “Fuck Xi Jinping.” As he cynically hoped would happen, he was abused by the crowd. The short spurt of activity was captured in his inevitable TikTok video. In the clip, Pavlou’s photographer is seen being manhandled by a Chinese man. Police later arrive as Pavlou reacts to being called a coward, or “yellow banana” by one of the mob. Eastwood is a heavily Asianised suburb in Sydney’s northwest. The rail line divides the Korean side from the Chinese.

Pavlou was at Eastwood shopping centre helping to promote his candidate, Kyinzom Dhongdue. Dhongdue is of Tibetan heritage and joined Pavlou’s fledgling party to “help shape policy debate about China.” Dhongdue has a serenity that would impress the Dalai Lama. But only him. We aren’t sure if she was present at the brouhaha. But this publicity escapade reveals levels of information, not just about Pavlou, but a host of related subjects. The most obvious is the reaction of the Chinese diaspora, which has spread like mould throughout our capital cities. This is a national discussion that we’ll never have. Likewise, there is the matter of the NSW police and their political duties. Their threat to charge Pavlou, as impotent as it is, adds to an ongoing narrative about their function. Then there is Pavlou, whose politics and antics we’ll explore. They reveal why he is just another virtue-signalling arseache.

The Trouble With Drew Pavlou

The trouble with Drew Pavlou is that his sort of activism just gets in the way when you’re trying to be serious. His first big mistake is that he conflates Australia with “democracy.” The second is that he is a multiracialist. Typically, the two go together. He is a pitiful reminder of how poorly conceived dear old Arthur Calwell’s immigration program was. Following WW2, “Uncle Arthur” began his immigration push. He selected immigrants from European backgrounds. When they arrived, he was astounded at the blue-eyed, blonde-haired “beautiful Balts.” But they turned out to be more than a disappointment—they helped to destroy the White Australia Policy. Calwell thought he was fortifying the racial bias of this nation; he misunderstood the nature of their thinking. To those who fled persecution by the communist regimes, anti-communism was all that mattered. Instead of kin, they saw ideology. They couldn’t fathom white Australia.

Many of those European immigrants we thought we could count on betrayed Australia racially. They were negotiating for multiculturalism to assert precedence over competing integrationist and assimilationist policies. A minority group supported the idea of maintaining the White Australia Policy, but the majority opposed it. Immigration from Asia became unavoidable, despite the Labor tradition’s support for a white working man’s paradise. So it’s not surprising that the son of Greek Cypriots joins a chorus of alien voices telling us what’s best for us. This is the bane of Australian nationalists. Everywhere we go, foreigners are lecturing us about who we are. They do it under many guises, but Mr Pavlou is bent on human rights and democracy. He’s all about himself. These stunts frame him as the rebel he thinks he’s always been. The irony is that, by poking the panda, he unleashes the beast of multiracialism.

Drew Pavlou’s Democratic Privilege

Drew Pavlou’s parents, by all accounts, were hardly poor. That is according to biographical information he relayed to various media. Their parents were among those immigrants we spoke of, arriving in the 1960s. Once here, they set to work making their money in hospitality and retail while living on the Gold Coast. We’ve no idea what Drew’s parents did, but they likely inherited the family businesses. Pavlou makes a point of advertising that his grandmother’s brother was a fighter with the EOKA. The Ethniki Orgonosis Kyprion Agoniston, or National Organisation of Cypriot Fighters, kicked the British out of Cyprus. Given his admiration for this man, it’s a wonder that he doesn’t recognise the goal of Australian nationalists. Pavlou seems distracted by other global phenomena. He makes much ado about his birthday, June 4, 1999, being within grasp of the events at Tiananmen Square. Doing so reinforces his narrative.

Pavlou received a private education at the prestigious Villanova College in Brisbane. The typical income of a family that sends their child there is around $195,800. Despite his privilege, Pavlou fashioned himself as a rebel. He liked to “kick the hornet’s nest,” he told The Australian. In that profile piece, he boasts about being sent home on the first day of Year 12. The rebel without a cause says he wore a mohawk to class. In his words, “I’ve, like, always had a difficult relationship with authority.” That’s easy to do when you come from the better side of the tracks. But then Drew found a way to channel all of that ambitious energy, causing a ruckus in his brain. He describes a class where he learned about Bernie Sanders. He was 16 and heavily influenced by the social democrat who is most favoured by America’s Hispanic population.

Drew Pavlou’s Rebel Road

The University of Queensland provided Pavlou with the environment he needed to grow as a political contrarian. He could’ve become a garden variety progressive like the rest, but then he wouldn’t have stood out. So, while studying for a productive Bachelor of Arts degree with a philosophy major, young Drew skirmished with the faculty. The comfortable radical tallied 11 instances of misconduct. We’re not sure what frivolous causes these involved, but he came to national notoriety after his ultimate suspension. Officially an enfant terrible, Pavlou took up the cause of Hong Kong independence and led campus protests. He got a two-year suspension for his hijinks, but a subsequent appeal reduced it to one year. This isn’t to belittle his campaign against the Confucius Institute, which formed the crux of the university’s censorship of him. The university notoriously courted Chinese students while its former chancellor was a card-carrying sinophile.

Drew Pavlou must’ve been missing all the publicity. In December 2021, he established the Democratic Alliance. He has no policies, only issues. His platform is derived from that of his hero, Bernie Sanders. It pours from the smelt of naive causes: tackling poverty, saving the environment, and countering corruption. There is a place for protecting human rights and standing up to China. Remember, his birthday was near the date of Tiananmen Square, so he was, like, born for the role. So he thinks. Another way to look at it is that Tiananmen Square led to the saturation of communist Chinese in Australia. A weeping Bob Hawke allowed all those Chinese present here at the time to stay on and become as Aussie as the dog in the tuckerbox. He just assumed they were all bleeding-heart democrats facing persecution at home. In reality, they formed the groundswell of the Chinese diaspora.

Caught Between A Prank And A Hard Place

It is ironic to think some of those present at Eastwood shopping centre probably stayed in Australia on Bob Hawke’s goodwill. But then, they were Democrats. Ho ho. Drew Pavlou should ask himself which democracy enabled China’s growth and why. If he learns about that, he will know that Ukraine and the rise of China are interrelated. Henry Kissinger economically propped up China to contain the Soviet Union. Likewise, the American deep-state cultivated West Ukraine’s fanatical Nazis for the precise same reason. Ukraine: a colossal hoax being foisted on the world. Only the West seems to buy the lies. History is available for all to learn. Pavlou employs images of Ned Kelly on his social media. He invokes the Eureka Spirit and dips his beak into the issue of Aboriginal rights. The boy is appropriating nationalist icons and disrespecting them at the same time.

The kid confuses the shearer’s strike with his idea of universal solidarity without comprehending the unions’ role in the White Australia Policy. The WAP aimed to keep the Chinese out of Australia. It wasn’t about entertaining them because they shared ‘values’. The issue of Hong Kong is none of our business: Hong Kong belongs to China. Furthermore, Taiwan is none of our business either. Pavlou suffers from the typical privileged activist’s perception of Australia. He views it exclusively in internationalist terms. Would his relative from the EOKA have felt that way about Cyprus? If he’s wondering why the NSW police have been instructed to charge him the answer is right there. Regardless of how he frames it, if he upsets the Chinese, he’ll suffer at the hands of his “democratic” government. Any rhetoric about China from either party belies the reality of their fundamental positions.

Virtue Signalling For Villanova

On the same day, Drew Pavlou travelled across Sydney to the Russian embassy in Woolhara. Perhaps he was expecting to disrespect Russian President Vladimir Putin in the fashion he’d just ridden Xi Jinping. Again, the Patriots were waiting for him. The Night Wolves, the pro-Putin biker gang, warned Drew of the consequences if he burnt an image of Putin. We assume that he took their warning seriously. Why get injured for a stunt, especially an ill-conceived notoriety-seeking adventure? Everything Pavlou does reveals both naivete and ignorance. But it also shows that it’s all about him. For, if he was earnest about policies, he’d have joined an existing party. Nothing on his website can’t be found in spades elsewhere. Whenever somebody thinks they should leap above established groups to yell the same message, it’s evidence of an unbridled ego. In Drew Pavlou’s case, it was a mixture of ambition and self-dom.

The only thing separating Drew Pavlou from the rest of the tiresome virtue-signallers is his desire to be different. He’s not. If anything, he’s unformed; he’s a little of this and a sprinkle of that. His crap about democracy, befriending the friends of democracy, and marching with red-raggers is typical of a spoiled rich kid. Before long, he’ll throw his lot in with the anti-fascists as long as he can put his own spin on things. He is so close to being woke, yet he retains a sense of conservatism that prevents that. He thinks it’s his democratic instinct, but it’s not. Nationalists understand that democracy is a mass opiate. What matters is Australian independence and identity, all the things he wants for others. He should get a job and stop adding to the glut of privileged know-betters shouting in our faces. Parliament is full of them.

Meaning In His Monkeyshines

What we can take away from Drew Pavlou’s prank is just how contemptuous the Chinese are of Australians. They have bought in here and, thanks to the policy of multiculturalism, they’ve established enclaves. It’s not just Eastwood that resembles downtown Shanghai. If you step into the heart of Sydney, you’ll wonder if you’ve been magically transported to Asia. The city has fallen to other races, and they’re not interested in diversity. Every ethnic group establishes its own bailiwick. Eastwood is divided between Chinese and Koreans. They aren’t there to entertain white liberals either. They don’t even post signs in English, which means they aren’t courting our business. If you trespass in their neighbourhood, they’ll want to know why. You’ll stick out like a stiffy at a school formal. And since they now occupy so much of our land, it’s not a simple matter of forcing them out at gunpoint.

If we perpetrated violence against the Chinese diaspora, we’d be dealing with Chinese warships. They aren’t afraid of us. However, our politicians fear them, which is why the police won’t arrest enraged Chinese communists. No, they’ll shackle the pro-democracy libertarians for creating a disturbance. And they’ll do it in a democracy because a democracy is a façade. Yet, it’s not just the Chinese, but the ocean of non-white immigrants that have overtaken our cities. Sydney is lost to foreign races, and unless something drastic happens, we’ll never get it back. This means young Drew must learn a degree of compromise. No one will upset the communist Chinese any more than they’d burn pictures of the prophet Mohammed outside Lakemba mosque. The Australian government fears retaliation. Sitting on multiculturalism is like resting one’s backside on a powder keg. Pavlou got the reaction he wanted.


Drew Pavlou is desired by the media, which is why they report on his antics. But it’s not because it’s in sympathy for his cause, but to reaffirm the status quo. That’s all that matters. Western powers lament human rights abuses while perpetrating them. They point with one finger while crossing their other fingers behind their back. Drew Pavlou didn’t even consider that these Chinese may well have feared repercussions if they weren’t seen to be condemning him. The CCP keeps close surveillance on the Chinese in Australia. If their families are thought to be siding with the enemies of Xi, they may face repercussions in China. The immediate enemy is the system, and he won’t change that by “doing politics” with it; that’s rule number one. Moreover, he ought to figure out whether he’s an Australian. If he is, he’s working entirely against the interests of a free Australia.

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