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A video Tweeted by the World Economic Forum 2030 has been removed by its owners. One look and you’ll see why — it is most alarming.

The video belongs to the World Economic Forum 2030 at Davos. For those who aren’t familiar, Davos is a town in the Swiss Alps, wherein a conference centre that could well be a setting for a James Bond film, the world’s richest gather every year to decide what to do with us, ordinary mortals.

Among those rich elites are celebrities, international representatives of government, tech billionaires, mining oligarchs — the lot. Next year’s forum will be all about The Great Reset. They’re not calling it that by name, but that’s what it is.  

The story is that since the COVID-19 virus just accidentally destroyed the world economy, it’s a good time to refocus capitalism around such things as environmental sustainability, all of which results in measures such as forcing us all to become vegetarian, and no more owning property. Sounds like Greta Thunberg’s Christmas wish list doesn’t it? Well, this isn’t a Greta dream and they’re not joking, this is what they have in store for our ‘one world’ government – you know, the one they’ve long dismissed as a “conspiracy theory among right-wing nuts.”

We’ll walk you through the video . . .  And it begins. Ambient music introduces a series of panels, the first of which depicts a calming background of the earth but taken at an angle showing the sun rising as if to auger in a new dawn in the human age. It reads ‘8 Predictions for the world in 2030’.

As the introduction panel slides back a face of an average-looking White male, sort of neat, sort of untidy, and looking just a splash South American smiles at the camera with a short beard and delicately mussed hairdo. The caption reads “You’ll own nothing.” Delighted by this revelation, the model then breaks into a smile, as if having had all his prayers answered. Below that line, it now reads, “And you’ll be happy.”

So, in a nutshell, the world’s richest have just told you that they’ll own everything and be powerful, but you’ll be happy because you’ll be so fortunate as to own nothing.

Now that the viewer is elated that their only life will be spent owning nothing, the next panel reveals the continuing narrative. In this frame, a drone lowers a package onto the unassuming doorstep of somebody’s humble abode. It reads, “Whatever you want you’ll rent.” That, doubtless, includes the bland house in the background. The message is completed when added is the sentence “And it will be delivered by drone.” Meaning, you’ll not be expected to be spending much time wandering freely around the streets. Shopping centres are too dangerous due to the threat of Coronavirus which, like 911, will have changed life as we know it.

A sped-up frame of a view from a New York City street takes us to the financial hub of the United States. We are now informed, “The US won’t be the world’s leading superpower.” And we wait, with bated breath for the next reveal. Which is a group of flags flying together along with the slogan, “A handful of countries will dominate.” So, they’re blatantly talking about a one-world government. And remember, this isn’t Alex Jones.

We tried to determine what the flags are, but we can only make the US flag, the Turkish flag, and what is either a Romanian flag or the flag of Chad, neither makes any sense. We guess they just hastily took that shot from the roof of the United Nations or something. It’s hard to believe whoever made this video was sober, or perhaps they were a whistleblower. Who knows?

Anyway, on it goes … Our next insight into the future of the human race as owned by a handful of countries, or rather, corporations is “You won’t die waiting for an organ donor . . . we won’t transplant organs . . . we’ll print new ones instead.” On the video, meanwhile, a 3-D printer is creating what looks like an item from the meat freezer at Coles.

Segueing into the next part of the storyboard we see a juicy cut of red meat sprinkled with herbs. But don’t drool too soon, as “You’ll eat much less meat.” The picture then slides into a backdrop of a forest where the qualifier reads, “An occasional treat, not a staple … For the good of the environment and our health.” Like, they care about either.

The world’s richest are now the most passionate environmentalists and health is no longer a personal matter but one that only a government comprised of a handful of dodgy countries can determine for you. Nice eh, but let’s keep rolling, there is more of this chilling Orwellian stuff to come — Parched earth on the screen is underscored by the message that “A billion people will be displaced by Climate Change. . .” [Here it comes-ED] Underneath an image of an antifascist waving a placard reading ‘Refugees welcome’ is the promise, “We’ll have to do a better job at integrating and welcoming refugees.” Love the “we”.

Three chimneys are now disgustingly pumping out carbon-rich smoke and cloying the atmosphere as we learn, “Polluters will have to pay to emit carbon dioxide.” We are then quickly treated to an oil well pumping greedily away as the point from the previous screen concludes, “There will be a global price on carbon.” Did Greta Thunberg write this? If so, they ought to credit her. “This will help make fossil fuels history.” Amen.

We go to Mars in the next shot as our singular expectations of a futurist odyssey are expressed. “You could be preparing to go to Mars.” Just who “You” is we aren’t sure unless they’re suggesting we’ll all be upping sticks and shifting to a dusty red orb 83 million km from the nearest Hungry Jacks. A radar then fills the screen as we’re assured “Scientists will have worked out how to keep you healthy in space . . . The start of a journey to find alien life?” That question mark means this is far from certain. But you get it? Star Trek and all that. Unless it’s more Alien. As the pictures roll to a street bustling with congestion and a conspicuous McDonald’s sign as a signifier, we read, “Western values will have been tested to (the) breaking point. Checks and balances that underpin our democracies must not be forgotten.”

Western values? As opposed to successful Eastern Values that brought us COVID-19 in the first place?

That’s the end of the vid, which you are invited to “Like and Share”. And thus, we are validated in everything we’ve banged on about lo these many years. We were never hallucinating, they WERE deliberately filling our countries with third-world ‘refugees’ to destroy our “Western values” for higher ones that don’t concern themselves with abstract bourgeois concepts like “freedom”, or the moral teachings of Christ. And it’s up to “us” to integrate alien tribes or else. Plus, there’ll be “billions” of them coming thanks to global warming which is our fault.

This puts so much into perspective such as the “hate speech” laws. We can now say without anxiety that ‘hate’ has little do with what we nationalists preach. The entire matter of having our people pushed to marginal status, our culture revoked, and our customs violated is a matter of CONTROL. In essence, anti-immigration is not xenophobia but an expression of the frustration that we have, as a people, and individuals, no control over our lives. Over the last few decades, a system has been steadily preparing itself to remove our choices and impose on us a global dictatorship. And they call ‘us’ Nazis!

Likewise, the unbelievable matter of Donald Trump’s treatment becomes apparent. Remember, the Democrats, from before he took office, during the transition period, were funding — through Hillary Clinton — bogus reports on Trump’s involvement with Russia. They spied on Trump and his family, and anyone connected to his campaign and transitional government. A cabal involving the top security agencies and those linked to maintaining a world order were working furiously to oust Trump to ensure this order. Joe Biden is part of that order which is why the elections were rigged just well enough so that the global media would be satisfied with ‘the result’.

Donald Trump was never going to run with their agenda, and frankly, we cannot believe that there could be anything like a consensus among the ‘elite’ as to this plan. For, it strikes at the heart of their own ‘values’, or lack thereof. What about the meat industry, the fossil fuel industry? None of these is bit-players. Among those who attend the WEF is Bono. Yes, Bono – a rock star. Would you want this prat telling you how to live your life?

While some of the issues aren’t ludicrous, such as ‘printing organs’, which is pure science, others are connected to population. Most environmental matters have little do with carbon emissions and everything to do with the unchecked population growth. All of this has been enabled by COVID-19, which begs the question, was it all a grand plan, to begin with? Nothing is ludicrous; nothing is fake news but what traditional media tells you. Quite a dichotomy.

As for nationalists, we’ve been peddling the right answer for nearly 40 years — ever since National Action came into being. We’ve been saying that it’s time for Australia to quit the United Nations and the IMF? These are not just collars, but punishment collars, like out of a Star Trek episode.

This is no fait accompli. The World Economic Forum, and its useful idiots right down to Black Lives Matter and Antifa (imagine that, by the way, that anarchists are auxiliaries of the international banking syndicates) have been dispatched to deal with dissidents. The riots we see in Portland and elsewhere are all connected.

Nationalists must rise up and lead Australia. The conservatives are so in bed with this commission of global gangsters that the bugs are breeding inside their ear cavities. If we shut the borders, expel the invaders, and take back our agricultural, mineral and scientific resources we can sustain our nation, and out of the solutions we discover to create jobs and build national wealth, we can finally establish an Australian culture. Not Aboriginal culture, because the obscenity of that is that Aboriginal art is not an expression of the Australian people, and not even of Aborigines, but has become a corporate motif. We could fund Aboriginal communities by simply charging corporations a fortune for using them.

Our culture may come from a Great Reset, but not a global reset, a national reset. A steadfast unique culture may form around the new industries, the new communities, better suited to allowing the revival of our indigenous species like the lovable koala bear. Downsizing the population, building up a defensive strike capability, and managing our environment with a racially homogenous population no longer divided by rules imposed by internationalists. Sounds good.

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