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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has copped two fines for breaking his own extreme COVID health orders.

The Labor dictator failed to mask up on two occasions, proving that facemasks are only intended for us plebs to show obedience to the new health state,

Dan was not counting on media spies gawking at him, or he would’ve played up for the cameras and chucked it on. Then again, Andrews is way too advanced a dictator to be concerned about whether or not the public sees that the rules apply to him. Nonetheless, the question remains, has he spread the virus?

Andrews may have super spread when he approached the media without his mask on Wednesday. Those from the media contingent are doubtless nervously awaiting the results of rush tests to see if the Premier infected them.

And again, he was busted flat-footing with his hunched back through the car park at state parliament. On this second occasion, he might have caused another outbreak of COVID. Scientists created Pfizer and Astra Zeneca to react like time bombs on the human immune system.  Dan knows this, so it’s unlikely he has had either.

More than any politician anywhere, Andrews is fast-tracking the new world order. A part of that strategy is the vaccine. The global elites are so eager for the hoi polloi to be vaxxed because, in about two years, everyone who is vaxxed will drop dead like pigeons. It is the only way they can save the planet; by ensuring the population is drastically cut. The COVID scare has provided them with the perfect ruse to move into the green age.

Mr Andrews issued a public apology in which he promised to pay any fine the police issued. Victoria Police is Andrews private Praetorian Guard. They would not have dreamed of slapping him with a fine, at least not without permission.

“If they do not issue a fine I will donate the same value to a charity working to support people in this pandemic because whilst this was an oversight, oversights matter – everyone needs to follow the rules and I am sorry it occurred,” he said.

Of course, this does not guarantee that whoever personally issues the fine in the department won’t be killed, or at the very least, demoted to a toilet scrubber.

Treasurer Tim Pallas pleaded for the public to go easy on Dan while he goes hard on Victoria.

“We owe who we are to Dan Andrews,” he tearfully told media. “What’s more, I looked at the footage and it looks like he is approaching the camera for the purpose of doing a piece to camera. You are allowed to not wear a mask for that and we will leave it at that.”

Not so Dan’s militia, the Victoria Police, who will hunt down any maskless citizen and bash their head in with the butt of a semi-automatic rifle is they so much as look like they are about to object.

However, that’s the difference between big people and little people. Come the Great Reset – all the little people will be dead because they got vaccinated, while elites like Dan frolic nude through the leaves and vines of the new green paradise on earth. It’s like a Bond plot.

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