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As Australia struggles with China crossly telling us what to do as a country, the Jewish community is keen to create new laws for NSW banning public displays of the swastika.

Recent examples have been cited such as a media-constructed panic over a Newtown resident displaying the blood flag in their own home. In fact, it took a peeping Tom to climb the wall and photograph it.

At the same time, the Marxist state of Victoria is also set to review its anti-vilification laws to see if they can criminalise owning the Nazi flag. By doing so, of course, they potentially incriminate any group who may have reasons other than ‘vilification’ for exhibiting the ancient swastika symbol. It has a long history among different races, nationalities and cultures, too diverse for us to expatiate upon but which is common knowledge by now.

The Jews as a group are not Australian. They do not identify as Australian if they wish to choose to adhere to a belief system tied to an extraneous people. Australia is a secular country which safeguards freedom of religion (sadly), by which anti-vilification laws protect them. But are they arguing the swastika is a symbol of hate against them as a race or religion or both?

In fact, if they want to dredge up the enemies of the Third Reich which has the most recent identification with that ancient symbol, they might find themselves just one of many on a list. However, we don’t hear the others complaining. Yet, this is Australia and we have certain freedom besides that governing religion.

Between this and the Chinese imperialist grab for control of our nation, the treason that went into removing Australia’s historical protective policy might well be now understood. For, these are foreign interferers here to push for a change that suits their sensibilities or advantages their own growth, such as the latter case with China.

Chief executive officer of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies Vic Alhadeff has no business coming here and telling us what is good or bad for Australians. He should be back in Israel explaining the advantages of being persecuted to the Palestinians, of which, none so far have called for a banning of the Star of David in Australia for similar reasons.

He describes the ancient symbol as a “hateful emblem” and wants ‘urgent action’ to safeguard his people lest that symbol grows limbs, climbs out of the flag’s material, and comes down to shove them into gas ovens.

“The Nazi swastika is not just about hatred — it represents violence — that is what’s so sinister about it and that is why a law is so vital,” he told a grubby SBS reporter, who was likely Jewish.

“There needs to be a law that says it is simply not allowed in this state and ideally simply not allowed in this country.”

Citing other examples of how his people’s minds were tormented by this troubling symbol he referred to a swastika flown on a Wagga Wagga tower, in the home of a mental defective in Victoria, and scribbled on a wall at Bondi.

In not one instance was the flag flown before a group of Jews were rounded up and beaten to a sickly pulp by beefy brownshirts waving batons. Violent incidents concurrent with the symbol were nil. More pointedly, the justification for claiming any of the sightings were intended to vilify Jews was minimal. Only at Bondi, which the Jews crawl over in the Eastern Suburbs as though it was part of the West Bank, was it scrawled — and even then, possibly only cheekily.

Who is Alhadeff to attribute intent when characterising the symbol’s depictions? Who is he to say whether the person who is making the symbol public is doing so out of antisemitism? There is no way to prove that. More likely, a drunk figured they might stir up some shit by niggling the Jews, as was perhaps the case in Bondi. Otherwise, the flag is often interpreted by many greenhorns as a symbol extolling White Pride, an expression growing with the wider disenchantment at multiracialism caused by the expansion of China and, frankly, over instances like this where a foreign people want us to make laws to punish ourselves because of something they don’t like. They could quite easily fuck off.

Nevertheless, the Jewish community has always carried with it significant and disproportionate clout in political circles. Thereby, a ridiculous proposition such as this might even stand a chance regardless of how hard it would be to enforce, and notwithstanding the inherent silliness of outlawing a symbol.

Graffiti is already more-or-less illegal with excepting circumstances but how many people are really charged over it? Would, under the Jewish regime, the spray-painting of a swastika on a public space constitute breaking one law, or two, with one being the more serious? And how do they propose to catch the culprit? Is our court system not already clogged up irretrievably with cases without adding to the burden of the legal justice system with a Jewish witch hunt?

NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman, Cronulla MP, has greenlighted the venture and is shopping around for legal opinion on how best to prevent the swastika from being displayed.

“These symbols of hatred and antisemitism are unacceptable anywhere in our community,” he seethed. “They are deeply offensive and capable of traumatising survivors of genocide and their loved ones.”

By that, he must be referring to the (hush) HOLOCAUST survivors. God knows any of those by now must be beyond travelling alone in public without a mobile iron lung. The chances of one encountering this vicious symbol of hatred and antisemitism are about as high as there being actual survivors in the first place. Like much of the Holocaust, it’s a convenient myth that serves certain sections of the Jewish community to their advantage in strategic victim status.  

Australians simply won’t buy into their shit and the backlash against our subjugation in the name of diversity is growing. So perhaps they better stop worrying and learn to love the swastika. Or, in our case, the southern cross.

Contact Mark Speakman Attorney-General and tell him not to be a galah. This is a non-starter, and if they ban the swastika in public please ban the Star of David as a symbol of hate against the Palestinian people.


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  1. Awesome Aussie site! Good stuff boys..Keep up the good work. There’s zero documentation proving the Final Solution referred to the lice chamber holohoax which like every Hollywood history movie is just the work of Jewish historical fiction cunningly grafted onto the stump of circumstance.. Auschwitz had 1/2dz choirs & orchestra bands & 1/2dz different soccer teams.. the lie was put there to hide the real Holocausts performed by the zio controlled Allies. Ukraine Hamburg Nagasaki.. Imperial Japan was blocked from official surrender until after the toys were tested., Both the Nanking Massacre & unit731 are similar works of complete Jewish fiction that has usurped & imprisoned western history & culture while the fabricated Ann Frank dairy brainwashes each new generation of our children & laying the false justification for our own zio enforced multicultural eradication. The Talmud is the true source of world ultra supremacy & is that great mother of evil that has given birth to the ideologies of world Zionism communism satanism Freemasonry occult Lodges Mormonism & the like brood of vipers..
    Before their rise to prominence the Nazis-SA were just one among numerous similar farRight independent Friekorp bands all across Germany opposed to the Jewish Weimar.. This shows from the out set the ideology espoused by the Nazis wasn’t unique to them as wrongly pushed, before the Nazis became prominent their grade of Far Right ideology was already very common thru Germany among various groups.. neither did the term ‘Third Reich’ come from the Nazi party but another FR group. Most of the other early returned vet Friekorp bands also carried the swastika symbol on arm bands, weapons & flags which they borrowed from its use in the imperial German army, before the NSDAP championed it.. Nazism itself developed 20yrs earlier in German Austria years before the creation of the German NSDAP and was essentially an organic philosophy of the German people & all Germanic peoples whose children are now the target of the Jewish crossbreeding campaign promoted within the school curriculum as by their global media empire., Australians never have owned this country, even the first land graziers paid land tax to our Bavarian Jewish mercantile overlords & After Waterloo the entire British Empire effectively also passed into their financial possession, Kate will be its first public Jewish Queen..

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