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Within hours of Brenton Tarrant extinguishing the lives of 51 worshipers in two mosques in Christchurch on March 15, 2019, Western media brought out their rhetorical pitchforks, baying for authorities to tackle the far-right menace. By “far-right,” they mean White.

Yet, these same globalist voices who demanded right-wing extremists be made to pay, at no point, from the 9/11 massacre in NYC, through to the Madrid bombings in April 2004, and in the ensuing 15 years until Christmas Eve in Vienna in 2019, have ever vented their collective-spleen against Islam for the horrors perpetrated by Islamic-fundamentalists. The number of those murdered from 9/11 onwards is around 3,600.

We do not seek to mitigate Tarrant’s gruesome actions. We will, however, expose the enormous incongruity of journalists, academics, and politicians in Western societies. We will show how they shy away from condemning Islam for its heinous acts of barbarism.

Conversely, to add insult to injury, on every occasion after the London bombings on July 7, 2005, the inevitable aftermath was for governments and religious groups to rush to the defence of multiculturalism. They hurriedly staged multi-faith kumbaya get-togethers whereby all the participants gathered, held hands, and recited prayers for the deceased. But what never came to pass was for governments or politicians to single out Islam for these acts of Muslim terror. This year the Western media completely ignored the anniversary of July 7. It was a deliberate oversight, especially in Islamified Britain, which dared not upset the Muslims.

Moreover, has there ever been an instance when Muslims offered up an apology for these vile crimes? In sharp contrast, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand make cringeworthy rituals of national expression over the significant upheavals that colonialism caused to First Nations people. This is the sticky tack of multiculturalism. Unlike in Western countries, Islamic nations do not separate the state and their faith. It is fair to argue that it’s not unreasonable to conflate the Muslim people with their faith.

This is in deep contrast to how governments, politicians, and the media reacted in the aftermath of Tarrant’s actions. Whereby, these very same actors across Western spheres organised multi-faith prayer get-togethers but never solicited apologies from Muslim leaders. US President Joe Biden was one of the more notable exponents of this anti-White campaign. He purported that white, right-wing extremists pose the greatest threat to America’s domestic security.

Soon after Biden assumed office in January 2021, he regularly claimed that the greatest threat to America’s stability comes from white supremacists. “I stress that white supremacists pose the greatest threat to America as white extremists,” he recited from the teleprompter.

Snug away in a department of the Charles Sturt University campus at Bathurst, in NSW, is Dr Kristy Campion, an ‘expert’ on right-wing terrorism. Her Wikipedia profile boasts she’s given “lectures on Terrorism Studies” and specialises in right-wing terrorism in Australia. She’s the author of Chasing Shadows: The Untold and Deadly Story of Terrorism in Australia. The book examines terrorist acts in Australia perpetrated by both the left and right. It also covers the Ananda Marga sect.

The first instance of terrorism in Australia was in 1868. The Fenian Circle (an Irish-based terrorist group) had planned to assassinate a touring member of the royal family. But this book covers about 150 years and, indeed, an assorted cabal of political ideologies, which means it only outlines these cliques. However, Campion’s account of contemporary right-wing extremist groups (going back to the early 1980s) appears in chapter 7, ‘Fires in the Night: Right-Wing Extremism.’

With specific attention to Campion, she recently surfaced in an article in The Australian by Angelica Snowden, ‘Religiously driven terror main threat’. At a conference on terrorism in Victoria this year, Kristy Campion told the committee that far right-wing ideological extremists in Australia pose, “a real and … an enduring threat.”

Further, in the piece, the AFP Deputy Commissioner, Ian McCartney, estimates that “In October, the counter-terror team’s far-right caseload increased from two-or-three per cent before COVID-19, to 15 per cent during the pandemic.”

However, the most intriguing aspect of Snowden’s article is his conveying that “The current split of investigations by the joint counter-terrorism teams—(which is) a partnership involving the AFP, state and territory police, and ASIO—is 85 per cent (of terrorism is) religiously motivated violent extremism” and, God forbid, only 15 per cent (of it being) “ideologically motivated violent extremism.”

Quite simply, what Ian McCartney says irrefutably extols that religiously motivated terrorism (I wonder who that specific religious group might be?) is of far greater consequence to Australia’s security than ideological (right-wing) nuances. This decision contradicts Campion’s views that right-wingers are more dangerous to Australia’s security than religiously motivated terrorism. Another aspect to highlight is that before COVID, some 28 months ago, right-ring extremism accounted for a piddly three per cent of his office’s “caseload.” In simple terms, right-wing extremism was dwarfed by the religious variety.

Harking back to Campion’s book, we find she has an academic colleague at Charles Sturt University pursuing similar liberal perspectives. He is Professor Mark Nolan, who heads the “Centre for Law and Justice.” Nolan’s profile informs us that his “other research interests include social cohesion, human rights laws, intergroup relations, stereotyping, prejudice, and social justice theory.”

What’s delivered in Nolan’s hotchpotch of interests depicts where he sits in the socio-ideological spectrum. He’s afflicted with the diabolical disorder which we call Liberalinitis. Essentially, this is a pervasive psychological condition whereby guilt so vexes the minds of white liberals and progressives into feeling responsible for all the sociological ailments impacting the world.

A prime symptom of this debilitating disorder is how they consider colonialism by European societies to be the innate scourge of history. In their highly deranged minds, they construe that the only means to obtain full absolution for the sins of colonialism is to invoke the complete annihilation of all Western cultures and their ethnicities. The way to achieve this agenda is by having open borders. Having open borders means that interlopers from the Third World will induce a programme of reverse colonisation. Thus, within a maximum of 80 years, Caucasians will be fully or partially eradicated (by miscegenation).

Therefore, it’ll engender the dream of those afflicted with Liberalinitis to eradicate Caucasian peoples from existence. When that’s achieved, it’ll wash away the sins of colonialism-generated colonialism.

The double standards of the guilt-ridden and self-hating leftists are glaringly apparent.

On October 15, 2021, the British MP, David Amess, was brutally murdered by a deranged Muslim extremist named, Ali Harbi Ali. He was holding a constituency surgery in Essex. Meanwhile, eight months later, on June 25, a 24-year-old Somali Muslim, who had been accepted as a refugee by Germany in 2016, killed three people and seriously wounded five others in the town of Wuerzburg. Then, a mere 13 hours later in Oslo, a man named, Zaniar Matapour, who is described as being a “Norwegian, of Iranian descent”, stormed into a gay bar, opening fire and murdering two people and wounding another 21. Media reports call it out as being a “terrorist attack by someone under surveillance by Norway’s domestic intelligence service, PST”. It also quotes two people who claim he said “Allah Akbar”.

But before those three attacks, there was the case on September 3, 2021, when an Islamic terrorist attacked three people in the Countdown supermarket in the Auckland suburb of Lyndale.

Of course, it’s an absolute certainty that Kristy Campion will carefully avoid condemning those four abominable acts of terrorism carried out by Islamic terrorists, unlike she does with right-wing terrorists. Instead, she, and all of her like-minded confederates in academia, the media, and politics, will conjure up highly convoluted tales to shift the blame for all of this carnage. For example, the liberals will twist affairs to make them transpire because of all the “racists and Islamophobes in Europe” who made the lives of these poor refugees of the Muslim faith so unbearable.

And, if only those bigots had not existed and been more caring and considerate to any of those poor souls in Germany or Norway or NZ, then those shocking events wouldn’t have happened. Rather than stating the glaring reality that these people are in the yoke of religion, which, comparably, is at a point where Christianity was a century before the Age of Enlightenment.

On prior occasions, we’ve categorically stated the indisputable reason why Brenton Tarrant exacted his murderous rampage was because politicians, academics, and media cronies in Western nubs relentlessly steered clear of reproaching Islam for being accountable for the abominable Reign of Terror. Essentially, all and sundry within any of the three nominated cliques either deny or avoid denouncing Islam as being innately responsible for the acts of terrorism inflicted by its fundamentalist adherents. Upon reading Tarrant’s manifesto, it’s obvious that he committed these galling attacks because he was “so incredibly angry and frustrated that the Western media and governments were mute when it came to condemning Islam and Muslims for the rampant terrorism.”

Tarrant was unquestionably motivated to carry out his rampage in Christchurch because the Western media and governments never dared to openly condemn Islam and hold it accountable for the horrors perpetrated by its adherents. So, Tarrant took it upon himself to procure revenge. If they had condemned Islam, Tarrant would still be a nondescript, featherless biped, roaming the streets of some town.

The fact that the economies of Europe are in shambles due to an array of aspects dating back to the Global Financial Crisis, which has most certainly been exacerbated due to the war in Ukraine, means their governments will have to pare back on the excessive largesse, which is channelled to support millions of unassimilated Muslims spread across Europe.

Wikipedia puts the number of Muslims in Europe at “more than 50 million”, which excludes Britain. It’s estimated that 25 million of this number are “totally dependent on welfare and charities to be able to survive.” Likewise, “15 million people are significantly and, at least partially, dependent upon welfare and charity to survive.”

So, now that the economies of Europe are in virtual tatters, it means that these poor and educated, and low-skilled Muslims from Africa and the Middle East (who are currently roaming European cities) will have their welfare payments cut because governments will no longer be able to afford them. This will culminate, at the very least, in increased acts of crime to sustain themselves. But it will also be in confluence with terrorism perpetrated by Islamic extremists. This is irrefutably sustained by the two most recent acts of terrorism carried out by Muslims in Germany and Norway, and also the brutal slaying of the MP David Amess. With pertinent respect to “religions”, which brings us back to the article, “Religiously driven terror is the main threat.”

Once more, we repeat how in Australia, only 15% (before March 2020, it was only two to three per cent of the terrorist activities in 2021, which concerned ASIO and the AFP) is “ideological terrorism” (that being of the white, right-wing varieties). As opposed to “the 85% of religiously motivated violent extremism” (what religion is in context here?).

Alas, despite ASIO and police and security forces in Australia categorically stating that far-right extremism is a very minor percentage of affairs, we still have academics like Kristy Campion obsessed with this nuance of the spectrum. Unfortunately, this clique refuses to accept that religious-strained terrorism is far and away the clearest danger to the security of all Western nations.

In conclusion, despite the two terrorist acts carried out by Muslims in Wuerzburg and Oslo just a week ago, Campion will obsessively seek evidence that white-right-wing extremism is far and beyond the greatest threat to Australia and, of course, all Western societies. ■

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