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The name “Aussie Cossack” raises contemptuous groans among Australian nationalists whenever it’s spoken. But other nationalists within Australia also have cause to regret ever setting eyes on his eggplant-shaped body and squinty, Asiatic eyes. Groups like the Hellenic Nationalists of Australia have been there, along with the Australia First Party.

The Aussie Cossack is Simeon Boikov, the leader of the Australian Cossack Society. Now, we do not have a quarrel with the Australian Cossacks; our criticisms are laid squarely at the feet of their goofy leader. We’ve broken bread with the Cossacks and enjoyed their hospitality. A better group of people you’d be lucky to meet. They are solid. We hope to remain their friends. The trouble is, they have this gallivanting buffoon leading them.

Boikov is not only oblivious, but he is also without guile. For a man (or man-like creature) who entertains political ambitions, he doesn’t possess even the teeniest instinct for what’s politic. This is why he has used, burned, and abandoned groups and individuals in his wake. These people supported him and gave him a platform.

Take for instance his latest rallies. With the end of the freedom movement, he’s found a way to try and remain relevant to those clueless Aussies that followed his comedic hijinks as though they were skipping after a pot-bellied khaki-clad Slavonic Pied Piper.

“Aussie Cossack” has assumed possession of the word “neutrality,” which he’s urging Australian politicians to follow regarding the NATO-engineered Ukrainian crisis. The idea is that Australia stays out of the conflict and adopts a policy of neutrality over Russia. And that’s very sensible too. We should. But Anthony Albanese wants to send Australian soldiers to Ukraine to train these neo-Nazi chauvinists in combat. They’re not doing too well, which is conflicting information given how the Western media is constantly crowing about how a Ukrainian-won victory is only a bear’s claw away.

The very concept of “armed neutrality” was stolen from Jim Saleam of the Australia First Party. Boikov and Saleam met many times over the past few years. Saleam recalls explaining to him that while Putin will never be an ally of Australia, Russia poses no threat to us, and never has. That’s not as kinetic a position as Boikov would’ve liked. But “armed neutrality” is the Australian nationalist geopolitical vision for Australia. No more entering illegal wars to benefit the USA. No more wars for the motherland England (sic). No more assisting the forces of Western Ideological and Economic Hegemony. See, it’s not just about Russia.

The trouble with embracing Australian Nationalism is that too few people comprehend what it is. That can be annoying to seasoned veterans, but it’s understandable too. Politics is a complex world, and seeming nuances are invariably chasmic when constructing an understanding of our ideology. This is how come so many fakes take the lead and average Aussies, unable to grasp the dialectics, pitch their flags alongside them.

It is also why Boikov came a cropper in our circles when he developed inappropriate political ambitions. Up to that point, he was what he was, and what he should’ve remained—a pro-Russian advocate. While Australia doesn’t necessarily require such, friendly diplomatic ties would be very useful. Given how Satanic the West has become, Putin’s insistence on orthodoxy and traditionalism (whether or not he confected that image) is quite an attractive set of values to align with; as opposed to the heretic and perverse junk America is distributing like illicit drugs all around the world. Likewise, the non-scientific racial chauvinism of the neo-Nazi Azov Ukrainians is too absurd to take seriously; being a befouled and—factoring in that Ukrainians are themselves Slavs, or an East Slav ethnic group—an inverse species of a nationalistic cultism.

However, Boikov was bitten by the political bug and eyed off a seat in Canberra. He just needed a political party to help him secure that place. This is why he came to Australia First.

The Australia First Party obliged Simeon by attending various rallies he organised. We joined him at the Russian Consulate, and we stood with him elsewhere. Jim Saleam and I broke bread with the Australian Cossack Society and their guests on May 9, 2021—Russia’s Victory Day. Jim Saleam gave a rousing speech. In effect, he spoke of the need for Australian neutrality, although he didn’t use that phrase on that night.

Likewise, on June 12, we attended Boikov’s publicity hunt over the matter of the so-called Crimean Cannons. Members of the Hellenic Nationalists were also there. At this point, I began to wonder whether Boikov understood Australian nationalists at all. For one thing, while standing up on the hill at Cannon Triangle in Sydney’s Centennial Park before a small lectern and various patriotic flags flapping in the breeze, imbibing free champagne, we were somewhat put off by the fact that he’d organised for a local Aboriginal grifter to come and “welcome [us] to country.” We turned our backs until she was finished. I think I booed.

Later that day, while filming for our archives, I questioned Boikov about his position on anti-White racism. That April, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had spoken about aggression against White people which was fomenting greater under policies adopted by America’s Democratic Party. Lavrov said, “…[it is] important not to switch to the other extreme which we saw during the BLM (Black Lives Matter) events and the aggression against white people, White US citizens.”

Boikov couldn’t fathom my question, turned dark, and palmed me off to his Hungarian sidekick.

So, when, in October 2021 we met at offices in Drummoyne to discuss Boikov joining AFP, we met an impasse. Jim Saleam and I made it clear that Australia First is anti-multiracial. Boikov couldn’t understand that. He wanted to reach out to the great sweaty coloured masses of Western Sydney, including blacks and Arabs. He couldn’t conceive that we view these people as interlopers and that our entire raison d’etre is agin multiculturalism. It is the very thing that we’re fighting. At one point he scoffed, “Are you saying just try to reach Anglos?” His narrow view of Australiannity was “Anglos” and others. He counted himself among the others. Here’s a quote he gave to Russian media, “We never felt like Australians, we are strangers there. I consider myself a Russian person. I consider myself a supporter of a strong Russian state. We will always support the policy of the Russian state. We respect our commander in chief Putin very much and we have the unique opportunity to support Russia from within a hostile state.”

In another, or possibly the same one, he said, “Australia is a good place to promote a foreign agenda.”

That’s exactly what Boikov is, and always has been, about. The meeting ended in a stalemate because he wanted us to compromise our principles, and we replied that was impossible. We understood where he was coming from, that he wanted a foothold with which to promote better ties with Russia, but by failing to grasp the nature of the Australian nationalists and our common friends in the Hellenic Nationalists, he betrayed a woeful sense of preparation. He wanted what he wanted and be damned those who didn’t give it to him. So he went off and tried to join Palmer’s party, but they wouldn’t endorse him. Nevertheless, by that stage, his “shenanigans” were uploaded to his YouTube channel and garnered him a sizeable following.

Wretchedly, Boikov appropriated the Eureka Flag from Australia First and began to fly it as a cynical honeytrap for indiscriminating patriots. Anyone with half an instinct for spotting a grifter should’ve cottoned on when he donned an Akubra hat and styled himself as a regular Russell Coight. During one of his YouTube streams, in which he spoke to a representative of the Aboriginal community, he described Australians as “invaders.” That was the last straw. We deleted everything in our media connecting us to this gauche ninny. He just crossed the Rubicon and was oblivious to his calumny.

Boikov was arrested and spent months in prison after he named a paedophile in contempt of court during one of the numerous “freedom” rallies he held. The authorities already had it in for this Putin fanboy, and they’d harassed him as payback for his juvenile antics during the COVID lockdown. The flipping idiot didn’t understand that by naming the rockspider he endangered the prosecution. If he gave the paedo enough ammunition to argue that he couldn’t receive a fair trial then thanks to him the kiddy fiddler would be back on the streets. But thinking isn’t Simeon’s strong suit.

And so we now know that Boikov opposes a White Australia and regards this country as an economic migrant colony. He holds us in complete contempt. Pity then he doesn’t fly to Russia and enlist in Putin’s army—it seems the patriotic thing to do. But no.

Boikov’s motivations are probably drawn from his insecurity about his Russian identity. Ironically, he is a case in point that Nationalists would argue about interlopers to this country. They don’t integrate because they don’t fit in (Funnily enough, that’s how we feel as Australians). So they try to reshape the environment into one familiar to them. In that sense, he’s the classic enemy. By doing all this, he wants the fawning recognition of Putin himself. He desires a medal. How is any of this of use to Australians?

This weekend he has a series of “neutrality” rallies organised around the country. Will people turn up? If they do, it should not be on account of Boikov, but purely the idea of neutrality, which we can’t argue with. However, it will be a cold day in hell where we’ll follow a foreigner—as so many stupid Australians do—who has an entirely ulterior agenda. One can only bemoan the fact that Aussies will support anyone but their own. All the grifter has to do is drape himself in the flag and voila! He’s a hero. It’s the patriotic conundrum of our people. ■

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