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Matt Grant is the friend you have when you don’t have a friend. For Nationalists of the Third Position, who own the ‘Heritage,” which explains White Australian beginnings, Matt was a hero. We loved him. But then he turned Judas. He didn’t love us back. Why? Because we weren’t the most popular kids on the street. Trite? Yes. What’s he got to say about it? It’s all part of his master plan. But no.

If you examine Matt’s history, you’ll meet an insecure character seeking approval. It’s like a Stockholm Syndrome. He sells out those he belongs with. Cosmetic appeal overrides loyalty. Like a cornered school kid intimidated by bullies, he chooses the cool gang over the unpopular kids. As such, his weakness has gifted political territory to those being handled by ASIO. But he wouldn’t know.

          Matt Grant has done more to impress the opponents of Third Position Nationalism than he has to cultivate support from us. What has spawned this savage critique? Grant ripped the lynchpin of our association when he collaborated with Joel Davis in a video purporting to explain the “White Australia Policy” expertly in the past few days. That’s not the first of Matt’s gaffes, but it demonstrates a pattern. He has teamed up with this agent of division before. He supports anyone but the Australian Nationalists who, until now, helped him. Who is Joel Davis? Matt has never ventured to ask.

We thought of Matt as one of our own until realising we made him nervous. He never wanted or respected us, and like all of those born of his “millennial” generation, his loyalty is to his generational tribe and not to fellow ideologues. So, what happened? The enemy groomed him, and he fell for the seduction. Now, the Australian Natives Association is poison on our lips. We say “Joel Davis” as if that name should be known. But it shouldn’t because Joel Davis came out of nowhere and was suddenly a social media kingmaker. Who is Joel Davis?

          Our investigations into Joel Davis continue. It’s a worry when uncovering the history of someone born in the millennial age proves difficult. Those from the X Generation have a legitimate excuse. They came about before digital records. But Davis didn’t, yet records are hard to obtain. We’ve encountered this phenomenon before, which means only one thing, a state operator. His life is a secret file.

We call Joel Davis a state plant. He has evaded digital records and comes from a milieu traditionally combative of Australian Nationalism. When the funds become available, we will thoroughly investigate Joel Davis, but right now, we’re satisfied that he’s from the dark side. The bastard has no sense of humour. That should be the first trigger. But then, when Nathan Sykes attempted to engage him in a dialogue on a Twitter chat room in December 2022, he ran away rather than engage. What was Sykes’s problem? He was in a dispute with a half-Sri Lankan school leaver over who was the legitimate “leader” of Australian Nationalism. If it weren’t for Twitter, Sykes would never have heard of either.

Sykes and Davis clashed earlier when Davis interviewed Grant. Neither recognised the Australia First Party. Davis would later say this was because he investigated the AFP’s electoral activity and noticed it had been quiet. Funny, since Davis is from Penrith, in Sydney’s West, and that’s where the AFP had its most significant victory—stolen from it. But that’s not a subject Joel had any interest or knowledge of. At that stage, he was a “Catholic.”. His claim to fame was a “paragraph” of his writing in a conservative volume produced by Imperium Press. An investigation into this company found a ‘Sydney Traditionalist’ group.  Matt would never appear on Australia First’s Media, but he jumped at the chance to entertain this political nobody. This is interesting because it relates to Matt’s first contretemps with Australian Nationalist Nathan Sykes. Those “Trads” are the same group that has waged war—from an Anglophile conservative position—against Nationalists for years.

Tom Sewell introduced Matt Grant into the Patriot scene in 2015. Sewell recommended him to Nationalists, as he was with the “Patriots” and excluded from our dialogues by the direction of Blair Cottrell. Blair didn’t want White Nationalist ideas scaring off the “mainstream.” Genius.

Grant made White Nationalist noises, although he was, as should be expected, ideologically inconsistent. That’s no biggie for a newbie. But Matt was of a “Christian Nationalist” bent. Nathan Sykes invited him to explain his philosophy on his now-banned blog United Nationalists Australia. Matt accepted his invitation, and Sykes published his article. Grant would never thank Sykes or defend him when his “associates” attacked him. Grant has never published or shared anything by Nathan Sykes. On the other hand, Sykes stood firm in his defence of Grant. On the other hand, Grant took allegiances against Sykes and, at one time, bought into the lie of him being a “Jew”, although he didn’t have the guts to say it to his face. Sykes realised he was being played. Grant openly loathed him. This hurt.

In 2017, scammers hoping to cash in on the Alt-Right hosted Dingocon. The organisers of the ‘event’ invited whoever was popular on the “far-right” on social media to a Sydney meeting at a pub. Sykes was not invited, nor was Jim Saleam. No member of the Australia First Party was requested to attend. It was an invitation extended exclusively to those not involved with Australia First.

But that weekend, Matt, who was in attendance, stayed overnight at Australia First Party headquarters. He brought friends. At the time, he led the Eureka Youth League, Australia First’s youth division. His friends were members of the short-lived EYL.  Grant returned and relayed the events. Saleam recognised those involved and deciphered the purpose of the gathering. Both he and Sykes published it. Loyal to his source, Sykes made a harmless reference to a memorable quote by Grant, who, about Neo-Nazi terminology, differentiated that from nativism by saying, “You say 1488, I say 1788.”  Grant blasted Sykes.

Sykes pointed out the scam of Dingocon. Grant was furious for—in Grant’s thinking—alienating him from the ‘Dingoes’. These were hucksters out to exploit him, and Nationalists saved him and his friends, but his natural reaction was to resent us. Grant was particularly angry with Sykes for posting the “1788” quote and connecting it to him—no thanks to Sykes for honouring his sources or saving him from grifters. Grant was upset that those who wanted to screw him over would now think less of him. That is Matt’s mentality, to a tee. Those who were wringing him might think less of him. Unbelievable.

Matt ended the Eureka Youth League to express his contempt for AFP and exert his free spirit. He dug into the pages of Australian history books and discovered the Australian Natives Association. He stuck his finger on that page and declared, “That’s who I’m going to be.” He’s done an excellent job of it. But he’s alienated all the real nativists. Because Matt is weak and swings and bends with whoever is more powerful. The National Socialist Network and its propaganda maestro, Stefanos Eracleous, have fidgeted his organisation’s intellectual property into their general ownership. Matt’s response? Join their frontman, Joel Davis. Put Nationalists behind him.

Joel Davis has freely allowed Tom Sewell on his channel. What does this mean? Anyone associated with this clown is now tarnished with Neo-Nazi broad strokes. Joel knows why he did this, but the stupid fools that jump on board with this suspect personality have thrown their identity into his hands. Matt is now tarnished with the Neo-Nazi brush. His group are gun owners. They are recreational shooters. The Left has already seized on this. But now he is tied to Neo-Nazis. Sewell is the worst thing to ever happen to us, and Matt Grant would normally agree. What happened to his judgement?

Matt has a history of rejecting his natural supporters for those who want to use him. Does he think he’s using “them”? He doesn’t know who “they” really are.

Australian Nationalists will have nothing more to do with Matt Grant or his group. They are smeared with the contamination of Sewell and his faux Nazis. We will not defile either our principles or our organisation by linking to fools about to be proscribed by the state.

If Matt has such fixed opinions about Sewell, how come he compromised them at the first instance of believing that a suspicious blow-in like Joel Davis might improve his organisation’s profile? He has given validity to a spook, alienated his only true support base, and compromised the future of his members.

We officially have nothing to do with him. He chose his side of the street. Let him live or die on it.

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