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The following footage is a compilation of videos taken by heroes on the ground and shared on social media. We will not include a commentary as the sound and images speak for themselves.

This footage shows three days of freedom protests in Melbourne. None of this is related to public health.

The COVID-19 is the excuse global elites are using to springboard the New World Order. It seems no country has taken to this authoritarian reshaping of the supposed free West more than Australia.

The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has remained silent throughout – chipping in now and then to condemn frustrated Australians. These are the most disgusting scenes we have ever witnessed in this once ‘lucky country.’ There is no excuse for the government powers that enabled this or the willingness with which these foul pigs enacted them. As you see, it is not just the militant Victoria Police involved in suppressing the brave freedom fighters, but the army.

The footage is not in sequential order, and the backstory of individual incidents is unknowable. They may come out. Remember that the media, government and its Left-wing cheer squad all fully support this outrage. They are claiming “neo-Nazis” and “far-right extremists” are creating trouble; any justification to alleviate themselves of the burden of facing up to the bleak world they are making. No, all we see are fed-up Melburnians demanding freedom. The bigger the lie, the more who will believe it.

And what would Black Lives Matter have to say? NOTHING. Whatever they think about poor old Derek Chauvin, how would they like to deal with this lot?!

One thing is for sure, at some time, the filth who did this must take off their uniforms and wander into a café. Find out their names, remember their faces, They should face the society they’ve taken to with a whip, shunning them. The same goes for all those media traitors who looked at the brutality and approved it. Please watch the video below.

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