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Samuel Johnson had a way with words. (Pardon that odious pun). However, the creator of the English Dictionary remarked on April 7, 1775, that, “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

        Given the number of deadbeats who’ve turned to preach some brand of patriotism or another, being incapable of any other pursuit, it’s a quote that carries truth. We have witnessed a steady stream of them over the past 20 years, and social media has enabled them to spawn like fungi up and down the entirety of the digital bandwidth.

        Nevertheless, the saying is truer than it first appears, because this oft-misunderstood saying is interpreted as denouncing patriotism as a scoundrel’s cause. What he meant was that scoundrels disingenuously cloak themselves in patriotism to conceal their self-interest. Yet, this also rings true of the protagonists in this article.

Tom Sewell (centre) leaves court a free man, well, not free of the media, but free anyway, Uncle Fester Far Left, and on the Far Right, ironically, a 9 “journalist”.

When New Zealand immigrant Tom Sewell, 29, walked free from Melbourne Court on January 12, nationalist tongues were wagging. What the hell, we thought. Some of us bet good money—the odds against it were longer than the strands of spaghetti coiled atop King Kong’s dinner plate. Most of us imagined he’d cop at least two years’ lag.

        Magistrate Stephen Ballek said that self-described neo-Nazi Sewell was “itching for a fight” after finding him guilty of recklessly causing injury and affray in March 2021. This was after he gate-crashed Nine’s Melbourne studios to grumble about all the publicity that he was receiving courtesy of a trashy piece being aired by A Current Affair. On that day he was accompanied by junior Satanist Jacob Hersant who filmed him as he struck a black security guard. More about the dark one later (Satan that is).

        We wouldn’t have charged him for that, since it looked to us that the allegedly unlicensed guard was no angel (plus, he was black), but it was one of those tough calls where we understood that Australian nationalism was better off without him.

        Putting aside how we felt about Sewell, we figured he was going down. Our members have the book thrown at them whenever we come before a magistrate or judge, but Ballek gobbled up Sewell’s sob story about how a custodial sentence would cause his 36-week pregnant fiancée Rebecca Constantino “undue suffering.” Likewise, he suggested Sewell had been of previous good character, having served briefly in the army, and worked with troubled kids. So, instead of a custodial sentence, he slapped the Fuhrer with an 18-month corrections order and 150 hours of community service.

        His sentence was proportionate given the guidelines and his lack of a criminal record, the other matter notwithstanding; although Sewell pleaded “not guilty,” which technically placed him in a higher sentencing bracket.


Sewell spent seven months in 2021 jailed for a well-publicised incident at the Cathedral Ranges, in which he was charged with a range of offences. He faces court in August. After obtaining bail, Sewell admitted on a livestream that while on remand, he named fellow prisoners in exchange for better conditions. It became the basis of an ugly spat with American neo-Nazi “The Hammer,” who accused him of breaking the most inviolable prison code.

        Sewell rushed into damage control mode: he claimed that he only offered names of prisoners whom he said were his known associates. It was being blown out of all proportions, he protested. There was nothing to see and everyone should return to their homes. His followers were satisfied. Who knows—it’s easier to conjure conspiracies than to prove them. However, we’ll do our best.

        What with all the hubbub counter-terrorism was squawking a custodial sentence seemed a fait accompli. We were wagering that the National Socialist Network (NSN) would become proscribed as a terrorist organisation. As much as the group protests, one eyeball of their Telegram channels and you’d bet your retirement fund they’ll commit some devotional act of outrage. Most likely it will be against a former member or one of us nationalists who disapprove of their gangster mentality. They’ve already begun escalating on that score, by trespassing onto the Australia First Party’s territory, inundating the office with nuisance phone calls, and sending a “visitor” to the party’s headquarters; a queer fish (sic) whose identity we’ll now reveal. Bear in mind, Sewell’s strategy of discrediting an idea by attacking the person expressing it.

Tommy organises an Internet blitz on someone hated by the group.

         Jake Spencer Walklate is a baffled seeker from NSW’s central coast who recently presented at the Australia First headquarters feigning interest in the party. He collected some stickers and literature, but the party’s leader was wise to him. The party president told us, “Alarm bells kept ringing all over the place. I’d ask him questions and he didn’t want to answer.”

        Walklate is a student at the University of Technology in Sydney and schooled at Terrigal High. He lives in Kings Cross where he’s holed up in a bedsit on Surrey Street. Phoning the president the following day (on an unlisted number), he offered to join AFP on the proviso that a certain member was expelled from the party. Needless to say, he never joined. The party has seen this scripted performance already. Nobody ever heard of this kid, but he invaded our space, casually remarking that although the veteran nationalist leader is “nearly dead” [sigh] he was prepared to offer all his worldly wisdom to fix the party. This was as simple as banishing the member in question. Cancel culture, anyone?

Jake Spencer Walklate gesticulating like an orangutan.

        Yep, that’s something that the last-standing originator of modern Australian nationalism wanted to be told by an unknown kid who popped up out of thin air. But that’s what these Zoomers are like——their arrogance is dwarfed only by their insolence. Walklate took issue with the member’s abrasive manner while keeping schtum about the vicious nature of the NSN hive; a somewhat one-sided sensitivity.

        Not a whole lot is available about Walklate (an unusual surname if ever), but aside from an unused Twitter account and his Facebook page, he maintains profiles on GitHub and Hackaday. His academic achievements boast a Bachelor of English with Honours and a Bachelor of Medical Science. A Google search turns up his ABN, and the fact he faced a criminal hearing at Gosford Local Court on December 6 last year, and later at Wyong Court on the 22nd, although we’re yet to discover the nature of the matters. We’re currently looking into those.

What is most unsettling about all of this is just how determined the NSN is to let us know who is behind it all. Having shared a nationalist’s mobile number to their channel, Dpoker Cabal III incited its members to break the law by harassing him via a carriage service.

        If that wasn’t stupid enough, they filmed the pair making the calls in flagrante delicto and posted it to the Dpoker Cabal channel. One of those who didn’t bother veiling his identity was Jim “Jimbo” Roberts, who was involved with state-rat Neil Erikson and his weasel protégé Stefan Eraceleous (Medi) during a stunt at a Melbourne pub where they got a woke barman fired after he spat into one of their beers. Following the bad vibes in the wider community over that, Roberts was recognised and stabbed on the street by an unknown assailant——alleged to be a black.

The three stooges: Roberts (L), Erikson (C) and Medi (R).

        Photos snapped of Roberts before and after his shanking testify to his dramatic loss of muscle mass but don’t divulge the anxious twitch symptomatic of the psychological scars he stoically conceals from his gang.

        Roberts is no thinking man, and plenty of folks don’t have a good word for him, but we do—mong. That’s no objective description, to be sure, but it characterises him more precisely than any other word. You cannot say much more about this 30-year-old steroid freak who copied the Hollywood Nazi film American History X by inking a swastika on his breastplate in homage to Edward Norton’s character “Derek Vinyard”. That’s an act of fan culture so tacky he should be gonged with a giant polo mallet.

Jimbo Roberts videos himself making illegal phone calls. His erstwhile attacker must’ve cut the cord to his brain.

        Nonetheless, the most irritating thing about Roberts is that he’s yet another blow-in anointed by Herr Sewell who has no reputation or standing in the legitimate nationalist scene but who nonetheless figures he walks with the king because he’s bought into Sewell’s larping. It’s as though they recruited him while stopped at an outback panel beater. Now he’s in the big smoke and ready to save the white race by pumping iron and injecting hormones.

        Their “movement” is not ours; we do everything to clarify that. This is despite their best efforts to obscure what delineates us from them. But that’s the point——Sewell wants to stamp out all of what he calls “nativist” opposition and replace them with his own. Sewell has no roots in Australia, although his missus just gave birth to a baby girl, Lunar Anne Sewell, on February 1. Still, that doesn’t make him an Australian any more than it makes us “European citizens.” He’s acutely aware of this and compensates by detesting the very thing he’ll never become.

        What he’s doing is no different to what the coloured immigrants do, and consider that; he aims to undermine the national weltanschauung. His internationalist concept of whiteness brings to mind globalism in that it demands the participant reject their Australian ethnicity in exchange for a nebulous “white” identity. Given his lack of roots here, it’s little wonder this appeals to him. But we digress…

Another harasser used the number (03) 5222 7641 to ring the aforementioned nationalist. The number appeared to be registered to a house in Newtown, Vic, on Cairns Ave. Yet, after repeated calls went unanswered, an obliging member of the public—who just happened to stop and answer it——informed us the calls came from a pay phone in Geelong. The number checked against Telstra reveals the phone is situated at 58 Malop Street, Geelong, Vic. This is the pay phone that Roberts used to call the AFP member at least once.

        On the second occasion, he filmed himself in the act. This suggests that Roberts either resides in or frequents Geelong. It also indicates he’s not concerned about us identifying him. No brain, no pain.

        The video of the other caller has his identity masked by images of “Medi” superimposed over his top half. Either it was Medi who made the call, and they’re teasing him by adding those, or else it’s Dpoker himself, whom an NSN insider tells us lives in Queensland. Then again, it could be any one of the kids that Tommy grooms.

        They couldn’t make it easier if they tried. This raises questions: are they chaotic, or is it bravado? Maybe it’s a little of both. It seems like a provocation in that they are hoping for a reaction. We were certainly fishing for a response when we trolled them on Telegram by establishing a NAB channel devoted solely to aggravating the gang. It was a few hours for us to go nuts and kick up our heels posting things we’d never do otherwise. The objective was to get them to retaliate. They swallowed it hook line and sinker. But why take the bait?

        We proved what we set out to——the sense of organisation they smugly try to convey is in deep contrast to the sloppy manner in which they conduct themselves; and they’re getting no wise counsel from Tommy, who regularly kicks own goals, as his two arrests prove.


It’s not a case of “if” the NSN does something stupid, it’s a matter of “when.” The release of their leader with little more than a slap on the wrist has emboldened them to believe they’re invincible.

        Given the long history we’ve studied of ASIO’s methods, it’s evident that they aren’t about to clamp down on the NSN immediately. If ever. They appear to have let Sewell off the leash with the deliberate intention of enabling him to round up future political prisoners. But given Sewell’s desire to wipe out all “nationalist” groups until he is the sole inheritor of “the movement” it could just be that’s also part of their gameplay; to allow him to [attempt to] do that.

        To the casual observer, their rhetoric and actions are inconsistent, seeing as how counter-terrorism generally devours the small fish but releases the big catch back into the ocean.

        Bear in mind, in the wake of their Cathedral Ranges stunt, in which the NSN attacked members of Antifa who’d driven to the site after being tipped off by Nick McKenzie’s antifascist allies (McKenzie had an infiltrator [David Ryan] who we believe works for ASIO inside the NSN watching it all), NSN’s founder Jacob Hersant was restricted from associating with anyone from the NSN. But not Sewell. That’s very interesting. And, as we’ve always pointed out, while in jail on remand Tom’s friend Neil Erikson was placed into a cell beside him, so the two could communicate. What was Erikson reporting back, or was he priming his former sparring partner?

        Regardless of Erikson’s protestations, court reports proving that he was released immediately upon appeal of his short sentence appeared on ABC news. Furthermore, as we’ve also explained, being a sentenced prisoner, he would never have been dispatched to a remand jail. He’d have gone to prison while awaiting his appeal. Now, he’s disappeared altogether, no doubt as per his compact with authorities over his early release.

        Erikson’s rap sheet in regards to dirty deeds against his supposed “comrades” and his dealings with the state is such that his reputation as a fink should be absolute by now: the evidence is there, and always has been. This again casts a pall over Sewell’s credibility, since, even though Erikson burned him umpteen times over the years, he welcomed him back like a brother. When dealing with an organisation that [should] rightfully be secretive, Sewell allowed the worst vipers into his nest. But that’s in Sewell’s hubris-addled nature.

          Previously, Sewell was advised about the murky character Mark McDonald, who blew onto the scene mysteriously in 2013, attempted to inveigle people into criminal activities, recorded nationalists, and generated scurrilous rumours.

          Nevertheless, Sewell acted contrary to the warning and appointed the shifty Kiwi as the head of the Sydney Lads Society. Stories emerged as those tired of the bullying culture within the Lads and who’d lost confidence in Sewell revealed McDonald’s tricky nature. An erstwhile member with experience of such things confided to us, “He was a rat. I could smell it on him.” McDonald split for New Zealand after that experience and to this very day, nobody in NZ’s nationalist circles has ever heard of him. McDonald was another feather in Sewell’s inept cap; proof that his stubborn pride and unrequited ambition concealed private motivations.

Nothing is radical about Sewell’s ersatz national socialism. The template of NSN came straight from National Action (UK) before it was proscribed as a terrorist organisation. Although, the NSN will appropriate bits and bobs from all the more extreme groups. His “EAM” and “NSN” harbour the degenerate vices that attend the yawning expatiation of abstruse “Aryan” groups. It’s all in their latency, the Satanism, the sole fixation on anti-Semitism as if the problem could simply be solved by removing all the Jews, and the gang mentality policing their order.

        Yet, eliminate those things and Tommy himself is a plaid conservative happy to indulge the behaviour of his “wild boys.” A word perfectly sums up Sewell both in personality and thought: colourless. The boy has all the panache of a coat hanger. His speeches are tiresome dirges. Unsurprisingly, he bitterly resents anyone who shines brighter than he does.

        But hang on! Did we just say Satanism?


To tell the story of the quasi-occult group The Order of the Nine Angles, or O9A, requires a brief biography of its reputed creator, David Myatt. Yet, to do so, would steer us off on a long and insufferable tangent. Instead, we’ll describe the essential tenets of 09A or the “Left Hand Path.” It can be summarised in two words: esoteric gibberish. However, it’s also dangerous.

                The 09A intersects with National Socialism in the same way the lunatic works of Savitri Devi do. It’s not Satanism per se, but a barmy excursion into cosmic Aryanism via paganistic naturalism. Again, it’s a contest between the Aryan and the Jew in an aeonic battle between Western civilization and the Jewish “Nazarene” for control of the Milky Way. That’s a drastically abridged explanation but it’s apt nevertheless. By comparison, Scientology seems reasonable. Plus, if you told your “mundane” workmates about it, they’d hiff you into the nearest skip bin with your undies pulled up around your chin. But that’s just the zany part of this cultish twaddle. Then there is the “dark path”, which is a road that any neo-Manson child would be glad to travel.

The spiritual track requires the traveller to shun society’s taboos and commit crimes such as rape and ritual murder to earn his pips as an “external adept.” Ian Brady, the infamous British Moors murderer, followed a parallel philosophy. This is one of the three ways they establish their ‘magical powers’ and secure their passage among the Starship Troop headed for the Milky Way. Although, building a backyard rocket from old toilet roll holders would prove a lot easier.

Therefore, it’s antecedent to the myth of “supermen” and drug-free LSD trips. It’s a leaderless type of companion subculture among those influenced by The Turner Diaries and James Mason’s honeypot manifesto, Siege. Kai Murros would find it intriguing. It has about as much to do with Australia as macrame has to do with deep-sea game fishing. Unsurprisingly, it has been connected to such Federal Express “extremist” groups as Atomwaffen, the Sonnenkrieg Division, Combat 18 and National Action. And now, ta-rum ta-rum… the NSN.

The 09A in Australia is said to have originated in Brisbane during the 1990s. It never amounted to much, but like all good demons, it lingered below the earth’s surface waiting for the day when somebody spoke the magic word and released it from captivity. That happened on the defunct website Iron March.

We’re told a character from the 09A using the handle “FreshFire” mentored a young[er] Jacob Hersant in its mystical ways. He brought it into the NSN, although it’s scoffed at online. We do not suggest that Tom Sewell has any part in it, but that it festers inside the group and has assumed a shadow order that culminated in the ousting of at least one former state leader. NSN critics argue that the imagery and symbolism of the 09A are identifiable and certain detractors continue to challenge the group over their affiliations with the dark lord.

The most heinous crime connected with O9A is paedophilia! Little wonder then that those in this sub-group of NSN are keen to refute rumours about their existence.

We guess when the Milky Way finally assumes the shape of a swastika, we’ll all know the truth, but until then, it’s another big bowl of wrong connected to this glorified street gang.


We’re told by those in the know just how beset with gang culture the NSN and EAM are. They’ll readily turn on their members to either blood them or provide a scapegoat, although let’s not overstate the case, just that it’s reality. It won’t be long until one of them has the bright idea of martyring someone for the good of “the movement.” Otherwise, they willingly employ intimidation against their members and other groups.

        Their penchant for bullying and coercion first began with Tom Sewell’s Lads Society. Members complained of how Tom treated the organisation like chapters of an outlaw motorcycle club with him as its president. The dynamic of the NSN is such that paranoia around the threat of violence—expressed through the ubiquitous “Fight Club” culture that’s also prevalent in Australian high schools—is central to its warrior complex.

This bloke is NOT a fan of the NSN.

        Most telling is their declaration of Europeanness while on social media all you find is a culture contaminated by the very de-evolutional influences they profess to combat. The use of the term “nigger”, is rife, but that isn’t a racial epithet—they employ it as the blacks do the word “nigga”. When they speak of their “boys” they say, “My nigga.” Far from the high culture insisted on by their hero Adolf Hitler, they pursue the same types of urban subculture as do the coloureds and yobs: with their affected style of drill rap, and a fondness for “eshay”. Many facetiously reference Eshay Nationalism as a political subculture.

Preserving European high culture via gutter trash.

        This is not a political organisation nor is it genuinely concerned with safeguarding European culture. No intelligent discussion exists on their pages, it’s all smartass, cryptic meme-driven horseplay. Tom Sewell and others [including dark horse “Medi] offer snippets of […their] wisdom via the ubiquitous and banal car video which are further minimised into memes.   With all the affirming attributes of a subculture—a uniform, insular argot, and a specific musical preference to provide the score—they are a subculture. As such, they are a gang, and a gang only disintegrates except that when the NSN finally does many are going down with it.

        Association laws are such that not even former members will be safe. Their only hope will be to go out of their way to disavow any connection to the group. They won’t be able to reform either because that will be regarded as a continuation of the proscribed organisation. But the saddest thing from the point of view of proper nationalists is that it will leave a false legacy for future generations who cannot reach back to find the time of true nationalism, as was the case with Blair Cottrell, Neil Erikson and Thomas Sewell. Many of the zoomers who don’t have a breadth of hindsight regard them as “nationalists” and believe they achieved something. What? Aside from the fact they know nothing of the grifting that went on, such as the theft of the accumulated fees for the aborted “Fortitude” conservative party, and their swindling of the funds provided by Christopher Shortis.

An eloquent young “eshay nationalist” upholds the language of Shakespeare and puts aside all myths about the NSN being a pack of post-tween cretins.

        The UPF devolved into a sideshow perfect for the distractive purposes of the state. Their time became engulfed with confronting antifascists at rallies; they came to be one of a pair of rumble fish fighting in a tank who were so preoccupied with the vague mindset that defeating Antifa equated to a brick through the Overton Window that when the brouhaha was over they were simply regarded as one of two “violent” groups adrift from the norm.

        The NSN is on course for this with the pimply preachers of Socialist Alternative organising with Citizens Against Racism and Fascism (CARF) to invoke a united response against the “fascists” next Saturday. It is assumed that the guests of honour will show up, as this is what they’ve been training for all this time. If that happens, the dye is cast. Should they demur, Antifa will claim victory on the day.


Many wonder why we nationalists rag on the NSN so. It’s an unfortunate case of ‘we didn’t start it.’ We were perfectly happy letting them go about their way (except for the odd article from us serving as a caveat) but they made crooked attempts to invade the nationalist ideological territory. They appropriated from our movement those things sacred to us, such as our symbols, and references, and attempted to pervert an understanding of our heritage to aid their recruitment from those who found “nativism” appealing.

        Yet, we’ve seen this Nazi circus, and it’s always a honeytrap—it always turns against nationalism, and inevitably implodes. But the cult does untold damage beforehand, and even though they are not us, this isn’t clear in the minds of regular folks—those people whom nationalists want onside. For it is only with them that change can come.

        No amount of stickering NS memes, no measure of virulent optics, or publicity on Nine will equate to a revolution. It won’t happen that way. The power of the state is too great and all that ends up happening is what we’ve seen overseas: they are banned, and they generate even more government support for Zionism. They justify a larger portion of the budget to counter-terrorism. They pale the line between earnest nationalism and cultism, arresting any hope of sincere political progress. They serve the vanity of one man and ruin the lives of his followers. They are rash as opposed to studious, and their emphasis on recruiting impressionable youth guarantees thoughtless and reckless action.

        We are delighted so many young folks are awakened to the plight of whites, that’s undeniable—but it’s how that demographic is hijacked and rendered useless by cultish programming of end-times logic that is no different from the mania behind climate change. That obsession drives people to do stupid acts, and so does the idea of “preparing for the coming race war.”

        If that argument is in dispute one only has to look at the examples at hand—those “martyrs” that haven’t changed a thing: Timothy McVeigh, David Lane, Brenton Tarrant, Anders Breivik, David Copeland, Alexander Mair, Varg Vikernes—nothing they’ve done has altered the degenerative fabric of anti-whiteness an iota. That’s simply a stark comment, not a value judgment because it happens to be true.

        Meanwhile, given the repulsion the Zoomers hold for anyone over the age of 30, it’s not long before Tom Sewell finds himself challenged. What will happen when, during a fight night, a surprising newcomer floors him? What then? Will Sewell take it sportingly, or feel threatened? Likewise, after August, he’s unlikely to be shown the leniency he got this time and will almost certainly go to jail. It won’t be for that long, and if it doesn’t happen we’ll know why—but is Dpoker Cabal going to rise to take the top spot?

        What’s intriguing about monitoring Dpoker’s stomach-turning page is that it’s very difficult for an outsider, or normal person, to sift the irony from the intentional. Does he mean it when he makes fun of the sneaky Medi or mocks Tom Sewell? But let’s look at Medi (Stefan Eracleous) for a second.

        Medi was twice arrested for making harassing phone calls, once harassing parliamentary workers and on another occasion “vilifying an Arab”, but walked away effectively unscathed. Are things so arbitrary? We don’t know, but if it looks like a duck… well, you know the rest.

Australian nationalism Greek style. Medi goes native.

        Medi became inseparable from Neil Erikson before the latter departed the field. Lay down with dogs, you catch fleas. Both were convicted of using a carriage service illegally, and both walked. Medi has appropriated the nativist concepts of nationalism and bastardised them. He is at once a Greek nationalist, an Australian nationalist, and a National Socialist, but his standing with the NSN is difficult to define. That didn’t stop him from recently visiting the Sydney NSN for undisclosed reasons and, while he was at it, visiting with others. That’s a major red flag, that’s how Mark McDonald used to act.

        As such, we can see even if nobody else can, that this is a group that’s illegitimate on every level. It is being used as a vessel to ram nationalism, as has traditionally been the case with such organisations. And we’re under no illusion that they are being used in an ASIO operation.

        Good luck with that. ■

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