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A ‘white knight’ father-of-three army veteran who intervened when he saw a group of African males attacking a female at a suburban park in Melbourne was bashed severely.

Ben Woolley, 44, was enjoying a casual walk with his partner through Pakenham Park on December 2 when he witnessed the gang of eight African young males assaulting the girl.

Woolley then made the courageous but unfortunate mistake of playing the ‘white knight’ and rushing in to help. A video taken at the scene shows the ex-soldier being viciously mauled by the pack of black youths, who attacked him with fists, iron bars and other weapons.

At least one female was involved in the attack, bludgeoning him with an iron bar as he lay on the ground.

The girl he tried to help managed to escape in the confusion.

However, the brave ex-serviceman’s partner, Jessica Davis, watched in horror as the father of three was pummelled and kicked while on the ground. The assault left him hospitalised and he is still recovering with diminished eyesight, broken nose, cracked ribs and shattered teeth.

Woolley told the Herald-Sun, “They just came in with full force with every weapon they had at their disposal.”

Chivalry is not big in African culture, being White Supremacist in its outlook, so it was little wonder that the gang would harm a female as casually as they’d kill a kitten. But enriched by Western feminism, as the males attacked Woolley, the African females urged them on, shouting, “KILL HIM!”

“It was unbelievable,” said Woolley. “Some of the women in the group, as the men were hitting me, they were calling for the guys to kill me.”

So far, only one of the Africans has been charged, Ajah Atem, an 18-year-old Pakenham female. She has been charged with intentionally and recklessly cause serious injury.

Atem was already on bail when involved in the alleged assault. She has been remanded in custody to appear before Dandenong Magistrate’s Court on January 19.

No doubt, she will offer the magistrate a sob story about “growing up in a refugee camp” and Mr Woolley will be forced to pay her compensation and billet her extended family in his home at his own expense.

This is Victoria, after all, where there is no such thing as an African gang crime.

His partner is still traumatised by the attack. She told of how Woolley is an “honourable man” who served Australia for ten years in the army.

“It was traumatic seeing my partner who I love very much get assaulted. I cried out for them to stop many times but they wouldn’t.”

It was foolish for Mr Woolley to become involved in any scrap involving Africans. And it’s worth noting that the female he saved hasn’t stepped forward to offer any assistance in tracking the main offenders.

Yet, despite this Mr Woolley says he would do it again. We say, if he does, they’ll probably kill him next time.

There is no reason to help any African, regardless of gender, no matter what is happening to them.

Of all the races we never asked to be brought here, but which our governments have piled on us to the detriment of society at large, the Africans are the least compatible.


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