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American Patriots who stormed Capitol Hill yesterday have shown us the way. The last thing any nationalist or patriot can do, regardless of whereabouts you are from, is to condemn them as having used ‘violence’ or ‘played into the enemy’s hands’.

You should now have an indelible understanding of how the deep state works, and how far into the institutional stone it has seeped. From before Donald Trump was elected, to this past election, its strategy has combined tactics of violence and lies.

The media, and the political class, have maintained a stratagem of systematic lying in the face of scenes and images that contradict them so fantastically that no person with any certainty of wits should doubt their attitude of defiance.

No condemnation for ‘peaceful protesters’ who smashed windows, burnt buildings, tore down statues, and attacked police for months on end and continue to this day. All of this to compromise the American President as the election loomed, and all done so flagrantly that not even the simplest person could have misconstrued the intent of the Democrat mayors and their chiefs.

Their intention by allowing Antifa and the BLM thugs carte-blanche was to present a lawless America that was the angry rejection of a renegade President.

Coming on the heels of the George Floyd incident, in which the felonious black man died during an arrest as a result of dissolute living and the bad health it caused him, handed the Re-setters the excuse they coveted: the ‘racial’ preface to an orchestrated campaign of public disorder directed at the President.

The lawlessness was all of their makings and they didn’t like it when the time came to dispense with their useful idiots in Antifa etc, only to feel their wrath, such as happened at the home of Nancy Pelosi, which was graffitied by Anarchists. So, one should throw their head back so far and open their mouth so wide to laugh so hard that their incisors become visible in their mouth, as their tonsils undulate under the force of heavy laughter directed at bald-faced liars and their chutzpah.

They trashed the equipment of a media that has been complicit in the ruination of America, in its constant mendaciousness and the propagating of historical lies and falsehoods. Otherwise, any honest onlooker would’ve howled with laughter as hysterical media commentators exaggerated the ‘violence’ of the ‘rabble’ they so despise because of the colour of their skin.

The media, like the despots on Capitol Hill, must taste the people’s pitchfork.

Yesterday, American patriots took the Declaration of Independence so seriously that they have acted on the words that impel such action under circumstances such as we’ve been watching with open eyes, from lies about Russian interference in Trump’s election, to all the conspiracies that Clinton money paid to unearth but didn’t exist.

“When a long train of abuses and usurpation, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government.”

It wasn’t just a government that the MAGA crowd had in its crosshairs but an immovable system. For government are merely the housekeepers of that system, something which Trump dared to try and change.

The Democrat cabal including Clinton, Obama, and the turncoats of the Republican party have never let go of Trump for a single moment since he had the temerity to step outside of an unspoken convention and assume the presidency on the most objectionable of pretexts – he was voted in by the people.

He had dared to say things and threatened to do things (even if he didn’t carry them out) that were an affront to the egregious social engineers taking America under the yoke. They claimed that Trump’s presidency was all about race when every opponent of Trump is a special kind of racist. They claimed Trump was a maverick because he stopped making war instead of perpetuating it. They complained about disparity when under Trump employment had been its highest in years.

They flagrantly stole an election by using the old ‘dead people’ voter scam that put the Irish gangster’s son, John F. Kennedy in power. They killed him, too, as it turned out because he was a renegade of a different hue. But that was the first time the ‘system’ signalled that no President would ever be more powerful than those behind the scenes, from the military to the FBI and CIA.

And so, if a President couldn’t take power, the people chose to. And the people for whom this election mattered the most, the White people of America who aren’t infected by the self-destroying virus of wokeness.

The system has shown its vile hypocrisy — canonizing an outright criminal like the Negro George Floyd, while applauding the murder of patriot Ashlie Babbit, 35, who had survived four tours of duty, to be murdered by a BLM terrorist — a black cop with an itchy trigger finger. Babbit is a martyr for now and evermore, a martyr for American freedom. A White heroine! There isn’t a minute sweat gland in her body that could weep a molecule of salt that isn’t greater than the total of Kamala Harris, who will win all the kudos of the women’s movement.

Right now, the media is all but celebrating Babbit’s death, and publishing videos of her “ranting” and other justifications for a murder that will never come to trial, just as they are running mug sheets from CCTV of the patriots, as they will never do to those who rumbled in and burned American cities under the Anarchist and Antifascist flags.

Rather than run away and treat this as defeat, the patriots must consider this a skirmish. For, had they had what the Anarchists and BLM have behind them — a revolutionary organisation — then events might have been more immediate. As it stands, we hope that the fifth-columnists on Capitol Hill were truly afearing, for they should be. This is merely the first shot, as it was when Fort Sumter became the starting point for the American civil war.

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  1. BLM and other activist groups were given millions by corporate America – wonder if the Capitol Hill people will get anything?

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