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Anti-Australian ‘philosopher’ Tim Soutphommasne (that must be the WORST surname ever) is back on the Australian taxpayer’s purse once again to demonise us all as “racists” and cultural troglodytes.

You might remember Tim was the outspoken Race Discrimination High Commissioner between 2013 — 18 who could detect racism in a lolly packet.

A man of blatantly non-Australian extraction, like all truculent foreigners, his mission is to undermine Australianness and limit resistance to ethnic cleansing via high immigration and refugee quotients.

And government bodies, as well as academia, are willing to throw our hard-earned-but-easily-taxed money at him just so he can shame and blame the very people picking up the tab for his lavish semi-Laotian lifestyle. By doing so, they aim to delegitimise any protest against the cultural and ethnic reorientation of Australia.

Timmy is joined by another three ‘academics’ whose careers have been forged out of linking hatred to whiteness. It is a mistake for anyone to assume that an academic is an infallible vessel of objective fact and not an instrument of bias, especially where these four are concerned.

Very little objectivity is to be found at the University of Sydney. Objectivity is whatever price Chinese students are willing to pay for courses designed to grant them permanent residency.

The lily-white children of the monied-class, with nothing left to rebel against, are instead encouraged to rebel against reality. And it’s with the aid of propagandists like these that they can become instruments of self-rebellion by being turned against their own race.

Subsequently, FutureFix is convening a taxpayer-funded program entitled Resurgent Racism. Its stated goals are to “address the emergence of new forms of racism manifesting as nationalist populism and far-right extremism.” They seek to “explain the logics of emboldened white racism in Western liberal democracies”.

Note, once upon a time those were white countries, but now they are ‘Western liberal democracies.’ Bear in mind, whites are not permitted our own countries, not practically, and not even notionally.

To even suggest such a proposition is regarded by the inverse-racists of those like the above thinktank as tantamount to ‘white supremacism’. Hard to be ‘supreme’ if you don’t have your own country.

Nevertheless, just as the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) sought to unearth latent communism which led to witch hunts typified by the Hollywood Blacklists, so Resurgent Racism must find racism.

This comes at a time that anything which remotely sniffs of nationalistic sentiment is lumped in as ‘far-right’ and thence inflated into a public menace. The media have been busily creating a far-right monster and were sadly aided-and-abetted by Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant.

The media and tandem government figures have little understanding of the disparate groups they stir in the same pot as ‘far-right’. Nor do they recognise that the only kind of ‘threat’ surrounding these minor groups and individuals is ‘to’ them and not ‘from’ them.

As such, a number of ‘far-right’ figures (as govt and media would have them described) have been steadily losing access to the basic right to banking. Dr Jim Saleam, President of the federally-registered nationalist Australia First Party was removed from any accounts associated with Westpac bank and its subsidiaries. Likewise, Blair Cottrell had his account shut down, along with his former UPF-comrade Christopher Shortis. NAB has since learned that other, less publicised figures are having their accounts closed down by the major banks.

The question of a class action against these banks must necessarily arise, such as their right to judge a person’s politics and values in denying them an essential service. This would have been unthinkable at a time, and it’s especially grating considering how amoral the banks themselves, long under fire for their lack of ethics in trading practises, are.

The combination of media defamation and persecution by institutions such as the greedy major banks has created ‘unpersons’ out of the very model of Australian that has been demonised by, usually foreign critics, such as the academic team behind Resurgent Racism.

The media itself, which, especially in the case of the former Fairfax, has operated with Police in the creation of folk devils, fake news, and injustice, is itself guilty of creating much of this ‘far-right’.

The media and government axis were certainly in cahoots when it helped to spread the anti-Islam movement which became ‘Reclaim Australia’.

Its sustained reporting on terror, Australia’s association with the Zionist shenanigans in the middle east, all fomented that brew. The Liberal party, just as it has had its hand in the far-right since the time of the anti-communists, was certainly manipulating the micro-parties and social media figures linked to anti-Islam.

Then, with the sweep of a hand, once they were elected in what many believed an unlikely victory, they have brushed away this embarrassing association.

In December 2010, it was reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, Scott Morrison “urged the foreign cabinet to ‘capitalise on the electorate’s growing concern about Muslim immigration’, ‘Muslims in Australia’, and the ‘inability’ of Muslim migrants to integrate”.

Post-Christchurch he was severing all ties with the alternative-con movement. Indeed, following Christchurch, Fairfax (sic) published a story essentially demanding that Australian nationalist journalist Nathan Sykes be arrested for “threatening” an alleged journalist.

A day later, an army of police scoured Sydney looking for him. It seems that the paperwork had already been signed off on, and both the media and Antifascist Action were notified following Sykes’s arrest.

He described being “ambushed” by anti-racists who could not possibly have known about his arrest upon his release from Newtown Police Station where he was charged without the police telling them.

Clearly, Fairfax, NSW Police and Victoria Police had all coordinated on this for reasons that had nothing to do with concerns for the alleged journalist’s welfare. It turns out that the journalist in question was in fact the secretary of the Melbourne Anarchist Club, now the subject of a legal wrangle among those claiming rights to it. His father is also purported to be either a magistrate or a judge. He is also tied to Professor Rob Sparrow, the academic who moonlights as the caped crusader of reverse-trolling in the name of Antifa, Slackbastard.

Furthermore, Sykes issued a written statement to Police highlighting the refusal by NSW Police to follow up a complaint he made about two years of harassment by the alleged journalist. And, when his Enmore apartment was attacked by a CFMEU, Antifa-identified thug named David Gullis, who was captured In Flangrante delicto on CCTV camera, Newtown Police refused to act.

They also declined to do their duty when the alleged journalist broke the conditions of an interim Personal Safety Intervention Order and published details identifying the protected person. Yet, they were busily trying to concoct a case against Sykes while he was in fact under an order with “no-admissions”.

The relevance of this is the fever with which the apparatus of the state is moving to condemn any opposition to the displacement of Australians in our own country. We are being invalidated (or they attempt to) by the progressives of the Aboriginal Activism, LGBTQ, Feminism, Environmental and Racism industries; which all essentially overlap in their condemnation of supposed ‘privileged old white men’, a peculiar chauvinism they all share.

Jim Saleam told NAB, “What needs to be done, is we need to focus on who are these academics? Who are they? Once it becomes known who they are and what their biases are we can hammer that home.”

Tim Soutphommasne needs no introduction, but for those who’ve been in a coma these past years, he is Australia’s number one anti-white race-baiter. A French-Laotian born immigrant who hates Australia he has written lots of books about how racist we are. Having served on the Human Rights Commission and been paid an annual salary of $300K by us racists, he was Anti-Racism Commissioner.

Soutphommasne was and still is, the go-to guy whenever a quote is needed to validate theories about the spectre of the Ku Klux Klan emerging in Australian swagger.

Dirk Moses (Jewish?) is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Genocide Research. Fair dinkum. We bet our last dollar they’ve never written about White Genocide. He is obsessed with White Australia and uses mental aerobics to formulate as many arguments to formalise his prejudices as peer-reviewed truth.

Associate Professor Catriona Elder’s up to her neck in Abo studies which favour the idea of demonising colonial Australia; migrant sympathies; and naturally enough, feminism. She also has a head that could frighten a jellyfish.

Dr David Smith has a hairstyle which is a throwback to Tiny Tim and he’s a Yank. His brand of “expertise” is studies of American politics and history, and the overlap between religion and race. And you thought a lollypop lady was an overpaid nothing-of-a-job.

This pack of galahs will chew up X-amount of your tax dollars coming to the conclusion that more needs to be done (by them) to tackle racism.

We wonder where they’ll go searching for this racism, or should we say, white racism, since it’s becoming hard enough to find any white Australians left.

Eyeball statistics are the best there are, and we’ll shortly be providing some as NAB goes in search of whites in Sydney suburbs. But we know for sure if we visited Sydney’s southwest, we would be hard-pressed to even find an Australian much less shake their racism out of them for the sake of these academics’ research. If we went west, ditto, the same thing. No point travelling up north as they’re Chinese up that way, in the shopping malls, in the schools.

Perhaps they mistake “resentment” for “racism’. Perhaps Brenton Tarrant was the product of a profoundly wounded sense of resentment at watching the ethnic cleansing that may not speak its name.

But we know that Tim Soup et al shall resort to their usual hunting ground for supposed empirical research, social media. Yep, Facebook, where one drunken idiot can name his page The Australian Aryan Supremacist League for The Destruction of Islam and be hyped into an entire movement.

This is what the Executive Council of Australian Jewry do in their turgid “reports” which read like a prurient ticker tape of masochistic obsession. Seriously, if someone carves a swastika into a public bench, they have intelligence on it, and it makes it into their tiresome report, which will add to their statistical “rise” in “antisemitic incidents”. Never mind that it was probably scratched there by a bored eight-year-old waiting for a bus.

The Jewish community is tirelessly pushing the perennial Holocaust narrative, invoking it dutifully at every tick of the metronome.

This media leapt to report with a strident gasp on “two anti-Semitic incidents” which were revealed by Dr Dvir Abramovich, chairman of the Australian Anti-Defamation Commission. 

Abramovich, speaking plainly, is a kvetching kike. He has faced considerable criticism for being an overt Zionist whose sensitivities about ‘anti-Semitism’ even involved him censuring Jewish comedian John Safran. Safran visited ‘Anne Frank’s Attic’(a fiction in itself) for his show Race Relations with his girlfriend and the two made out. Safran described her as a “blonde-haired Aryan”.

At least Safran has a sense of humour, but not so uptight Abramovich who thundered, “Safran’s exploitative approach drains the Holocaust of its tragic context (the death camps, the starvation, the shootings, the burning of bodies, the mouth of hair, shoes and glasses”).

Even other Jews were telling him to pull his head in, but not the media, and not, it would seem our government.

Abramovich has been criticised for emphasising the Holocaust and Jewish identity over fighting ‘racism’ in general.

This week he told how the parents of a teenage and pre-teen boy came to him after their children were bullied for being Jewish.

One involved a group of Muslim boys threatening a 12-year-old schoolboy and forcing him to kiss a Muslim boy’s shoe. The other concerned a Jewish kid being mocked about his circumcised willy that troubled the Talmudic tyke so much he wet himself in the classroom rather than expose his shame openly in the boy’s toilet. He was also called names, according to those making the claims.

The “incidents” which as the principal of one the schools rightly pointed out was just simply “bullying” in its basic form nonetheless drew commentary from our Jewish treasurer, Josh Frydenberg.

As such, it appears that the suffering of one group of Australians (sic), has a higher content of malice because they are “Jewish” and the “Holocaust killed six squillion Jews”.

Yet, for those (lol) ‘anti-Semites’ eager to leap on that hypocrisy let’s not forget the Jews are hardly alone. They might be the ringleaders, but we cop the same crap from Abos, from Africans, Arab Muslims, Islanders, curries, and the Chinese.

And that’s the point we wish to wrap this thing up on: all of this internal chaos caused by the persistent anxiety at the memory of Australia’s White Australia Policy (WAP) is allowing this poisonous cultural-Trotskyism to infect our brightest and use them as capos in our destruction via a convoluted and perverted ideology promoted by those such as Tim Soup.

We don’t think of these Trotskyist kids as revolutionary since there is no revolution for them, or well-intentioned, but rather as narcissistic. Just as the rich covet the privileges of the poor in God’s favouritism, so a great swathe of those who now make up a minority of Australian students (being outnumbered by Chinese) in Sydney University, which is responsible for Resurgent Racism, covet virtue.

They live in a world that is a hall of mirrors for an affected type of narcissism that signals virtue instead of sharing it.

Beijing is well aware of these troubles with Australian identity, as revealed by Professor Clive Hamilton, and it plays on them, as he revealed in his book, Silent Invasion.

It counts on them, and manipulates them, as a means to infiltrating and dividing us. Whenever the Australian government does something China doesn’t like it becomes “echoes of the White Australia Policy” or “xenophobia”.

What Resurgent Racism is doing, at its very worst, is enabling propaganda to be used by our most serious threat.

And that, folks, is treason.

Tim Soup is the quintessential anti-white race-baiter

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