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Thursday’s day of mourning in Australia for the departed Queen of England proved the perfect opportunity to find out what a “voice” to parliament for Aborigines will auger.

The occasion was marked with the disrespect of the militant left, which has appropriated the Aboriginal cause to promote a globalist western liberal pogrom against our failing nationhood. Disturbances were coordinated in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Canberra. According to these protesters, the agreed tagline for the provocations was that the Crown has “blood on its hands.” And “The Crown’s boot is on our neck, and we are sick of it.” By “our” Ms Lidia Thorpe, the Green senator, indicated she meant the Aboriginal people.

Ms Thorpe—who is half-white—put on a show worthy of notorious vegan protester Tash Peterson—although, unlike the latter, she exercised the good taste to keep her clothes on.

Lidia Thorpe is not a voice for Aborigines but will be if the vote turns against the country. It will be a voice for her, the Greens, and all the globalists that can pile onto the distressed national crest. Anyone willing to press the Greens on the question of unfettered immigration will find this their policy of choice. Ms Thorpe’s office told one of our team that they would prefer immigrants from China, India, Africa, and any race except white people. They have no problem with mass immigration, which is ideologically incongruous if you look at it from the perspective of Aboriginal self-determination. This is about race-hate but it’s about more than that. To the Greens, the Crown represents white supremacy. They said as much. It’s pointless to attempt to educate the likes of Ms Thorpe about how wrong they are both historically and literally because they have a vested interest in that anti-white position.

Of course, we nationalists who’ve stayed quiet over the Queen’s death simply say that she has left a legacy of multiracial turmoil in England. The disturbances between Moslems and Hindus in Leicester played out while the white Britons were mourning their dead queen. A more appropriate epitaph for her passing could not be had. The Queen said nothing while Enoch Powell’s caveat about coloured hordes and “rivers of blood” has become an indisputable reality for England.

We do not regard the Crown as pertinent to modern Australia in any fashion other than a titular capacity. So far, retaining the Crown, even without any practical significance for all intents and purposes, is notionally better than creating a republic that might risk having someone like Ms Thorpe as its president. Today, the anti-white provocateurs using the day of mourning for the late Elizabeth the 2nd, executed certain acts of vandalism. Naturally, they burned the Australian flag. At other protests, they cut it up. Fake blood was smeared over an emblem at the British consulate in Melbourne. Although why, we can’t imagine, since according to their desires they are getting everything they want.

They want white Australians gone, and that’s been happening for decades. The program of western liberal globalism has seen the cities divided up into ethnic ghettoes. Much of our cities, particularly Sydney and Melbourne, barely retain a white character. This all happened with the Queen’s blessing and more so with her son and heir, King Charles the third.

Whole suburbs are occupied by particular coloured races: black, brown, or Asian. You can get on a train anywhere and if you’re white, you’re one of the few white faces in the carriage.

If the presence of whites on Australian shores was the cause of the original angst of these vocal cosmopolitan Aboriginal combatants, then they would have no qualms about the myriad of other peoples arriving en masse. Given this reality, it’s easy to understand the next paradox in all of this. Ms Thorpe’s antics have drawn criticism over the time she has commanded the attention of the media; ever since the Greens made Sarah Hanson Young step back so people of colour could speak on behalf of our Australia that they want to be torn down and replaced with their kind.

We’ve read comments on social media demanding she is kicked out of Parliament House and highlighting that the woman hates this country. Then there is her partner in crime, the egregious Pakistani Marxist Mehreen Faruqi. Both hate Australia. Faruqi represents a common phenomenon in the west, the migrant who comes in and tells us what Australia needs to be. They complain of being marginalised while having a louder voice than any white Australian.

And that’s the thing about those suggesting they aren’t fit to be in parliament. The only ones who are forced through the wringer of the legal justice system in this country are patriots. The only ones they lock up are nationalists and those whose expressions are hardly dissimilar to these people, except that they advocate for the founding race. This should illuminate you as to what parliament is all about. That parliament bequeathed to us by the Crown Ms Thorpe hates so much. They belong there. Far from being outsiders, they fit perfectly with the western liberal globalist agenda, which the parliament serves.