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Victorian boffins recently discussed the pressing issue of far-right extremism in Victoria. Academics with varying honorifics, who’re mostly from Charles Sturt University had plenty to say about the pending race war and who’ll likely lead it. Indubitably, it’s the number one most significant issue facing the entire state of Victoria.

For a state recovering from some of the most inhuman COVID regulations in the civilised world, Victoria has handed this crucial discussion over to various egg-heads and careerists who wouldn’t even know what a loaf of bread costs. They are informed that apart from fake news and a “mistrust of politicians” COVID is to blame for the rise of “far-right extremism.” See, it was the freedom movement all along, stupid. Too many bored kids are being inducted by online hate groups. It’s a terrible situation threatening a group of people who’re famous for feeling threatened.

This fiercely left-wing panel of fully accredited academics are informed by expert witnesses, 99.9% of which represent the Jewish community, as opposed to the Australian community. If you need victims, always go to the Jews, they’ve got it down to an industry standard.

Firstly, the panel was led by Kristy Campion who is an “expert” in terrorism, which means she’s an expert on regurgitating turgid peer-reviewed academic screeds about terrorism. She went from being a tutor in Introduction to Aboriginal Studies to knowing everything there is to know about terrorism and how to combat it. And that’s without ever learning how much a loaf of bread costs. Not that she needs to since she could just ask a panel of Jewish witnesses who’ll swear it’s six-million dollars.

To be fair, she did make a valid observation or two, such as that about “lone wolf” operators being the ones who’ll likely detonate an act of disturbance. But on the whole, the bias of the panel’s terms of reference was as pungent as an elephant’s portaloo. But we’ll get to that. We need to take a look at the expert witnesses. The most mentionable of these is the Jewish gutter journalist Nick McKenzie. He’s been renowned for having those who sit behind the curtains of power hand him major stories. That is when he isn’t being sued for defamation.

ASIO gave him his stripes as a “witness” to terrorism when they launched a covert joint operation in conjunction with Nine. It’s funny how Nine (formerly Fairfax) always ties in with the globalist agenda to which this inquiry relates. Nick is friends with fake victim Luke McMahon and was instrumental in jotting down the balderdash about his communist pal that landed Nathan Sykes on a 19-month intensive corrections order. His last “report” managed to throw in an ageist poke that had nothing to do with objectivity (we’re just saying) and a denunciation of Sykes’s allegations about McMahon. He needn’t have bothered since the whole thing was a stitch-up from toe to woe. But if this is the kind of expert “witness” testimony he has to bring to the table, then the terms of reference should expand to include far-left-wing extremism. Statistics on that won’t bear out the reality since they don’t keep any. The powers that be still manage to keep such incidents anecdotal. But perhaps that’s the freedom movement talking.

When we trickle down the list of forthright witnesses, we find more concerned members of Australian Jewry. Andre Obhler, of the Oline Hate Prevention Institute. This putz congratulated Luke McMahon on his defamatory and apocryphal 2017 tabloid piece about Sykes. The irony is that McMahon was either conned into believing Sykes was Jewish or helped foment and propagate the lie to invalidate his voice among nationalists. In doing so, from 2015 until 2022 (during the period Sykes was being sentenced for threatening phone calls made to McMahon), he inundated the accused with anti-Semitic messages.

These have been shared with NSW prosecutors, and their authenticity was never questioned, but rather ignored by the NSW legal establishment, the Federal Police and the NSW Police. It’s doubtful that Obhler would care much either since the principle appears to be that whatever is a means to an end is OK. Hypocritical? In the extreme. We bet he never brought that up at the hearing. It might’ve queered their narrative just a smidgen.

Rolling down the list of witnesses again and voila! We have the Jewish Council of Victoria. They were followed by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry.

In the next session, they spiced things up for the sake of variety. Proceedings went from kosher to stuffily academic with Charles Sturt University’s top scholars weighing in from inside their collegiate bubble. They still didn’t know what a loaf of bread costs but poured forth their considered opinions on this clear and present danger. Thereafter, once impresarios such as Campion were done promoting themselves, yet another in a seemingly endless procession of Jewish interest groups had the opportunity to kvetch about how they’d like to see Australia conform more to Jewish sensibilities. It makes sense. We are, after all, just an enormous hotel for other people to occupy at our expense.

Nothing’s ever diverse enough for Jews, especially in Israel, which is the kind of ethnostate that doesn’t tolerate their kind.

We won’t bother with the rest of the witnesses as they all boasted Jewish members anyway. Where is all of this headed? Who knows. But we can reveal that the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (PJCIS), the federal forebear of this glorified Seder, “ceased to exist at the dissolution of the House of Representatives on Monday, 11 April 2022.” However, that’s unlikely to happen in Victoria under “Dictator” Dan Andrews. Victoria lays claim to having the highest representation of those who the committee deems to be on the “far-right.”

Groups such as the European Australian Movement and the National Socialist Network (EAM & NSN), which are essentially the same thing, provide all the justification they need.

Melbourne was the birthing ground of the latest incarnation of the extreme right. It was born out of the anti-Islam Patriot Movement that sprung up after 2014. Nothing has done more damage to Australian Nationalism than those “personalities” who arose from that kerfuffle. While shamelessly denouncing Nazism during its first incarnation, the majority of those faces connected with the former United Patriots Front (UPF) and others from their milieu have embraced it now.

Acting as the bridge between that ‘old guard’ and the new, more bourgeois keyboard gruppenfuhrers, was the short-lived Alt-Right. The former Patriots are now old by the standards of the kids operating now. And it’s essential to bear in mind we’re dealing not with a serious political movement but a subculture. This internet-based youth phenomenon is nourished by the Americanised concept of German National Socialism that is better expressed by those Ukrainian soldiers bearing Third Reich body art and who are getting whopped by Russian forces. Only, the Ukrainians didn’t adopt their strain of NS from America; they own it.

The troubled fact of these kids is that thanks to Nick Mckenzie, who spoke first on behalf of The Age, their circle is thoroughly controlled by the domestic security services. A combination of bravado, naivete and ignorance saw them infiltrated by an undercover operative supposedly working with The Age. But the truth is that none of that operation would’ve occurred without ASIO.

We can’t know every kid involved in this thing. But it’s without a doubt they who’ve pushed this matter to such prominence. Are they wrong? Not entirely, they’re wrong about the way they’ve chosen to go about it. They’re wrong for forming a fraternity and not a proper order based on their ethnic division. They’re wrong for following a narcissist whose motives are far from earnest. But they’re not wrong in wanting to resist a new world order that has no place for them and abhors their identity.

Are they wrong to blame the Jews? Again, not given the unmistakable role that the Jews in Australia have played in multiracialism in our country and all over the western world. And this is where we depart from any criticism of the actors and move onto the salient point, which isn’t about the alleged ‘far-right’ menace, but the real peril sitting in parliament.

Bear in mind, that it has been a Jewish-centric program. Anti-Semitism must exist to justify these opponents, many of who, like Obhler and the egregious Dvir Abramovich, make a crust out of being “experts” for the media and academia. This means that these neo-Nazi [sic] groups are—in a sense—a possession of the state. They unfurl the menace of their nurturing to score political points and refocus the community.

This isn’t to say that Campion isn’t right about Lone Wolf actors. We can’t ignore Brenton Tarrant. But they’ll say that “radicalism” made them do it. Let’s examine that proposition. Because that’s where it’s all going—towards censorship and de-radicalising youth. Notice, that they seldom offer such programs to genuine adults involved in the so-called ‘far-right.’ Perhaps to those who land in prison they might.

What made Tarrant do what he did? Because he believed the great replacement is real. Is he wrong? Nationalists don’t think so. But you will never get the establishment to admit that it’s a reality since they are of that system. They are the devotees and cohorts who make it work. The whole thing is about maintaining that system from any threat, no matter how tiny. The state goes to the extreme [sic] of contriving the menace when it isn’t readily available. The Jewish community inevitably provide the necessary victims. Again, they’ve made it into a profession.

So, there’s no debating Campion or their ilk because these are intractable positions. They say that our view is unacceptable, but once upon a time, before the “progressives” of the Left and their Jewish counterparts became involved, it defined our country. What is that view? We can’t speak for the groups that we’ve mentioned, but nationalists maintain that the ethnic Australians are the founders of this nation. We must preserve it as our forebears intended, as a White Working Man’s country. There is enough of Asia, Africa, the subcontinent and the mid-east as it is. But there is nowhere that Whites can exclusively call home. This was meant to be such a country, the indigenous folk notwithstanding.

That was wrenched from us without so much as a plebiscite. Elites decided our direction and those who repudiate our beliefs are elitists.

The hearings continue.