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Australian nationalism has an immutable position when it comes to China—no! National Action (Aus) was our first truly nationalist organization. Elements were appropriated by Jack Van Tongeren, but insincerely so. It was a political grift.

What made National Action such a loathsome entity from the state’s perspective was just how effective it was. National Action raised heightened national awareness of the Asian problem. The NA embraced the supreme sentiment behind the White Australia Policy just as the Australia First Party does today. We’re talking about the China menace, and what comes from the Asianisation of Australia. This transmogrification of our country isn’t just racial but economic as well. It is total.

Many sceptics who’re situated on what the media fallaciously describes as the “far-right” have fallen into a trap. They’ve seen through the lies about Ukraine and Russia. However, they’ve extended the benefit of the doubt to include China. This is the herd mentality. Sure, it is always wise to double-check anything demonised by the west. When the West impugns a nation or a cause, it is usually because that nation is not towing its line. If it opposes a cause, that’s because it sits in opposition to its social, economic, or racial agenda.

The West’s condemnation of China may be enveloped in hypocrisy. China’s economic success is attributable to American economic intervention; Henry Kissinger created it. As recently as five years ago, Australia was touting trade with China. The political spivs were milking the relationship for all they could get. The business sector was all over the Yum Cha lazy Susan of Chinese trade, gulping down every dish and getting fat. Then COVID hit, statements were made, and China imposed economic sanctions on us.

Ultimately, we were functioning as a vassal of US hegemony. This wasn’t a nationalist-inspired break, but the government’s sworn duty as the price of inclusion in the western economic order. The Labor government will seek to “normalise” relations while pleasing the US deep-state. It is quite a balancing act. After all, we have American military bases here and the US has outposts across the region. It’s difficult to morally leverage any argument about a Chinese military buildup when their facilities serve to contain China.

This much we concede. Nonetheless, as nationalists, we will never accept the encroachment of China into our backyard. The recent buzzing of an Australian spy plane is a case in point. Far-right commentators who have now sided on social media with China forget that China has sent spy ships into our sphere. Moreover, if things got too heated between the US and China, Australia would pay the price. What would the two superpowers do? They would partition Australia just as they did with Germany following WW2. Would those who are now playing the devil’s advocate in favour of China welcome them like liberators?

The journey of an Australian nationalist takes only one path—towards the safety and sanity of armed independence and neutrality.

Australian nationalists would, far and above, prefer a friendly diplomatic relationship with Russia to either the US or China. That doesn’t mean rendering unto Caesar, as we must do with the US and will certainly do with China.

Ukraine is a lie. The conflict there is the result of years of American and allied interference with the goal of containing Russia. It has backfired massively. Yet, we’re still forced to consume the media lies and gush from Yankophiles like Greg Sheridan in The Australian. Lies about Vladimir Putin and willful ignorance regarding the truth of Russia’s legitimate response. Australian nationalists believe that in a broad sense Russia’s “values” are more compatible with ours than any of the West and especially the carnivore state of China.

However, it is not the intention of Australian nationalists to choose sides. We have only one side, that of Australians. Not economic Australians, but only those whom Henry Lawson would recognise if he were alive today.