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An innocent exchange on Twitter between the New Australian Bulletin and a Chinese national has triggered a military crisis in the South China Sea. Or so it appears. Last week, the New Australian Bulletin acquired a new follower on the social media network. Using the Twitter name, March@Kimberl61237567, the young girl initiated a dialogue between the account controller and herself. The chat occurred via private messages.

The NAB editor figured it was odd that a Chinese girl sought out Australia’s premier nationalist news site. After all, she’s Chinese. That’s like a Ukrainian NEO-Nazi seeking to befriend a Russian patriot. It made no sense. But being an insouciant sort, our heroic editor answered her questions. She was keen to keep the chat cycle going, suggesting they meet up on WhatsApp or Telegram. Again, this struck our proudly Australian editor as incongruous. So, he explained his position. March, or Wen Wen, was taken aback. She replied that there was no “military” context to the discussion. Sino-Australian relations deteriorated from there. The conversation is reproduced as it happened.

Nice to meet you, where are you from?

Here, I represent an organisation. We’re in Sydney, Australia. where it’s surprisingly cold at the moment.`
Australia is a beautiful country I love it
I’m from China, have you been to China my friend
No. I haven’t. I can’t think why.


There are many beautiful places in China, if you have the opportunity to come to China, I can serve as your tour guide, enjoy the beautiful scenery, understand the culture here, and take you to taste the special food
Yeah, like scorpions and stuff. I watch a lot of travel programmes, like An Idiot Abroad.

My name is Li Wen, you can call me Wen Wen, nice to meet you, I like to make new friends

Same here. I’m Won Won. Occasionally, I’m two.
I love to travel, Australia is always in my future travel plans, hope to arrive in your country can be my tour guide

You’ll find a lot of tour guides here. And they all look like you.
By the way, do you have whatsapp or telegram?
Since I use Twitter less to chat, I think we can communicate better there

Nah. I’m an Australian Nationalist and have deep worries about China. You could be a spy. Just sayin’.
What do you mean? I’m not talking about military affairs

You don’t add up.
Are you afraid that China will wipe out your country?
China couldn’t wipe its nose. And we KNEW Beijing put you here. Xi Jingping is a homosexual.
You are finished, I will report to our higher-level organization, immediately send troops to kill your country, and immediately send killers to kill you first

Things took a turn for the worse when Wen Wen informed our NAB editor, “I will report [you] to our higher-level organisation, immediately send troops to kill your country, and immediately send killers to kill you first.”

The response from NAB is redacted on national security grounds. But it appears Wen Wen wasn’t simply blowing hot air. This was no sabre rattling celestial, but a dedicated member of the CCP. Her fury was palpable, and she meant business.

The NAB has subsequently learned of a serious military incident in the South China Sea on May 26. According to the Defence Force Australia website,

“Defence advises that a Chinese J-16 fighter aircraft intercepted a RAAF P-8 maritime surveillance aircraft on 26 May 2022 during routine maritime surveillance activity in international airspace in the South China Sea region.

“The intercept resulted in a dangerous manoeuvre which posed a safety threat to the P-8 aircraft and its crew.

The Australian Government has raised its concerns about the incident with the Chinese Government.

The defence has for decades undertaken maritime surveillance activities in the region and does so under international law, exercising the right to freedom of navigation and overflight in international waters.”

That memo failed to mention that the J-16 had performed a manoeuvre that could have destroyed the P-18, triggering a far more serious incident. Perhaps an escalation to war.

Minister of Defence Richard Marles told The Australian that the J-16 flew “very close to the side of the P-8,” releasing decoy flares alongside the Australian aircraft.

“The J-16 then accelerated and cut across the nose of the P-8, setting in front of the P-8 at a very close distance,” he said. “At that moment it then released a bundle of chaff, which contains small pieces of aluminium, some of which were ingested in the engines of the P-8 aircraft.”

That’s nasty stuff. But unsurprising. Given how our lickspittle government is controlled by the US, such incidents are unavoidable.

Yet, what’s disturbing is the time frame. Wen Wen made the threats on June 5, yet the incident occurred on 26 May. This means the Chinese have already mastered time travel and failed to notify the WEF. The WEF controls the world and should be briefed on any amazing advances in technology, so they can rule it better.

The fact that Wen Wen was able to notify the “higher-level organization” which then sent its J-16 back in time to buzz the P-8 is truly alarming.

We reached out to ourselves for comment. Editor Nathan Sykes told us, “It’s serious because the new Top Gun film was recently released. As you know, Hollywood has defied Beijing by allowing the star of the movie, Tom Cruise, to wear a Taiwanese patch on the jacket worn by his character Maverick.

“Now, if you consider Tom Cruise a fanatical Scientologist and that Scientologists are fighting an intergalactic war that’s gone for like trillions of years, you can see how this is finally the definitive proof that the Chinese people are, in fact, an alien race.”

Asked whether he fears NAB will be targeted for offending Wen Wen, he said, “We’re less worried about the Chinese spies and more about ASIO. They’re pretty much the same thing, communist assassins.”

Wen Wen was blocked on Twitter.