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We don’t know which allegedly far-right group is organizing a rally in Melbourne tomorrow to “Make Australia Day Rock Again,” and we don’t care.

Staging an “Australia Day rally” is stupid. Not only does it disrespect Australia Day, but it justifies the politicization of our most important national holiday. But then, what is Australia Day that they celebrate?

The topics dovetail, given that Australia Day is politicized. But what will a “far-right” rally achieve besides providing the sardonic social-media tragics on the far-left an excuse to take a break from tweeting 24-7 and organise a counter-protest (which they are planning to)?

Firstly, any activism about Australia Day is irrelevant since it only seeks to counter leftist anti-Australianness; it does not question what Australia they are celebrating for a day. We celebrate nothing about modern Australia—except our soil—because Australia is currently a cultural, economic, and political vassal of the USA.

That flag that they fly is not—nor has it ever been—representative of an independent nation and its people. How can it be while it still bears the stigma of the colonial branding of the Union Jack? This is where a free Australia abhors the Right and its claims upon Australia Day as being as unwelcome as the Left proselytizing against our annual national marker. Because they retain the colonial mindset. It is the ‘Right’ who regard Australia as multicultural as much as the Left does, only the former expects assimilation into the (currently) nebulous areas of ‘culture’ and ‘values’.

The Australia Day we celebrate is Independent Australia Day, not a dominion status beholden to the degeneracy of globalist cancer. Still, are we about to march through the streets with placards like arrows that point at ourselves and shout, “Look at us, we have an opinion!”

We do not have to, since the ultimate political expression of Australia Day is to celebrate it, not waste it like a loony leftist, parading before two hundred armed coppers while attempting to appear meaningful. Because without an understanding of the nationalist cause, any such show lacks the revolutionary fervour required to challenge the status quo that supporting it so self-consciously implies.

Celebrating Australia day is normalising it. No serious Australian relies on their local government to put out the bunting before they will grab the esky and kids and toast to the idea of a nation. Right there is the rub! What is the celebration about but an idea? The idea of Australia has not been realised but we nationalists celebrate it on the principle alone. That is our act of buttressing against the winds of the woke. ■