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The para-state forces of the illiberal Left have organised a counter-protest against the nebulous far-right in Melbourne for Saturday 20th, 2021. Antifa, which is just a concept [sic], has been called on to attend.

Antifa continues to baffle people. We have seen how, in the U.S., they literally get away with murder.

If arrested, their members [sic] are released without charge, and the mainstream media refuses to cover their atrocities. If they do—if the story proves too big to ignore, as was the case in Portland—the media characterizes their rioting as “a peaceful protest.” The system barefacedly lies to us. However, this was also the treatment the so-called Capitol Hill Rioters received on that fateful day on January 6, 2021, only in their case, the media did not lie on their behalf. That story was as fake as the news gets. The media never investigated how the FBI (as per usual) directed the alleged illegal activity on the hill in what amounted to a deep-state black operation. 

We can see from this inequity in treatment that the narrative divides the two camps based on A) Good and B) Bad. Perhaps it is worth asking why. Nevertheless, the group treated with hostility becomes the ‘bad’ group, while the media positively recontextualizes the crimes of the former, portraying them as the good guys. Let us remember that, officially, the state refuses to acknowledge that Antifa even exists. In the U.S., where their presence and activities make what happens here incomparable, former President Donald Trump was on the verge of proscribing Antifa. It was just something else he never got around to doing. The subsequent U.S. administration scoffs at any mention of Antifa, arguing they are just an “idea… a concept.” When was the last time a concept hurled a Molotov cocktail?

More to the point, why would a ‘concept’ need bailing out of jail following the riots, as certain Democrat politicians did for Antifa hooligans? Thus, Portland riots equal good, while Capitol Hill (which was essentially staged by the FBI) is bad. The narrative resides in the worldview of each party, with those opposing big government and centralised control deemed bad, while those supporting tyrannies are good. 

Let’s face it, tyranny is not a conspiracy theory: it is self-evident by its actions and appearance. Lately, the divide between those on the right, and the centrists being pushed into their orbit, is obscured by the state-media-corporate-tech complex. This obfuscation is incessant.

It is hard to believe that every single writer working for the legacy media holds views that do not diverge from the narrative they are peddling. All of this means that they are either directed by editorial policy to frame stories, or else they fear expressing an independent opinion (and let’s face it, they should be doing neither). Seldom do we read objective reportage, and the pejoratives serving as an adjectival function (such as in the coverage of pro-freedom protesters in the COVID climate) demonstrate conscious intention on the part of the mainstream media networks.

The hostility that the media heaps on dissenters, especially as has happened during this COVID phase, did not go unnoticed. Legacy media identities are taunted and have even had objects thrown at them while reporting live from these uprisings. The media’s calumnies have finally caught up with them, as is right and proper.

In the U.S., the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, 18, has progressed to the jury stage. A verdict is imminent. Then again, it might stretch since the Left has openly intimidated witnesses. Riots are assured no matter the verdict (the governor has deployed the National Guard) but certain actors on the Left potentially know who the jurors are, yet, nobody from the state or federal authorities is acknowledging this egregious failure by the state to protect the anonymity of the jurors. Rittenhouse can’t use a spooked jury.* Nevertheless, the verdict should be “not guilty”: Rittenhouse is innocent. According to everything that has so far transpired inside that Kenosha courtroom, with prosecution witnesses admitting the alleged crime was self-defence, he has no case to answer. Yet, neither the prosecution nor the mainstream media concede this: because it offends their narrative. The narrative, as far as Rittenhouse is concerned, is what this is all about. The state is prepared to jail him—not because he has sinned—but because what he represents (to them) undermines its ominous ambitions.

On the left, you encounter some who battle the injustices of the legal justice system, yet those practising wrong-think who fall afoul of inequality are not extended empathy. The Left is happy to lock up wrong-thinkers, regardless of how unjustly. Right here is the cognitive disparity that confuses many. The question about them is simply, are their intentions at least well-meaning or not? We can see they are not, which indicates the paranoia (and absolutism) in their thinking. See, to them, Rittenhouse represents ‘White Supremacy.’ Therefore, it is White Supremacy on trial: Rittenhouse is just an abstract. The Left wishes to see what Rittenhouse represents (to them) found guilty. In effect, they are baying for his blood.

The other objective of the Rittenhouse trial is to find suitable grounds to outlaw self-defence. Readers may recall how, during the sweeping Black Lives Matter-Antifa riots in the U.S. in 2020, a St Louis couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, confronted rioters menacing their home, armed with guns. What would you expect? The BLM insurrectionists were moving into quiet neighbourhoods and wreaking destruction. The couple had every right to, firstly, believe their lives were in danger, and secondly, to defend themselves against this riotous mob. The incident became major news and the media bias was merciless, characterising them as “Ken and Karen” based on them being white. A police investigation followed, at the instigation of the St Louis circuit attorney, Kimberley Gardner. There is no question about where her allegiances lay.

When police laid charges of trespass against what they described as “protesters,” these were later dropped. Even though the video of the incident proved otherwise, the police went on to deny that members of the mob were armed. Donald Trump even tweeted in the McCloskeys’ defence, and it became a Republican rallying point. The circuit judge in the trial dismissed Gardner from prosecuting the case, finding a conflict of interest. Eventually, the couple was found guilty by the grand jury, fined, but pardoned by the Missouri Governor, Mike Parson, in August 2021.

The definition of a white supremacist in the U.S. is slippery indeed. Moreover, it serves the value of a trope; a catch-all. The label is applied not because of skin colour or because one shares white supremacist ideology, but because one disagrees with the woke viewpoint. To this end, even blacks are labelled as white supremacists when they fail to toe the line.

The apparatus of the Left has been busily reconstructing society at a time of heightened global tensions, emboldening America’s adversaries, especially China and Russia. America is weak because of the policies of the cabal that usurped Donald Trump and replaced him with the imbecilic option of Joe Biden. By all evidence, Biden is not in control of his mental faculties. We have reached an epochal summit when an American President cannot even utter an intelligible sentence. Yet, he is a puppet for the likes of the Obamas and Clintons, along with George Soros and the World Economic Forum gang players.

The agenda of this cabal is laid bare by the World Economic Forum (WEF). We have covered this topic. Assuming this part of the global plan is understood, we address the subject of whiteness.

Destroying cultural and racial legacies is part and parcel of the WEF agenda. Their plan to create equality has it in mind to do so by making all of us poor and tearing down the perceived cultural and racial barriers of entitlement by the parent culture of each state in its maw.

For this purpose, they introduced the racially charged Critical Race Theory (CRT) programme into schools, businesses, and government departments. Meanwhile, white faces are being replaced on TV screens, in advertising, and they are rewriting European history. In America and parts of Europe, statues of famous historical figures are being torn down by vacuous mobs on the most trivial of pretexts.

Gender is similarly under assault, as perverse sexual ideas supplant the modesty and naturalness of the traditional male and female binary. Our children are being sexualised and indoctrinated into an audacious programme of sexual reorientation, which has as its ultimate show of dedication undergoing a sex-change operation. Not even toddlers are allowed innocence when it comes to the cabal’s heinous agenda. Much of these new ‘normals’ are quite Satanic.

The state wants the masses unarmed and unquestioning, and the political-media-tech-industrial complex is on board with their agenda. However, the state cannot of itself engage in flagrant acts of oppression against the masses (not yet, anyway), which is where Antifa et al. (Satan’s army) come into it.

Far from being passionate ideologues so rich in their comprehension of social inequalities that their consciences compel them to street activity, Antifa is largely comprised of the criminal element.

In many cases, during the wave of BLM-Antifa riots, antifascist actors were being paid through a complicated pipeline by the likes of Soros and other, often Jewish, billionaire players. In one instance, a crate of bricks was delivered to the riot zone, and these groups were outfitted courtesy of this money trail. How come this activity never triggered the interest of Homeland Security? Why did the FBI continue to persecute right-wing groups, even going so far as to invent proscribed “terrorist” group The Base? Because that is their agenda.

Antifa is a paramilitary arm of the state. It conducts operations tacitly sanctioned by the state — violent, and armed operations. Many of its members have convictions for violent crimes. They are not the ‘type’ that is patient with understanding the critical nuances of ideological causes.

All of this has relevance for Australians. We have witnessed a copybook method at work here for the sake of sanctioning dubious policy. In the U.S., fanatical Islamist terrorists have been regarded as the principal threat facing the state for nearly two decades. Then, with a sleight of hand, it became the White Supremacists. The argument for the shift into a surveillance society has proven to be disingenuous. The shift became known as ‘the politics of fear.’ This is not to say that actors claiming alliance with the extreme-right have not committed atrocious deeds (over there), but the tiny percentage who have to share their statistical ignominy with the hard Left, which has gone uncensored. Let’s face it, nowadays there is no distinction in the degrees of fanaticism among the Left since they are defined by their extremeness.

The closing of that gap we spoke of, between those on the fence and the so-called far-right accelerated in the atmosphere of the restrictions of freedom occurring under COVID, and the sinister vaccine passports that accompany them. It is unlikely that the majority of those drawn to protest against the discriminatory COVID laws and regulations identify with the ‘far-right.’ Even the far-right is not sure what is far-right and what is plain conservatism since the former has placated the illiberal left to the point that somewhere the centre shifted entirely. We now arrive at the core of this article’s intention: to discuss the moral imbecility of the Left concerning the Melbourne lockdown protesters, and the part that ‘far-right’ actors play in shaping the narrative.

Firstly, the nepotism shown to Antifa in America happens here. In Australia, Antifa has gotten away with worse crimes than those that notorious far-right people are being convicted of. While pursuing this topic, it is germane to inform the reader, the author of this article has undergone an awakening on the subject drawn from his experiences as the subject of a legal matter triggered by the former secretary of the Melbourne Anarchist Club. The media evaded inquiring into the matter (that Nine helped to concoct), the truth of which is a damning indictment of the police, the media, and our courts. But the author understands it all now.

Similarly, the author visited the Australia First president, Dr. Jim Saleam, after he was attacked by an antifascist inside his home. The author pored over CCTV footage of the assailant and his female accomplice vandalising the AFP’s Tempe headquarters, which is also Dr Saleam’s home.

The police haven’t done anything about either of these crimes. Likewise, when the author’s Enmore apartment was attacked, the author stalked, and death threats were made against him by an Antifa agent, nothing was done.

In this writer’s case, the officer heading the investigation notified both the media and Antifa of his release from custody following spurious charges (charges they mysteriously never pursued against the alleged victim who persists in his psychopathic campaign against him), so that upon leaving the police station he was set upon by a zealous mob.

The author wondered how it could be that one person has rights but not the other. After all, he was the first to complain about what is essentially the same crime. You cannot ‘select’ a guilty person: either a crime is committed by both, or none at all. The author fought a vexatious intervention order brought by the journalist-stalker through another state’s lower court (at great expense) and achieved a resolution that was inadequate since the police were waiting for him as soon as he returned from interstate. The unsatisfactory outcome of that draining legal process was partially due to the lawyer and barrister silently supporting the respondent in that matter. It turned out, the journalist-stalker was no longer a journalist but one of ‘them’ (although he remained a stalker), a lawyer practising in the very court hosting the PSIO matter. It is little wonder that, to this date, the author has never even laid eyes on his supposed victim, since he has chickened out of appearing in court every time. In the final hearing, the magistrate even asked why this was so.

A fortnight later, a version of double-jeopardy ensued, after the notorious ASIO agent Nick McKenzie published the story (minus the facts about the PSIO counter-suit) with a demand for this author’s arrest, following the Christchurch massacres. He framed it as an ‘innocent journalist just doing his job is threatened by far-right freak’ story. The “journalist” was neither a journalist nor innocent. The day after that article was published, the author was arrested and charged with numerous offences, while the anarchist who initiated the unpleasantness was never investigated. Indeed, he was anointed as the ‘victim’, a coveted role in the world they are shaping. Again, this all served the hallowed narrative at the time of the Christchurch shootings. Bear in mind, too, that the alleged journalist is connected to Nick McKenzie whose relationship with ASIO is obvious. In the ensuing trial, the authorities refused to release the details of the so-called journalist’s work as a state informer.

Whenever Mr McKenzie authors a piece on the ‘far-right’ you can guarantee that it is short on truth and high on innuendo. McKenzie practises a technique of apportioning guilt by association. Predictably, in advance of Saturday’s ‘counter-rally’, McKenzie published a story along with another writer. According to the state mouthpiece, Victorian counter-terrorism “officials” arrested a Victorian man who posted online “threats” against that state’s autocratic premier, Daniel Andrews.

The basis for the arrest is dubious, as usual. A hothead mouthed off in an encrypted chat room, and that offered justification for the over-funded anti-terror squad to do their thing. The write-up frames the narrative and offers validation of the errant contentions. The arrested man once held a ‘gun license’ and talked about shooting Andrews. A lot of people are talking about shooting Andrews, and so they should. He is the biggest political criminal in Australian history, coming after the U.S. spy and former Labor P.M., Robert Hawke. None of this means that anyone was going to go through with shooting him, it was more in the vein of expressing strong sentiment. But Andrews is a dictator and he will use the apparatus of the state to do his bidding. The article, and arrest, were timed to coincide with the rally against the “far-right.”

Others were implicated as far-right extremists in the article, again, by association and the fact that they had formed a ‘group’. Most amusingly, Clive Palmer and Craig Kelly are portrayed, given that Palmer is a pro-mining magnate and Kelly is just another crypto-conservative out there trying to harness counter-intuitive support from the protesters.

McKenzie makes much of the presence of a pair from his notorious sting on neo-Nazi youth organisation the National Socialist Network (NSN). McKenzie was an active participant in the arrest of NSN members and was working with ASIO. His ‘mole’ in the NSN was doubtless recruited with the help of ASIO. He is likely to become a state witness in the NSN members’ trial.

The upshot of all this is that the freedom protesters are far-right extremists and ‘Nazis’, as the CFMEU bosses falsely called out, and which we reported on after contacting them when they made the allegations. One must understand, the funnelling of finances to socialist, communist and Trotskyite micro-groups happens through the CFMEU. As such, we wouldn’t at all be surprised to find a contingent of hard-left CFMEU representatives accompanying the state-supported alliance of groups attending Saturday’s rally.

So, just how much is the ‘far-right’ involved in the protests. It is to be expected that members of extreme-right fringe groups would attend protests given the issue overlaps with their agenda. That does not make the protests right-wing in nature. However, it allows the Premier, media et al. to make that claim.

One must apprehend whether an agenda is afoot. Unless one belongs to a group or organization, regarding the freedom protests, it is best to avoid them lest they start proselytizing. The inspiring spectacle of the freedom protests so far has involved observing otherwise innocent people standing up against tyranny. Again, tyranny is not a conspiracy theory. It proves that ordinary folk are recognising the flags. They have the media sussed. Finally, they understand that politicians are a unique class and serve an agenda that does not accommodate national interests. The freedomites do not trust the banks, and it was not QAnon that invested that doubt in them but watching the world unfold before their eyes.

Nonetheless, when they fall into the orbit of certain players, they are doomed. In this way, the far-right state agents play their part. Neil Erikson is a known state stooge, and in the past has received money from all sorts. The Liberals paid him to spruik for them, while ASIO gave him $500 to report on upcoming protests.

Once again, this author was a party to the state’s shenanigans, but this time in the guise of Neil Erikson (who, as it turned out, was acquainted with the anarchist-journalist) in supporting the anarchist’s defamations against him. Erikson has long been a source of concern for the New Australian Bulletin. Recently, we revealed that messages sent from remand by NSN leader Tom Sewell revealed how Erikson spent a short time in the lock-up with him. Only, Erikson was never jailed. He was on bail at the time, appealing one of two sentences. Yet, here he was, inside the jail, as Sewell characteristically blabbed about his case. Sewell is a fool who deserves what he got on general principle. But his naivete will, in this case, prove his undoing.

This author warned Sewell many years ago about dealing with Erikson, but as per all our subsequent interactions, he utterly ignored sound advice.

Phillip Galea was another victim of Erikson’s. After half-jokingly plotting to attack the Melbourne Anarchist Club (a conspiracy that involved Erikson), he was ratted out to the authorities and is now serving a ludicrous sentence. Galea is a simpleton and a danger only to himself. Erikson, a sociopath, could not help but make a video about the arrest, filming at the moment Galea texted him to reveal he was being arrested. Erikson made a joke about it before removing the incriminating video.

The caveat here is to ignore ‘far-right’ groups hoping to leech off of the protesters’ energy. They are never what they seem.

Take, for instance, Simeon Boikov, the Russian “cossack” turned ultra-patriotic Aussie freedom fighter.

This author was present at a meeting with Boikov earlier in the year where he discussed the possibility of supporting the Australia First Party as he came out on social media and gained a massive following. Our terms were strict, none of his activities as an AFP candidate could involve courting multiracialism. But he just could not get his head around the concept of Australian nationalism, and that ended there. He is now barking up Craig Kelly’s tree, having asked his audience which minor party he should run for. That is how solid and astute his political convictions are. The lad is a mess, a fat and jolly Russian version of Benny Hill. His agenda relates purely to Putin (nothing wrong there), but he has lost sight of this and now, we cannot even imagine what he is thinking. A lot of old nationalist supporters of him from other countries are asking the same question. He is particularly stupid because the very people he is sniffing around for acceptance are anti-Russian and pro-America.

Nevertheless, this is how the state concocts and corrals a “far-right” to compliment the far-left pro-state factions in the performance of their narrative.

So, we return to the question of Antifa, which in this article we also connect to its ancillary and simpatico groups such as the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF) and the socialists, anarchists, etc.

Contrary to all logic, the above groups are state-supportive. Likewise, the state supports them, as shown when Andrews allowed a Black Lives Matter rally to go ahead during lockdown without any of the usual lies about it being a “super spreader” event.

The reason they are being brought out is to damage the credibility of the freedom protesters and mark them as being ‘far-right’. If there is any argy on the day, it will be blamed on the freedom protesters. The Left will have carte blanche because they are Andrews’ people.

The best advice for freedom protesters is not to protest tomorrow and to have nothing to do with ‘groups.’ You are there as an independent citizen, and your cause will only be set back by attempting to group into an affiliate.

Remember, Saturday’s anti-right protest is about making Daniel Andrews the “victim” of extremists. Isn’t that a laugh? This is the quisling who wants Australia to become a tributary state to China.

[Saturday edit: The freedomites won this battle, with protests around Australia. My advice yesterday proved overly cautious. The likes of CARF were left among the tumbleweeds. The people have spoken. As for Kyle Rittenhouse, the jury found him not guilty. And to think, before the trial, Joe Biden called him a white supremacist. Now he “accepts” but is “not happy” with the verdict.]

*The judge in the Rittenhouse trial banned MSNBC, which has smeared Rittenhouse, from the courthouse following a freelancer for them being caught following the jury bus on his employer’s instruction.