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If we had to report on every protest in Melbourne, our fingers would be aching from arthritis after all the feverish typing, so we just wait for the big stuff to happen.

Today, Melburnians were once again out in force in Melbourne’s CBD: reports had the numbers as high as 5000, but these sorts of estimates are never reliable. The mainstream media invariably plays down the numbers and frames the narrative by using parenthesis, such as The Daily Mail did by adding parenthesis to describe the “freedom” protesters. This is their passive-aggressive way of deriding the protesters and skewing the interpretation of freedom to suggest those on the streets are disingenuous.

There is no better way to appreciate how much the elites loathe the people than by the way that the mainstream media dismisses us. Even when there are no orders, the general tone is one of “they are disobeying orders.” This is not lost on us either, as can be seen by the treatment of the mainstream media by the protesters. Sky News mimics a right-wing consensus but is secretly globalist. As their on-the-ground reporter made her live-to-camera report, a bonehead [sic] in the background held up a placard promoting an alternative social-media news channel. Another rushed in to advertise the channel by speaking over the reporter. We do not approve of their choice of alternative media, but their actions illustrate a point.

“KILL THE BILL!” and “SACK DAN ANDREWS!” were among the slogans chanted by the crowd. Placards, Eureka flags, the red ensign, were all accoutrements of the day.

While the police maintained their usual large and Orwellian presence, the protest was peaceful. Meanwhile, the media is dividing the issues that have brought Melburnians to the streets, splitting them between the vaccine mandates and the Dictator Dan Bill, but let’s face it, they’re one and the same, so it’s an inclusive rallying point.

Andrews has never held a job in his life other than as a Labor organiser. He is not a worker; “the people” are an abstraction to him, which is why he treats them with such disdain. Then again, the trouble with a lot of the players on either side of the highly pronounced political divide is that they make abstracts about human society. Soviet Russia did that, but now there is no more Soviet Russia. The CCP does that, which is why Andrews does it. He belongs over there; inside him is a Chinaman struggling to break free.

And so Andrews went straight from his humanities lectures at Monash University (where else?) to romanticising the struggle of the workers, a class to which he never belonged, and into the Labor establishment, where he hoped to make his daydreams of becoming like Chairman Mao a reality. His cabinet is a veritable nomenklatura. The whole Australian political circus is one.

The Liberals will make a song and dance about the Dictator Dan Bill. Conservative pillocks like Craig Kelly will address the crowds. The Hon. David Davis, a Liberal MP, introduced an amendment bill ostensibly to curtail the Premier’s powers over the Victorian parliament. Yet, the Constitution Amendment Bill* is a milder form of the same draconian legislation. It still allows for the extension of emergency powers when, in the course of any emergency, more government powers are not needed. Instead of delegating power to the Premier, the Bill assigns it to Parliament.

The notion that a “mandate” is automatically derived by virtue of being conceived by a democratically elected official is an enthymeme, with the argument being, “I was elected by the people, therefore anything I decide is a mandate by the people.”

At the reading of the second hearing of the bill, the Hon. David Davis gave a speech effusively overflowing with pro-democracy rhetoric, and yet, it all amounts to the same thing. If parliament’s numbers are weighted in favour of one party, or minority support for the government is solicited, the practical result is a matter of semantics. That is how the Dictator Dan Bill passed through the lower house.

In short, the amendment bill is mere politicking. Whichever party is in government wants as much power as it can steal. Gladys Berejiklian demanded the same for NSW, and she was the Liberal’s darling for a time. They handed her a similar deal before Andrews’ cooked up his Victorian Dictator for Life Bill [sic].

Heated discussions over this topic have taken place between our NAB writers. Some consider the protesters are heroes, while others suggest that, while the cause is noble, the actors come from the lunatic fringe. All agree that the majority of protesters are white, save for a new-on-the-far-right-scene crackpot dubbed “Smiling Jerry,” a Sudanese “conservative” by the name of Jerkuel Anyuon. If one pores over the footage of these protests, it isn’t hard to spot the nutjobs with signs calling for “Justice for the Tiger King” and “9/11 Truthers.”

“The emerging leadership of this rabble are just the usual suspects,” our writer put it.

Needless to say, social media is feeding the clownery, and while they are fighting for a noble cause, as much as the illiberal Left lacks a sense of reality, so do they.

The far-Left is planning a rally for next week. Organized by Citizens Against Racism and Fascism (CARF), the pro-state left-wing CARF bigots will be joined by Antifa, anarchists, and assorted state-mandated supporters from the Jewish community, such as Antony Lowenstein.

Lowenstein is urging the pro-Andrews rabble to show up for the sake of: “Publically opposing the far-right is vital in this age of growing authoritarianism in Australia and around the world.”

According to the self-described independent journalist and filmmaker, “The rise of anti-Semitic hate, coupled with dangerous anti-public health measures and attacks on health workers, means that we have to stand up and challenge any attempts to legitimise fascism.”

Where does one begin with that lot? Yes, authoritarianism is growing in Australia and around the world, and it is decidedly left-wing. Authoritarianism? What the hell are the vaccine mandates? What is it that Andrews is asking for but authoritarian power? Who is dividing society over nonsensical evaluations of products being prematurely pedalled by big pharma? Which side wants to introduce Critical Race Theory? Who are the ones rioting in the United States and elsewhere and getting away with it? Who has a licence to murder? Who works with ASIO and the central media to promote narratives?

Narratives are not reality, whether espoused by either the right or the left. Who controls the culture because they run the media, own the schools and institutions of higher learning, and control big tech? Here is a clue: they are not from the right side of the political divide.

At best, these are just baby steps by the protesters. If they become corralled by ‘leaders’ from the alternative-right, then all we shall see is Reclaim Australia 2.0 as they gather against the nitwits from the far-left and, while they rumble, the authoritarian machinery quietly rolls on.

What was amusing was that Smiling Jerry photographed a protester holding up an anarchist sign. The same day, on Twitter, Andy Fleming, AKA Rob Sparrow, posted a poll boasting that he is the maximum leader of anarchy in Australia. And he’s not even an anarchist; he’s pro-state. We bet that photo will be conveniently overlooked by him. ■

*NOTE: One of our idiot writers recently reported the introduction of the Constitution Amendment Bill as supportive of the Dictator Dan Bill. This is incorrect and we removed his post and made him stand in the corner of the office with his underpants over his head.