The chief health officer for NSW, Kerry Chant, trended globally last week after using the expression “New World Order” during a press conference.

Media latched onto the story, dismissing as conspiracy theorists those exploring the implications of what they excused as a slip of the tongue by the embattled CHO. Predictably, that is what you expect mainstream media to do. Most are not buying it. Nor should they.

In truth, she tipped the hand of the government by letting slip a planned reordering of the world that everyone can discover for themselves. The secrets of the NWO lie in openly discussing it, not their discovery. We are not discussing the plot of science fiction or a thriller movie, and as we shall learn by watching the video of George Bush Jnr embedded below, they proposed it over 30 years ago.

The World Economic Forum uses various titles to describe their initiative to reset [sic] capitalism: The New World Order, The Great Reset, the Davos Agenda, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The COVID-19 pandemic is the facilitator of their socio-economic restart. 

The WEF freely declares the objectives of its social capitalist model no matter how many disclaimers Twitter or Google makes. However, it avoids uncomfortable specifics.

The propaganda of the Davos elite wants us to believe this cabal of woke billionaires and corporations are nutting out the details of a philanthropic plan for a future techno-utopia. Instead, it seeks to regulate its power and control every aspect of our lives through new technologies. Whether it succeeds is another matter.

Kerry Chant referenced a manual released by the WHO on August 27, when she made the faux pas. Her Freudian slip occurred while discussing vaccine passports, for which the WHO guide provides technical instructions. No doubt, the treasonable document was foremost on her mind. It is pivotal in situating the introduction of vaccine passports in context with the New World Order. 

A health passport is a troubling concept. We will not unpack its many concerning layers, assuming the reader fathoms its potential for devastating intrusion on the freedom of the individual and society as a whole. But before investigating the guide, we will assess relevant questions.

Why not COVID testing instead of a vaccine passport, you may ask? The vaccine passport is incentive-based to compel the individual to submit to vaccination. Testing is about as accurate as the effectiveness of the vaccines is reliable, yet vaccination is preferred. The intrinsic logic of the arguments is equivocal.

Having said, is anybody concerned about the human rights questions that vaccine passports raise? 

The Australian Human Rights Commission points out that no federal law governs vaccine passports. It admits such restrictions would amount to discrimination. Likewise, if employers make vaccination mandatory (as many have mooted), this too is contestable. The same goes for businesses refusing service based on vaccination status. In short, none of this is legal yet. The danger is that if Australians sheepishly abide by rules that are not legally binding, they may create the conditions for restrictions to become law. The WEF wants this by using health as a means to an end. We shall return to the WHO guide. 

The Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates: Vaccination Status: Technical Specifications and Implementation Guidance instructs governments about tagging citizens under the guise of a health passport. They have considered everything, down to the minute detail. Alarmingly, the guide indicates it will be in force indefinitely:

“The current document is written for the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic; thus, the approach is architected to respond to the evolving science and the immediate needs of countries in this rapidly changing context; for this reason, the document is issued as interim guidance. The approach could eventually be extended to capture vaccination status to protect against other diseases.”

Prolix wording aside, it suggests their vaccine passports (DDCC: VS.) can be ongoing. If so, the WHO trespasses on the constitutional territory of nations. It is not their concern to redesign countries around the possibility of pandemics. Its recommendations coordinate with the Davos scheme to reset the western capitalist system. By this, we mean a comprehensive reordering of human society. The Davos plan is available on the WEF website. 

If they intend the VPs to stay around forever, we will need them like a birth certificate. They will become as required as ID. The VPs are for national and international passage, and pleading technological poverty will not help, as they are controllable both on and offline. Those without smartphones “receive a printed QR code.”

On page 3, we are told, “The requirements outlined are intended to allow for DDCC: VS solutions to meet the needs of a country’s holistic public health preparedness and response plan, while still being usable in other national and local contexts.”

Admittedly, the document is not a guide to world dominance, but its subtleties give grounds for concern. It does reference the ethical considerations insomuch as it acknowledges those are a matter for individual member states. Yet, the issuance of VPs to those lacking smartphones occupies the largest area of ethical concerns. And it raises the safeguard issue for data management and retention. Howbeit, there is no mention of whether the ethics of instituting VPs warrant evaluation of themselves, but this is where the problem lies.

Moreover, the importance of VPs is advanced despite the absence of meaningful debate on the question.

In this matter, one cannot separate the WHO from the WEF. And therefore, the Davos Agenda. COVID-19 is, to put it cynically, a cherished centrepiece of the DA. Having gifted this quarry of capitalists the justification to enact their superhuman desires, C-19 assumes the reverence of a Holy Grail in their strategy.  

Who are the WEF? To put identifiable names and faces, consider Google, Facebook, Amazon, Pfizer, McDonald’s Corp, The World Bank, Bill Gates, George Soros, William Buffet, Rockerfeller – every billionaire, powerbroker, CEO, corporation, organisation and institution of influence on earth. It covers science, medicine, agriculture, architecture, travel, leisure, politics, life and death.

It is multi-discipline. There are writers, actors, doctors, musicians, scientists, strategists, economists, and academics. There are tobacco giants, ex-presidents, philosophers and race hustlers. The media goes without saying. So, you can picture how they can implement the New World Order. You get an idea about much else; the censoring of news, selective reporting, and the manipulation of the truth.

They posit that it is a redistribution of wealth to the poorest and will benefit all. As concerned with humanity as this appears, it is, without exaggeration, the reverse. We are entering a post-human phase. It is about a brave new technological world where human labour is insignificant, and people present an epochal nuisance. Every futurist that ever contributed to the Platonic universe helped bring us to this point. 

If ever you wondered why they are trying to sell us sex conversion therapy, you get an inkling of what is in store. They are changing what it means to be human. If you are bothered by an endless cycle of migration and relocation of refugees, you have not seen anything yet. They intend gratuitous changes to the world as you know it, and you do not get a say. The idea of living in a sovereign country will be gone too. You will live in economic zones. 

It is a lot to take in. Many will not, and they rely on that. They anticipate the educated and faithful to dismiss as a conspiracy theory that they openly announce on their website and in the minutes of their meetings.

Again, if you doubt this, remember the WEF released a video in 2020, openly stating, “[You] will own nothing, and you will be happy.” Quickly removing it after the backlash, they repackaged the concept in a video that adopted more muted terms. 

Already, companies are springing up to cash in on the VPs. One such is MyIR Mobile in the States. They bring forth the know-how to implement an app system that will allow the government to monitor you and all in the name of free enterprise. After all, with the VP system in place, someone must roll out the technology. While we know they want to force it upon us, is it so simple as all that? 

Anti-passport rallies have swept Europe, as citizens show fierce resistance to this attack on their freedom. The anti-VP sentiment is high in France, Italy and Greece. Protests also erupted in Canada. Meanwhile, England has abandoned plans to roll out vaccine passports. Originally VPs were to be required for crowded venues, but the government has scrapped the plans. 

Still, with winter approaching England, any dramatic spike in deaths and the government may reintroduce them. English health secretary Sajid Javid told the BBC, “We’ve looked at it properly, and while we should keep it in reserve as a potential option, I’m pleased to say we will not be going ahead with plans for a vaccine passport.” 

While the NSW government retreated from imposing bans on unvaccinated entering crowded values, they are leaving the decision whether to restrict entry up to businesses. According to Deputy Premier John Barilaro, the unvaccinated will only be held back for three weeks after the state enters the new normal. 

However, Premier Gladys Berejiklian told the media, “Don’t assume that at 80 per cent double-dose vaccination, the unvaccinated are going to have all the same freedoms.”

“And it won’t only be Government decision. A private business might choose only to welcome patrons who are vaccinated. An airline might say you can only fly with us if you’re vaccinated,” she added.

“I just want to send the very strong message that don’t assume you’ll get everything that vaccinated people get at 80 per cent.”

Private business has suffered under the lockdowns. Whether they would surrender profits to unsubstantiated fears the government is promoting remains to be seen. Similarly, since no legal mechanism exists to keep unvaccinated out of society, the Premier will likely stay on track with the VPs.

That aside, it is a clear indication that she is aware of delivering political poison. The power she enjoyed during the lockdowns is under threat, and not only from a public angrier than she or the media admit. It is a case of whether her appearing strong amounts to public support, as she counts on.

The ICAC inquiry into grubby dealings by her former boyfriend and state MP Daryl Maguire is dragging her into the sewer. Her downfall is inevitable. Will her successor continue down the Davos path, or sense the political wind and move on?

Thwarting the new world order requires a numbered strategy. Citizens must hold their governments responsible for unacceptable policies. By tackling the beast territory by territory, country by country, state by state, leader by leader, we defeat Davos. 

Yet, the idea of new world order is essential. This one is over. A single global order is attractive only to elites and left-wing dreamers. The only way to do this is for citizens to reclaim their countries. In Australia, that means Australians claw back what is ours by smashing the system. Again, that is easier said than done. But we must start somewhere. Remember, they control everything.

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