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As our respective state premiers send us to bed early, Australian forces are rescuing personnel from fallen Afghanistan. Afghans whose lives are at risk because they helped Australian troops will be joining us. At least 3000, just for starters.

If the story of their plight does not break our hearts, we will tell you why. Whoever else makes it here, the boats will arrive once more, which means offshore detention resumes. It will add fuel to a whole new people smuggling industry on both sides of the border.

Moreover, what are they afraid will happen under the Taliban that will not occur under the western Davos system? Sure, they will claim the Taliban will execute them as traitors if they stay behind. Yet, they are in for a rude shock if they imagine themselves living free in the west. America and its allies supposedly safeguarded the liberty of Afghanis from the barbarity of the Taliban. But at home, the super-powerful Davos mafia is dismantling that system of capitalism using methods recognisable to both the Taliban and the communists they fought hitherto.

The west is now a techno Babylon and the tenth circle of hell. Transgenderism, mongrelism, Orwellianism, despotism, revisionism, lies, fact-checkers, censors, endlessly changing social rules — this is the reality of the west, not to mention COVID as a catch-all for unfettered control and public manipulation. So much of what the west has become under the Davos-mandated religion of Woke echoes the Taliban.

The legacy media has freely promoted the myth of the Capitol Hill riots but remained deafeningly silent about more than a year of Antifa insurrection throughout American cities. Democrats provided bail for arrested protesters as the media chose to characterise them. Despite loud scoffing, money for the coordinated Antifa attacks traced back to billionaire sponsors. In August, Antifa attacked a gathering of Christian families in Portland, dressed in riot gear and spraying defenceless prayer-gatherers with mace. They threw flashbangs at little children. Nothing was reported in the media, just the usual howls about white supremacists. Attacking Christians is a Taliban comparison that speaks for itself.

Those that still cling to religious convictions, no matter how centred, will confront the cult of secularism. The new apostles of western ideals would be right at home sitting by the chair of Satan. Everything they are, from their appearance to what they speak, is blasphemy to the pious. 

We shall set aside from caveats about importing a people whose repressive culture unleashes carnal monsters when amongst the hedonistic promiscuity of western society.

We will not even mention the criminal element, religious fanatics, or slobbering peasants whose base intelligence does not permit them to live in a civilised order. Without engaging in the usual arguments, we state outright they do not belong here! The Australian people owe them nothing! Our toxic relationship with the US has once more altered our national DNA like a shot of the dreaded COVID vaccine.

Did Australia not follow the US into Vietnam when we went ‘all the way with LBJ‘? Following the fall of Saigon, dovetailing the new policy of multiculturalism adopted by the Whitlam and Fraser governments, the intake of refugees from South Vietnam began, continuing over many years. Thus, our grovelling to the US opened the way to the Asianisation of Australia. Things have not improved. Subsequently, along with UN commitments, we have absorbed hundreds of thousands of refugees – and their families – from the middle-east. 

This intake of middle-eastern refugees spiked in the early 2000s when we foolishly joined the war on terror (sic). It seemed extraordinary that, at a time of heightened paranoia about those from Islamic nations, we would, under a conservative government, exponentially increase immigration from those lands. But that was the reality of Australia under Prime Minister John Howard. Nothing changed under Tony Abbott, either, when we accepted 15,000 Syrian refugees in a conflict where the US and Britain supplied ISIS with weapons. And despite Bashar al-Assad requesting all Syrians be repatriated.

Nobody voted on multiculturalism, a series of lobby groups set about petitioning the Whitlam government even though the conservatives were equally interested. After all, it was a conservative government that tore up the WAP. And all of it came about as we fell into the obscene orbit of the United States. Their poisons infect us. 

A chorus of voices from the Left to the Right is calling for Australia to do the right thing as far as Afghani refugees are concerned. They speak as if we the people mandated the Howard government joining the neoconservative cabal around George Bush Jnr and Tony Blair. But we did not. Record crowds protested our involvement. Now they want to welcome them with open arms even though in the period of COVID authoritarianism the cracks of multiculturalism are exposed in terms of the recalcitrance of those communities. This is a technical observation since we do not accord with those policies either. 

That is a typical sentiment of the bleeding hearts from the Left, but on the right the apologists for the US-Australia alliance figure it is our duty to bring them here. Sky News is presenting a nonstop commentary admonishing the failure of the allies and demanding we grant asylum to every Haji and his goat. Mostly, these will be young men of fighting age.

Currently, 3000 Afghans are scheduled for this year’s intake, some of them boarding a C-130 Hercules RAAF flight from the UAE. The progress of arrivals will be steady. The propaganda tells us that this is a humanitarian venture and morally justified. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, “This is not a simple process. It is very difficult for any Australian to imagine the sense of chaos and uncertainty existing right across this country. The breakdown of formal communications, the ability to reach people,” he sniffled.

Addressing fears that among the “humanitarian intake” will be poppy growers, criminals, militant feminists, LGBTQ freaks and Islamist sleeper cells he said, “We will only be resettling people through our official humanitarian program going through official channels.”

Australian nationalist voices oppose any resettlement. Dr Jim Saleam told us, “The people who are wishing to flee Afghanistan are people willing to betray their country in the first place by supposedly collaborating with our military. They didn’t fight, they simply deserted. They can argue the President deserted, that the army deserted, but in these situations, it takes certain individuals to stand and fight.”

“None of them fought,” he added. “And they’re not exactly the sort of people who you’d consider to have any moral claim on anyone at all in so far as the refugee program is about morality because it’s not. The best these people could do for themselves is make their peace with the Taliban. If the Taliban rule Afghanistan, that’s it, they’re obliged to make their peace with them.”

Aside from the Hajis and their extended families, it is rumoured the evacuated and unquarantined soldiers will be sent to multiracial Bankstown and the western suburbs to keep a lid on the jab-dodging Moslems.

If that is the case, then they will find the scenery very familiar.