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Victorians are idling under COVID lockdown version 6.0, as this time they sprung the restrictions upon us with three hours’ notice. Subsequently, we have all had the time to sit and ponder some curious patterns in the spread of the virus.

Al-Taqwa College, a Western suburbs Islamic school, is a crucial point of virus transmission for a second time.

Likewise, nearly all listed tier-one exposure sites are in the multicultural West, with a mysterious outbreak in the Hobson’s Bay area unrelated to the Al Taqwa cluster.

COVID is a mindless organism that doesn’t choose its victims based on ethnicity; it is simply bad luck if you contract the virus and pass it on to others.

The people of the Western suburbs are not to blame for the Delta strain of the virus running wild; look to our incompetent state government and the corrupt dealings between the USA and China for the actual cause. The research which created COVID-19 was illegally funded by the Americans (and Australia) and outsourced to sloppy Chinese virologists whose supervising authorities let it run away from them to protect the reputation of the Chinese Communist Party.

It is not the fault of any individual Victorian citizen or group of people that the virus is loose again. However, the authorities should admit that the spread would be uneven in a multicultural society and takes hold in areas where parallel ethnic communities exist.

There is talk of the heaviest burden of the disease falling upon “vulnerable” communities. ‘Vulnerable communities’ is Victorian government and media lingo meaning Arab and Sudanese citizens who inhabit the areas around Hume and Wyndham and Kensington and Flemington.

Those are notoriously insular migrant groups whose macho-contrarianism automatically rejects our laws and social norms. They fail to follow health directions because they don’t accept that the state law applies to them also.

And why would they? They are correct in the assumption, broadly speaking, the law is applied selectively, or most often not applied at all, based on a person’s ethnic background due to political correctness on the part of police and bureaucrats.

This attitude results from years of forced policy backdowns and humiliating legal defeats inflicted upon the state by Marxist “human rights” lawyers ostensibly on behalf of ethnic minority groups. Now, a hands-off approach to policing Arab and Sudanese communities maintains in the Western suburbs.

The difference in attitude toward COVID precautions between Western and Eastern suburbs is apparent to anyone who moves about the city for work. In the West, people seem to do whatever they want without fear of police intervention, But Easterners are fanatical about QR codes and masking up lest they are fined or publicly embarrassed by their peers.

In early 2020 the Victorian government was open to the idea of locally targeted lockdowns, suburb by suburb if necessary and acted upon an outbreak in the migrant-populated Flemington housing commission flats by locking everyone inside their homes until the danger period had passed. This action sent the social justice warriors among the legal fraternity into an apoplectic rage.

Since then, they abandoned the targeted lockdown model.

Instead of locking down targeted areas, they’ve chosen to lock down the entire state rather than alienate Victoria’s liberal-minded voter base.

COVID-19 prospers in areas where people live communally and thumb their noses at the law and social convention. The disease has minimal impact where the more individualistic and law-abiding Australian way of life is dominant.

In all likelihood, we won’t see large outbreaks in Doncaster of Eltham, which are majority White. Again, this is because of the White propensity to obey the law and abide by social rules.

Nevertheless, we can conclude the government, police and health authorities are too gutless to admit that multiculturalism is the elephant in the room when it comes to the fight against China Flu.

Consequently, we are all homebound for the sixth time and forgoing wages and the comfort of our friends and families because of the system’s insistence on developing parallel societies with Victoria.