YouTube has suspended Sky News from its video-streaming platform for seven days. The ban comes after commentator Alan Jones repeatedly criticised Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s abuses of powers under the authoritarian COVID-19 Legislation Amendment Emergency Measures Act.

Likewise, The Daily Telegraph, for which Jones penned a column, caved in and dropped him after pressure from system Marxists. YouTube’s temporary ban also cites the advancing of alternative treatments they say have no scientific basis in medicine.

Sky News reacted to the ban by defending Jones and highlighting the inconsistency in the Google-owned platform’s vague policy while allowing other voices making critical comments to remain on the platform, and singling out Jones. In our opinion, the decision came after pressure from the Australian government.

We are not apologists for either Sky News or Alan Jones. However, in the miasma of scaremongering, incongruous medical advice, and outright propaganda surrounding COVID-19 and the Davos Agenda, Jones has remained an implacable voice of reason.

It’s untrue that he encouraged viewers to break lockdown, or suggested they dodge the jab. He stated on air that he has been vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine while suffering seven blood clots on his lung. Similarly, he cautioned viewers not to engage in public protests. At all times, his arguments were sound in logic. The same can’t be said either of the government or the medical authorities making conflicting claims about the efficacy of the vaccine or the mandatory wearing of facemasks.

Writing on its home page, Sky’s Digital Editor Jack Houghton argued, “It is hard not to look at some of these tech giant censorship decisions as being based on one factor, the political persuasion of the person making the comments.

“There is also the broader issue with the mechanisms of fact-checking COVID-19 discussions.

“If YouTube is using the World Health Organisation as the adjudicator of truth, then it must ban the World Health Organisation itself.”

As a closing comment, he added, “You have the right to debate Australia’s COVID-19 policies. Science, and the government’s response to that science, are two different things. If that conversation is stifled our political leaders will be free to act with immunity (sic), without justification and lacking any sufficient scrutiny from the public.”

And that’s what we can’t stand about conservatives and their mouthpieces like Sky News, they avoid the obvious; that being, that’s exactly what’s happening. It’s happening — not just at the level of the Australian government — but as a worldwide movement that’s enforced by the tech giants.

It’s open knowledge to all dedicated YouTubers discussing social issues that talk of COVID-19 (and other issues), unless perfectly in tune with that morning’s script, will see them given strikes and eventually banned. Our frustration is that every one of them is so busy pointing out the unfairness of the situation without conceding that they’ve passed the point of rational discussion.

Davosites are not interested in whether or not a decision is fair. They do not care for the deviations in facts, hypocritical moral positioning, or whether or not a commentator from the wrong side of the agenda is “technically” right on any given point. The agenda is point-blank to silence those voices. Period. A beast like that cannot be petitioned with discourse.

A representative for the streaming platform told the Guardian Australia, “We don’t allow content that denies the existence of COVID-19 or that encourages people to use hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin to treat or prevent the virus.”

This is like them offering the response, “We don’t allow content that denies the shooting of President John F. Kennedy,” since Jones never denied the existence of COVID-19.

The response from the liberal media’s “wags” has been characteristically sardonic. The Chaser Tweeted, “We have been silenced” says media organisation that owns 81 newspapers, 21 magazines, 45 TV stations, a cable monopoly, and 8 major news websites after their YouTube is given a 7 day suspension.”

Given that the majority of news is debouched through the funnel of social media (which is why the Australian media took Facebook and others to task on behalf of news media), and that on the Chaser’s side they have Google, Facebook, Twitter and every major corporation and liberal news media outlet in the world pushing their agenda, that’s a real thigh slapper.

Jaded ABC light-entertainer Shaun Micallef Tweeted, “I shall be watching YouTube exclusively for the next week,” as if he doesn’t anyway; replaying videos of himself.

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