The study of the (no longer so) new technologies includes their ethical component, or at least it did ten years ago.

The debate about the digital optimists, those original O-eyed utopians who believed that finally, a liberating [virtual] space had emerged where anything could be possible, and the dystopian who saw it as the emergent vortex of total corporate oligarchy has determined a winner.

Along with that subject came the study of cyberpunk literature, which afforded an insight into this question. The absolute high priest of that genre was William Gibson and his writings are devoid of utopianism. They are resoundingly dystopian and consequently accurate. Therefore, the dystopian estimate was on the mark, and all that was needed was to use human nature as a guide.

Cyberpunk would have prepared many still anchored to the old value systems and cultural traditions that something was coming which would test their expectations. With blinding speed, technologies advanced. From video games to the phone they carried, it all happened so quickly with barely a moment to reflect on how far we had come in such a short space.

First, second and third-generation phones are now quaint technology used by characters in films and shows made before 2015. Viewers can guess when a film might’ve been made by scanning for the type of technology employed in the mise-en-scène. But to those of us who owned them, it feels like yesterday. Our screens shrank in the fashion of modernity then enlargened again when they proved impractical despite their innovative size. It was exciting when TV wristwatches hit the market, but their unwatchable screen size made them a fad; so much for a groovy idea. The traditional landline telephone enjoyed a longer run, all-be-it the phones of today are a convergence of technologies, such as the TV, typewriter, telephone, tape and video recorders. But it’s the power of such technology that was largely overlooked in the excitement over its application and functions. Its social impact was queried but not by the mass of consumers.

While those of us who respect tradition and culture rage at the identity continuum, it’s not like we weren’t warned. We would never have imagined its relationship to the new technologies or the Worldwide Web. You can’t always trust futurists, after all, they once thought the moon was made of cheese. But they were right about reaching the stars, and landing on the moon; the predictions that mattered.

An idea eventually becomes reality. So cyberpunk foresaw the deconstructing of the post-industrialist age and its historic residues; by which we mean the idea of a country as a reflection of the race and culture of which it is comprised. They foresaw the hyper-individualising of the citizen, the collectivism of the web that integrates and synthesises them into the silicon matrix. They foresaw the corporatizing of the world. They envisaged the mutation of the human being into a cyber hybrid, and the ‘transsexual’ species is totally in pace with futuristic organic-synthetic fusion. Again, they didn’t always nail specific details, for instance, Blade Runner (1982), that magnificent futurist film from Ridley Scott imagined future American culture as a mish-mash of American and Japanese against a bleak post-environmental backdrop of acid rain and floating corporate spacecraft relentlessly transmitting commercials for the off-world 24/7.

That prediction was off by degrees, but the central idea was spot on; there was no longer an ‘America.’ And if America was no more there was no England, Germany, Japan, or Australia. There was just a single corporate dominion. We’re heading the same way considering that the three major corporations in America have amassed critical interests in most of the companies that matter. The abolition of nation-states is underway too as the guiding policy of globalism but is not yet a done deal.

In our confusion, we rail against politicians like an old man yelling at the clouds. Our attentions are wrongly focused. We harp on about a constitution that’s lost all authority. Politicians and the power they once controlled shifted with the age. This needn’t be how it remains, but if nothing’s done, then that dystopian world of cyberpunk has not only begun, we’re into its second chapter.

We Australians haven’t fought for our freedoms, we’ve taken them for granted. This period was inevitable. Those who ignore their rights lose them, so it’s time we appreciate their value. And it’s an important lesson for the young and those being born right now since they’ll not even understand the principle. They’ll be the most compliant automatons in this new order. By the time they’re old enough to care all the books will have been deleted by the tech oligarchs, and hardcopies burnt. We don’t mean to sound like conspiracy nuts or doomsayers, either, but that’s the scenario many of us scoffed at five years ago. Here it is, a reality.

With incredulity, we watch Western governments drifting into a hitherto unthinkable authoritarian order. Specifically, we look at the United States and how the values it represented (Bush notwithstanding) took two terms of only one president, Barack Obama, to disappear. From the first decade of the new millennium with 9/11, where patriotic young American and English lads willingly signed up to the military and allowed themselves to be beguiled by the warmongering neo-conservatives surrounding George Bush and Tony Blair who many consider criminals.

It didn’t occur to them that invading Iraq over the attack on the Twin Towers was like us occupying Fiji because a New Zealand frigate had towed the Opera House away. But for the bulk, the lies had manipulated that patriotic aplomb — that is now considered delinquency so abhorrent to the civilised liberal mind that we’re only a decade or so removed from the time when they’ll rationalise mass murder stemming from ideological dyscognition.

We call it ‘The Left’ but that will need re-classification since the far-left are tools of a system that reveals itself as much as it remains hidden.

For instance, we know the ‘system’ had it in for Donald Trump all along. No lie was left untold, no effort slackened in its bid to oust a man who stood in obstacle to a plan so sweeping that it required only compliant politicians and none who would dare to, directly or otherwise, challenge a force intent on enacting a global change so radical that it has no precedence in historical human terms.

Joe Biden is a few sandwiches short of a picnic and we make jokes about him. But that doddering old ninny is the p-r-e-s-i-d-e-n-t. He controls (theoretically anyway) the nuclear arsenal of the most armed nation on earth. And he doesn’t know what day it is. He can’t even control his concentration. Even though his announcements are all carefully written down on teleprompters and cue cards by his caregivers he still bumbles them. The emperor is wearing no brain but the power dynamic won’t allow us to come out and state the obvious.

And all along it’s been the cynical belief of the system’s opponents that Biden was just a means to providing a puppet for this system. And that he is, a ventriloquist’s dummy, but far less amusing.

Never before in modern history, outside of mad King George has an outright goony bird ever been so blatantly used as a titular leader. This kind of thing we’re led to believe happened in ancient Rome, under galahs like Caligula and Nero, but never in this age of supposed enlightenment. Think again. The reason? because a ‘President’ is no longer in control. He is superfluous to the requirements of the system. He satisfies the illusion of democracy, a deception they only half-heartedly bother with since the time of absolute power is upon us. It’s as if they looked at China and thought, oh well, if you can’t beat ’em, join’em. 

It is a wasted effort highlighting the hypocrisy. Whether or not Big Tech controls the news it seems amazing that half of the population cannot critically analyse what is happening. It’s not as though the counterargument is needed if their cognitive faculties are functioning, but ‘the Left’ has demonstrated its taste for social disorder. For a side of politics that has declared itself to be the undisputed holders of virtue, they exhibit no virtue; quite the opposite.

For a faction that boasts of its dedication to equality, it has no time for equality. This group truly believes its mission is to stamp out hate, they are the most hate-filled people alive. Characterising those in pro-White movements as harbingers of “hate” is political vocabulary, when they are free to demonise Caucasians to the point of inculcating their hatred into children. If there is a universal emotion characterising those defiant Whites then it’s resentment, not hate. Indeed, for the side of politics which has convinced itself that race is a social construct, they are the ones obsessed with race. For the ideology that abhors racism, they do more ‘racism’ than any phantom ‘White Supremacists.’

For the side that boasts of true intellectuals, they cannot argue with reason. Their intellects have taken them to a place that inhibits thought, controls speech, and damns ideas. For a side so opposed to fascism, in the sense they conceive of the word, they are the new fascists. For a side that prides itself on its enlightenment through its secularity, they are devoted to the most dogmatic religion ever.

This anti-human anti-everything system is incubated in Davos and disseminated from the lairs of Big Tech, Big Corporate, and Big Government. They pinch every nerve, prod every sore of human fear to invoke their new order. Since 911, fear has been the currency of politics. But fear alone causes panic, and control inspires resistance.

Edward Snowden is a true hero of our age because he is a man with a conscience and possesses ethics. He bravely blew the whistle on the NSA’s nonchalance over its invasion of US (and the world’s) citizens’ privacy, its control of data, its total surveillance in ways hitherto undreamed of. Its insidious power was laid bare, and it was all done under the guise of Terror. But who are the real terrorists? The CIA and FBI had enough information to have prevented 911.

Either they bungled it through inter-organisational hubris or just as Franklin Delanor Roosevelt knew the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbour, they let it happen. In which case, they were complicit because they needed an excuse to invade Iraq, and they used the lie of Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the attacks on the Twin Towers to justify their brutal invasion of that country. In the name of democracy. And freedom.

What’s happened to either of those ideas in the country that devoted its energy to imposing its democratic system on as much of the world as they could?

Today the environment provides a point of fixation for the populace through the bogeys of global warming and climate change. The common denominator is fear. These contentious phenomena are also to blame for anything that proves embarrassing to the government or is blamed upon a government, due to a government’s ineptitude, or as a reason to discredit a government. For instance, climate change is at fault for the devastating bushfires of 2019, not Green policies. In America, a condo collapse in Florida is due to climate change. Likewise, Donald Trump did it. Donald Trump was fashioned by the globalist progressives as a bogey. Who did leading Democrats blame for the breakdown in law and order in American cities over the defunding of the police that they supported? Donald Trump. He was the one who defunded the police. They said so. You can’t argue otherwise as Big Tech censors you. Infracts you. Punishes you. Sends you off to the social media naughty chair.

The Left believes itself to be politically victimized, overwhelmed by an all-pervasive right-wing intent on crushing their freedoms and hunting them down in robed Klansman outfits. Yet, they have the entire corporate world backing them up, the legacy media, and even the law maligns those who differ from their ideological viewpoint. The Left has bullied and gotten most of its demands met. But victimhood remains an essential mainstay of their rambling ethos. We have observed the rich and entitled claiming victimhood, such as Harry Windsor and his celebrity mixed-race wife Meghan Markle who’s earned a fortune by playing the victim; despite her obvious advantages. This delusion validates their sense of virtue while buffering them from the reality of their distance and privilege. Celebrities will fly thousands of miles in a private jet to proselytize about the environment oblivious to their hypocrisy given their views about the carbon footprint.

When disgruntled Trump supporters gathered at Capitol Hill on January 6 the doors were opened for them and it’s reported they were invited inside the building. It was a trap. While some behaved boisterously, and one or two dressed conspicuously, no riot occurred. Some of those protesters entered the Senate floor wherein panicking members made a theatrical retreat from a nonexistent threat.

Far from any police being attacked, a woman was shot dead by a policeman. She was a combat veteran named Ashli Babbitt. No protests erupted following her killing, nobody from the legacy media claimed it to be a “murder” like George Floyd, and her death was characterized as having been deserved. Unlike George Floyd, Babbitt served her country. Unlike Floyd, she had no felonies against her, although as with all traumatised vets, incidents were mentioned by a media out to validate her murder.

Later, it was revealed the FBI had been involved in stirring up what was reported as a “riot” without supporting images. The media immediately adopted the Democrats’ line and it became an “insurrection.” Much was made about the presence of the supposedly right-wing group The Proud Boys’ presence. As is typical with these groups, it later became known that their leader was an FBI informer.

In the 60s and 70s, the FBI ran similar (sometimes bloody) operations against the Black Panthers and the Yippie movement. Fifty years later they are targeting the reverse side of the ideological coin.

However, the same media that condemned the “insurrection” failed to do similar to the near year-long Antifascist, BLM and Anarchists violence burning down American cities like Portland. Twenty-seven people were killed, beaten, federal buildings set alight, and police attacked. In Portland, a whole block was taken over by Antifa. But they were described as “peaceful protests,” a blatant lie. Stories were edited and damning footage was/is usually to be found only on social media and in the entry on Wikipedia. All of this is in support of the great lie about Black persecution which overarches the narrative being played out.

In the race issue, delusion and outright lies play a major part too. Antiracism is now a thriving industry. Historic slavery has come to equal ‘The Holocaust’ in narrative intensity.

In the name of this, historic statues of American heroes have been pulled down by mindless rampaging mobs of left-wing bigots, all in the name of ‘historic injustice.’ Ne’er a peep was uttered by the police who, in many circumstances, was under orders from Democrat mayors not to interfere with the rioters.

The attack on history goes even deeper with the censorship of classic literature, and it’s a sign of the times when in this age a book like To Kill A Mockingbird can be cancelled because of its “white saviour” storyline. Never a more liberal book has been written, but there you go. Fanaticism has the last word. That’s just one book in a long list of cancellations.

As to those ‘protesters’ who ripped down monuments and attacked police, entire networks of funding were arranged by the Democrats to support them with bail money. Most never faced charges. Yet, the FBI-led “Capitol Hill insurrectionists” are being meticulously identified and hit with serious charges as the legacy media aids the corruption of the American state in its revolution against constitutional America and the White people who created it.

For Blacks, who rioted across America along with their supporters (and in other countries) big corporations such as Target whose stores were brazenly looted acted as their apologists and donated billions to a range of black causes including Black Lives Matter, which has been exposed as the front for a Marxist organisation; rewarding true insurrectionists. We won’t even debouch into the racist Critical Race Theory, suffice to say if you’re unfamiliar with it, the basis of the “theory” is that all Whites are inherently racist and evil and must be identified so – and although beyond rehabilitation – they must submit willingly to self-analysis, self-deprecation, and practised deference to people of colour.

The ‘education’ is not limited to the individual but has a hereditary resonance as Whites are told to be “good ancestors.”

CRT is being taught in schools across America and the backlash against it is growing and not just among incensed White parents, but also blacks and others who resent the notion that they need special help to be elevated economically and socially. Likewise, they recognise the demonisation and, whether or not it favours them, oppose it. And it’s down to the basic principles of right and wrong; justness and fairness.

More examples exist of both the Woke establishment and Leftist hypocrisy. Two such we’ll mention. The first case is the Gretchen Whitmer kidnap plot in which a group of extremists allegedly planned to kidnap the Michigan Governor over COVID-19 lockdown measures.

Trouble is, 12 out of the 14 arrested, as tended in court documents, were revealed to be FBI informants. Taken together, the FBI has shown itself working feverishly either to please the government (which isn’t in their remit) or else conduct autonomous politically motivated operations (again, not in their remit). Some argue that they’re under pressure to produce the fated White Supremacist militias that pose “the greatest threat to America” that anything with even the whiff of satisfying whatever criteria they’re using is fitted up, busted and made to do the perp walk for the partisan media. That’s not an unlikely scenario at all.

Never forget too, that just as with the alleged Whitmer kidnap plotters, the FBI has been behind all the major supposed ‘far-right extremist’ groups that have been proscribed, such as The Base. They create honeypot traps to entrap the type of fools who end up as their informants and inform against other FBI informants. It is an American farce.

In the second, 50 Democrats from the Texas House walked out and left the state in a pre-organised move to deny the House a quorum on the vote over the voting restriction bill.

The bill is commonsense, that ID is shown at polling votes to guarantee a legitimate vote. But not for the Democrats who regard the bill as “racist” mostly since they’ve relied on those ineligible voters such as illegal migrants and others to bolster their support. This strategy played a major part in the election of the otherwise un-electable Joe Biden. In short, the bill would end voter fraud.

The Democrat mindset is that such a bill would prevent those ineligible to vote from voting for the Democrats. Moreover, the party that takes its name from the very idea of democracy sure has an undemocratic attitude towards democracy.

The House vote is democracy in play. To deliberately remove themselves from that vote to prevent a democratic outcome is un-democratic yet they argue they’re doing it to “save democracy.”

Worse even, they managed their walkout and subsequent flight out of Texas as a propaganda stunt, touting it as a crusade for voting rights. They are supported, as usual, by the Partisan media.

How can voter rights for somebody who doesn’t have the right to vote, be an issue of voting rights? The issue is one of protecting voting rights and that’s done by eliminating voter fraud, which the Democrats have relied on extensively throughout their history. Any infuriating refrain about “racism” is, at its least offensive, a strawman argument.

However, the rebels didn’t just betray the Texas voters, they broke the law, and can now be arrested and forced to the quorum. Which is why they fled the state.

Again, the fear of “racism” and the bogey of Republicanism are the first weapons out of the Democrats’ arsenal in their bid to force their position onto the people of Texas.

Yet, it’s now at the point that fear and delusion have combined to create mania. The media, which should be providing the kind of reasoned analysis to assuage these fixations, are complicit. Is it unreasonable to suggest that under the circumstances what is being attempted is an outright revolution? That the quasi-Marxism underpinning all of these concepts of the Democrats and their auxiliaries on the ground such as BLM and Antifa is beyond logic because its agenda is total?

Tellingly, while it’s become politically correct to burn the American flag in the city streets of America, down in Cuba they’re struggling against the communist dictatorship in a historic show of defiance. In doing so, they’re waving American flags while in America, with the desire for communism, they’re burning Old Glory.

The politics of fear governs us. It used to be communism, then it was Terrorism, now it’s COVID-19, the Chinese lab-manufactured virus mutating via a supposed global pandemic.

As is now customary with the political class, they have seized on C-19 as a means to instate civic “order.” Just as with the War on Terror, they refuse to engage on a foreseeable way out. They say it may go on for years, and worse, we will have to learn to live with it. What they mean is, live with the lockdown restrictions, the tracing, and social distancing. Noticeably, the Left is the most in favour of the curtailing of freedoms, desirous of a nanny state as they are. But this isn’t a nanny state, it’s Big Brother.

The virus naturally has an antidote that was whipped up in no time understandably fostering concerns not only about its efficacy but the potential harm it may cause. Deaths have been recorded from the AstraZeneca vaccine. Meanwhile, Pfizer, the preferred vaccine here in Australia is rarer than pig’s wings. Bear in mind too, if you are conspiracy-minded, that Pfizer is the product of one of Blackrock’s company’s. Blackrock is one of the big three corporations we spoke of earlier.

After the “vaccine rollout” is the pressure being applied to citizens to get vaccinated even though no proof exists that it’s effective. They admit that vaccination is no guarantee against contracting the virus, so why bother getting it? Well, you may be forced to. Vaccine Passports will limit the ability of a person to travel overseas, or even interstate if they’re introduced. They may also determine whether a person is entitled to employment, or to enter a restaurant, a pub, or attend a sports game. Is all of this warranted? Is it a deal between Blackrock and world leaders?

The figures for Australia show that the virus is, statistically speaking, a negligible threat. Far more dangerous is to take to the Australian roads, where the death toll far outstrips any from either C-19 or negative reactions to the vaccine.

Nevertheless, it’s impossible to dismiss the political component in all of this. If we speak of power we do so remembering that in the market control of western society’s economies that power for politicians is limited. They have, for a long time, been frustrated over this. The advent of ‘fear’ enterprises such as terrorism and the C-19 have enabled politicians to claw back the power that they otherwise must cede to market forces (unless it’s in their nature to interfere with those).

The C-19 panic is creating a goldmine of areas where the political class can interfere with our freedom and maximise fear. They’ve done so by linking opposition to the vaccine to “far-right extremism” a bogey that we’ve imported from the US. While that’s a topic unto itself (and one we’ve tirelessly covered) it becomes clear that just as with the environment, fear is being laid at the feet of the deviant “far-right” of which Donald Trump is the Pope, as they would have us believe. We live with a litany of ‘fears’ capitalised on by chisellers and doom prophets.

The question is, why? The answer, because they don’t know what else to do. If conspiracy theories spring up as a result, then it’s they who’ve fertilised them and made them seem reasonable. The Great Replacement “conspiracy theory” is one such case. It’s impossible to cite CRT, migration rates, the type of migration, and the folk-demonising of Whites in a rational discussion while claiming any such program is the twisted fantasy of “far-right extremists” to manipulate the vulnerable with. As they say, if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

Bear in mind, too, the hypocrisy in different western countries, including in Victoria, when during “lockdown” BLM-supportive rallies were permitted to go ahead but Anzac Day commemorations were banned.

Concomitantly, the elites at Davos are spruiking ‘The Great Reset’, a euphemism for a drastic global shift away from sovereign nationhood and individual choice into a system in which personal wealth is surrendered and “you will own nothing and be happy.” They will decide what food we eat, what pronouns we use, who comes into our countries, what we own, who is allowed property, and we’ll “be happy.” By removing choice, everything will be OK. None of the above applies to the elites. The Davos programme justifies itself through the Global Warming panic, the ‘Far-Right’ bogey, vegan dogma and latent socialist tendencies.

This is occurring concurrently with the paradigm shift into the unreality of the virtual world. On the left and the far-right, cultism, fanaticism and paranoia are being incubated by online communities. The most immediate examples of these are the ‘Nazi’ cults, which exist adrift from a political centre, and the ‘incel’ phenomenon. In the latter, one major shooting by a half-Asian narcissist and an incident with an estranged Middle Eastern ‘involuntary celibate’ in America led to the deaths of 18 people.

The prime cause of the incels is, selfishly, they cannot find an (attractive) female sexual partner. In most cases, this is due to the dysfunctional character of the incel. But while other factors must surely be contributory, we shall overlook them as in the end out of those killed hardly any fitted the archetype of those hated “chads” and “Staceys” that incels set out to target. A chad and Stacey are respectively good looking males and females.

None of this deterred the online supporters from praising the actions of the two murderers who are and were textbook headcases.

Virtual communities aside, the reality of the digital fast lane is such that life, as it was, is becoming unrecognisable. Transgenderism is both an aspect of this “identity” component that new realities exploit and the permissiveness surrounding sexual deviancy. The industry-related interest cannot be ignored either since it has spawned a new branch of cosmetics. Life has become a vast social and sociological experiment.

In conclusion, the West is in turmoil, threats like Communist China notwithstanding. Its centre is collapsing and that’s pretty hard to ignore. Politicians have as little idea as the people they represent yet are expected to provide answers to impossible existential questions.

The self-interest of the political class has driven it to extremes of control because with the excuses in hand to justify doing so it’s the easier option. Australia still allows itself to be a facsimile of the US and has since the end of World War 2. The end of the White Australia Policy spelt the influx of the multiracial hordes. Maintaining that policy combined with a model of armed neutrality would have spared Australia from much of the angst. This is at the root of social problems faced by Western countries. Blind Freddy could see it. Practically everything socially divisive stems from that criminal choice of a bygone generation.

What Alvin Toffler termed ‘future shock’ would have been much easier managed if the centre had held. People who know exactly who they are would use the technology and not allow it to use them. We mentioned how this brave new world has sparked the advent of the transhuman, but, as with the example of the television watch, just because you can do it doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea; which is a lesson to be learned from the infinite social possibilities of the new age.

The average person, the “normie”, will continue to delegate responsibility to the politicians. This is a dreadful mistake since it’s the bewildered entrusting their hopes to the bewildered, who, as it happens, they don’t trust anyway so why bother?

The legacy media will persist in its patent biases, reporting on complex events as if they are terrible but isolated events happening everywhere, which we are powerless to do anything about. That’s a criticism we have of most ‘right-wing’ social media, they pile up stories about anti-White bias, about assaults on tradition, and migrant criminality in a long and tedious belt that only has its one rhetorical solution that “Whites must take power” without any mind as to the big picture much less the crucial details. Again, like their liberal counterparts, they simply offer fear and rage.

The pendulum will swing back and forth, this is a lesson of history. People will take much before they rebel, this is another lesson of history. As America twists and buckles so Australia must make up its mind. Will it return to a White Australia Policy? That’s not anything we can predict but wholly desire. As it stands, no. The protest from the rest of the world would be too great. But in a time of great upheaval, all it takes is the will.

It was the will of those multiculturalists who pursued the governments of the day to take up their cause that changed the character of this nation. But the plan was fraught and its results are disunity, which is why we share similar ills with America, Britain and much of Europe. The push for an advanced strain of socialism is likely to awaken to a sleeping giant. Our dependence on digital technology, as powerful as it is, is only concomitant with our ability to purchase said technologies, the manufacture of which is subject to the availability of integral components.

Taiwan supplies half the world’s semiconductor chips. The US is dependent on Taiwan not only for the chips used in commercial products but for its military hardware. Likewise, China, which is a competitor, is behind Taiwan in terms of production and relies on its manufacturing base for the crucial chips. The geopolitical furore surrounding China has much more to do with the continuing availability of this vital resource than any bumf about democracy. If it weren’t for the chips, the US wouldn’t bother.

If a war between the US and China erupts over Taiwan, given China has an interest beyond semiconductor chips, the supply of those chips will almost certainly halt if the military outcome isn’t favourable.

One can speculate as to where that would take us, but it’s fair to say it would be game-changing. And if the domestic forces kowtowing to China persist in seeking to make us subordinate to the Communist monster, that would cause a sear through the psychic fabric of this nation, for historic, as well as ideological reasons.

The mess of multiculturalism is on display all over this land: from the amendments to 18c, to the religious mania around ‘racism.’ None of this pain would be with us save for the treason of those multiculturalists who’ve pushed us into this insane situation on specious grounds.

Without all that, we return to COVID-19. Australians, small numbers though they are, continue to defy the Premiers. Much of Australia has bought into the fear with relentless campaigning by governments and media. Yet, their excesses may spell the end of its fear-grip. Bear in mind the Vaccine passport. What is that? It’s a number, without which, you will not be able to buy or sell. Where have we heard that before?

By Nathan Sykes

Nathan Sykes is a former magazine editor, journalist and writer. He once performed with an Avant-Garde group and produced a CD album and two videos. He has written two books, I, Snorticus and The Australian Nationalist White Book. He is a loyal member of the Australia First Party and a leading voice in the Australian nationalist movement.

  1. I’m convinced. To have a mind well ordered enough to compose this means the author is already beyond it. Reason is a “looking before and after”. I’m in Wagga and looking to help in local organisation/prepping and multi-level planning. I think they call it ones’ tribe, going by Jeffrey Prather youtube lingo. Please let me know by email or please write an essay of what a well organised group in Wagga would look like in our context of death jab and supply-chain and internet disruption under the rule of Davos psychopaths.

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