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A Yarra City Councillor for the Australian Greens has been charged with an array of offences following a night on the turps that left her nursing facial injuries. Believe it or not. But believe it.

Cr Anab Mohamud, 35, was allegedly involved in a boozy bust-up with another woman (or something approximating one) at an “LGBTQ dance party” in South Yarra in April, although she copped the worst of it. Yep, it just gets better.

The flap occurred at Chasers nightclub and involved the hosts of Poof Doof, a popular dance party among the type of lifeforms that Allah wouldn’t be caught dead blessing.

Just why was a drunken “Moslem councillor” throwing haymakers at a homo rave? And, how did a pickled ‘progressive’ become disputatious with the sort of woke Melburnians that represent her diehard constituents? Did she use the wrong pronouns? Did she wear a MAGA cap? No, it was ‘a homophobic slur’ after she literally gatecrashed the party. With a transsexual’s head!

According to The Age, the mullered muzzie was spotted on camera coming up the street with a male companion at 3.40 am when she stopped at a “caged smoking area” at the (cough) rear of the gay venue.

Allegedly, she then put her hand through the bars, grabbed a trannie by its hair, and started banging it against the metal. A security guard rushed to intervene while the respected councillor yelled, “Fuck you, I’m going to get you!” She then dipped into her phrase book for other quality woke statements, such as, “Allah Akbar, make sure all these faggots die!”

A guard managed to pull the woman/trannie/thing free. This is when the grabby greenie got her come uppance.

The trannie (or whatever) pushed through an emergency door and pursued the hating-haji. Push came to shove and it was on for young and old. The rooted raggy copped the worst of it, but just like the black knight in Monty Python, she kept going. According to a witness, after security intervened by calling an ambulance and administering first aid she repeatedly yelled, “bring that bitch back, I’ll fuck her up.” Some of her rantings were in Arabic and not understood by the guard.

Interestingly, and perhaps an insight into what being an African Moslem Green means in Victoria, her companion was reportedly heard saying, “Do you know who the fuck she is? You’ve messed with the wrong woman, she knows all the gangs, she’s going to fuck you up.”

He wasn’t watching the injured pool of black and pink pulp that had replaced his BFF.

Detectives from the Stonnington crime investigation figured this was a tricky one. They decided to charge the other idiot too, a 29-year-old St Kilda woman/man/thing, with recklessly causing injury and affray. But nothing about a ‘hate crime’ either, since she/he/it’s part of the rainbow brigade and also a protected species, which takes things into that grey area, or rather, the pink zone where there are no winners.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman blandly told The Age, “The charges follow an incident in Bray Street in the early hours of Sunday 11 April in which a verbal altercation between two women escalated to an alleged physical fight.”

Cr Mahmoud was too hungover to answer questions, but the Victorian Greens chose to spin the incident. Co-convenors Effy Elden and Nyssa Sims came up with this: “Cr Mohamud is glad that charges have been laid against the person who assaulted her, and is working to clear her name against allegations that she instigated her assault.”

Yeah, right … laying it all on the trannie, eh? Nobody’s gonna buy it since she’s a Green and was busted villifying a pet LGBTQ thing-of-no-fixed-gender (which is noticeably absent from the charges). Plus, she’s a Moslem and shouldn’t have been drinking in the first place. Not to mention they (allegedly) caught her on camera. Just how did she make it onto the Greens’ ticket with an attitude like that? They’ll take anyone who’s black without even screening them.

The soused Somali has been involved in more than one donnybrook. Last December, she and another slapper got pissed and attacked two men with an “instrument” and (allegedly) robbed them. Or anyhow, they did something which resulted in a theft charge on top of assault. Um, and intentionally causing injury, recklessly causing injury, and assault with an instrument. The pair of them will be in court on August 24 for that one. Aren’t you supposed to elect councillors to prevent this sort of thing?

Yarra City Council’s website has not updated the Somali refugee’s bio. Instead, it says that this ghetto greenie, “wants to send a strong message to young women of African backgrounds that they have every right to become whatever they dream to be.” As long as they’re not lezzos, in which case she’ll crack them in the eye socket with a monkey wrench. Allegedly.

And they removed the bit about “African backgrounds”. Likewise, they got rid of the part where the “community leader” crows about a “strong connection to Greens values.” Those now include hate crimes against knob-jockeys.

Mahmoud will face the Melbourne Magistrates Court in November. And perhaps December and January, February, and March as well, depending on how her battle with the bottle goes.

Lol, you can’t make this stuff up, it slam-dunks on every level. The schadenfreude is exquisite.

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