May 23, 2022


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The neo-nazi cult impresses strange notions upon its adherents. Neo-nazism is the first port of call for most of whom recognise multiracialism’s myriad ills.

When a person isn’t ashamed of being White and doesn’t benefit from diversity, and who objects to the effrontery of those intersectional forces demonising their people, the history of the National Socialists of Hitler’s time provides solace.

To them, the Third Reich presents an ideal model of a state predicated proudly upon Whiteness. Thereafter, they view National Socialism as a pan-universal ideology safeguarding White interests.

A person might then identify as National Socialist and flirt with online platforms, groups and individuals during their preparatory phase; a process that demands conformity from the seeker.

At first, National Socialism may help express their defiance against the system; its tropes and appurtenances an affront to those forces. As a bikie signals his separation from society with his colours, so the identifiers of National Socialism become outlier symbols.

Dislocated from the despised model of society, they seek inclusion in a tribe, and for those disaffected Whites low on information, the stylings of neo-nazism provide the logical choice of a subculture. After all, it’s all about protecting the White race, isn’t it?

For that to be true, history would have to determine accurately that was indeed the intention of the National Socialists. It would have to be uncontestable. It would need to be inclusive of all White ethnicities and agreed upon by the protagonists of that history. But National Socialist history doesn’t bear out any such reality either through its actions or its leading figures.

In reality, a corruption of National Socialist ideas and worldview interposed itself between history and the seeker. For, it is not the historic actors from that era who promote this concept but those who appropriated it. This is the subsequent history of National Socialism, an incarnation apart from the real thing, and its heroes are vast in numbers. Many, like George Lincoln Rockwell, are universally revered.

As Australian nationalists, we have no use for Adolf Hitler or National Socialism. We don’t need to find a White idyllic because we had one in Australia, where once upon a time Whiteness was the defining property of our nation and its people. As a nationalist from any White country, the same should be true.

Sure, SS uniforms are ‘cool’, but what have they to do with Australianness? What relationship does the SS share with Australian heritage and identity? None. But the moment one subscribes to universal Whiteness they are no longer Australian. And what of the misconceptions about historic National Socialism itself, are those understood?

Moreover, by subscribing to the NS cult one is thereafter bound by their obsessions, fantasies and realities even if they diverge from fact and are counter to their interests.

Take as an example the cult of Savitri Devi who was a mystic and stone crazy after a point. Yet, that doesn’t matter because she was a National Socialist sympathiser so what she wrote, or said must possess currency right? Those words and ideas must form segments of the puzzle, or bricks in the foundation of the truth they’re building?

Before one knows it, having disappeared down the rabbit hole of NS mysticism they’re now alternately identifying as ‘Odinist’ and embracing occultist hogwash. They are a million miles from their starting point and equidistant from their cause. They have departed from any realistic or practical opposition to what thwarts them. The mysticism is a whole other area, but the historical fallacies of what they have chosen as their ‘religion’ can be debunked, if perhaps not so easily.

When formulating arguments in a bid to bring ‘seekers’ to a grounding it’s necessary to delve into National Socialist history. But even then one encounters the stubborn resistance of denial. For instance, Hitler’s second book contains passages that alter one’s perceptions of him and his ideas, but they’re easily refuted by dismissing the book as a fake. A common rebuttal is to call something ‘Jew lies’ and propose that any historical document that is harder to dismiss was conspiratorially fabricated. What happens when the truth cannot be so easily brushed aside?

Let’s examine two crucial areas that are illustrative to Antipodeans or anyone else who’ve decided that bygone German nationalism speaks for them.

A quote was passed to us, we won’t say from whom, but it bespeaks this frivolity of reason. We reproduce the post:

“God bless the Waffen SS! They were a spiritual and racial elite dedicated to the survival of the German Nation and the White Race. Those who reject their true heroes are forever lost!”

Firstly, we once again are in contact with the lie that NS is an expression of pan-universal White identity. In this case, the contention that the Waffen SS were dedicated to the “survival of the … White Race.”

Jim Saleam holds a doctorate in philosophy. Along with others, he sought a true expression of the Australian nationalist cause, which didn’t exist when they started activism. No signposts were available, no guide, it was incumbent upon them to research all facets of the historic ‘far-right’ to arrive at nativist-centric Australian nationalism.

Since those days, he has produced a prolific quantity of material on this subject, but lately, as the neo-Nazi false flag is once again resurrected, that effort to expose the inaccuracies of these beliefs renewed. We asked him to comment on the above quote.

“It is a matter of fact that it was the SS generals themselves, brave and energetic soldiers as they were, who turned on Nazi race doctrine after their experiences fighting in Russia,” he revealed. “Men such as Lieutenant Generals Hausser, and Steiner and Major Generals Bittrich and Meyer weighed into the ‘Slav sub human’ doctrine, denouncing it like a mad and losing idea and then conspiring to overthrow Hitler.”

And so, “The cruel fact is that Nazi Germany wasn’t about the ‘white race’ that the neo-nazis go on about, but it was about dispossessing a part of the white race for the supposed benefit of another.”

A toxic brochure entitled The Subhuman was given to SS men and soldiers to explain why the Slavs were not human beings. The anti-Slav propaganda had been proved false by those very German men sent to fight them. Far from the useless sub-breed of humanity, their pluck and ingenuity — which ultimately defeated Hitler’s plans — proved that such ideas were not only rubbish but destructive to Germany.

“To the outward eye the subhuman is biologically an entirely similar creation of nature; he has hands, feet and a sort of brain with eyes and a mouth. However, he is different and a frightful creature, a caricature of a man with features similar to those of a human being but intellectually and morally lower than an animal. This creature is actuated by ghastly chaos of savage, unrestrained passions — limitless destructiveness, primitive lust and shameless vulgarity,” read one passage.

Jim quipped: “General Meyer said that whoever wrote that should be sent to a concentration camp!”

Alfred E. Frauenfeld, an ex-Gauleiter, Reichskommissar in the Crimea in1942-3, described German occupation policy as “a masterpiece of ineptitude; within a year it has achieved the considerable and astonishing feat of turning a completely pro-German people, who welcomed them as liberators, into partisans roaming the forests and marshes; its influence upon the course of events in the East has been wholly negative … (a) policy of ruthless brutality … methods used centuries ago against black slaves … makes a mockery of any sensible policy … Proof of total lack of instinct in handling foreign people … the acme of stupidity … proof that those who parade their brutality and give themselves master-race airs are at heart, uneducated louts.”

Do these neo-nazis know anything about this?

 Jim responded, “I don’t think they want to confront it. Their pseudo doctrine is deeply felt. I would much prefer to be doing activist and other political work, not discussing dead history from three-quarters of a century ago. However, I can see these folk have acquired what the Left might call ‘false consciousness.’ That means they possibly have seen a problem in the dispossession of our people in our country, but react to it through tinted old foreign glasses. They see ghosts. So, their actions and their words, come out plain silly. And it’s dangerous, because they may be persuaded into useless actions to achieve their new epoch.”

This tale has the makings of a larger story. Two booklets are currently being prepared: When The Nazis Said ‘Aryan’ Did They Mean ‘White’? and German Ethnic Separatism In Australia, The Partition Of Australia With The Japanese, And Reichskommissariat Tasmanien:  The Nazis And ‘White Australia’.

“This stuff should probably have been put down in print long ago, but it will get done as soon as circumstances permit,” he said.

New Australian Bulletin will keep you up to date on the progress of these important new publications and their availability.

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