The cancel culture is tearing the West apart. Woke, which is the parent to cancel culture, or the religion its inquisition serves, counts among its high priests the very powerful and often young CEOs of corporations, such as the digital oligarchs. In the searchlights of this Woke crusade — since every revolution needs an oppressive force to push back against — that baddie is White European history and culture.

Collectively the tech giants are the most fearsome, for their new technology platforms now control the information flow, something that was, 20 years ago, not anticipated.

A study of the internet’s young history finds that the banks were way ahead in using the internet as a profiling source. But the frivolous likes of social media have come to assume a great role in the trafficking of information, so much so that the Australian government forced negotiations with big tech over remuneration for editorial content it traffics from traditional media publishers. In regards to Facebook, its victory was no real victory at all, after the tech behemoth walked away with the greater end of the deal.

Through their power, Big Tech has become the Woke Police and they’re joined by the banks and other branded corporations who see Woke as ‘good business’. Content that leans any distance to the right is up for instant deletion as are the accounts of those counter to the Woke narrative, or who are its natural enemies. With such power to control information, and regulate speech, this evolution of the precepts of the fourth estate have spawned a dialectic in which speech is no longer free nor with it any freedom of political thought or expression. Likewise, any scrutiny of the Woke champions is nixed at the moderators’ board.

Amazon bans any book that the Woke wouldn’t approve of, especially any text that is conservative or nationalist. YouTube is a notorious camp guard where users tread eggshells in case their content triggers a ban, and there’s no way of knowing just what might trigger that ban. Facebook and Twitter’s reputation are well known, but not so long ago they largely ignored content in favour of acquiring users, especially FB which has always been more permissive of certain groups than Twitter. All of that changed with Donald Trump and the war the Left waged upon him through Big Tech.

Who are the Woke’s chief villains, though?

The casting of white people as the greatest manifestation of human wickedness has been fermenting among Left-wing fanatics for many moons. The Left’s warped concept of egalitarianism, that basis upon which it finds itself capable of hosting conflicting and contradictory notions, justifies the oppressiveness of its dogma — a tyranny of its creation that it is wholly insensible to — by manufacturing victimhood. We know this as ‘identity politics.’

The Woke are historical revisionists, and are, by and large, ignorant of history. They selectively interpret Western history to feed their dogma. Could Woke ever have existed without the anti-colonialism of the capitalist post-WW2 United States of America? Was the guardian of democracy the unwitting begetter of this ideological abomination?

Were the recalcitrant irritations of the anti-capitalist intelligentsia in Europe, who abhorred America as the harbinger of all evil through the imperialism of capitalism, the birth-giver to this mind virus sweeping the West? Does it even matter where or how it started at this point?

Woke is, apart from all we’ve labelled it, a virus. It’s best to regard it thus. Like any virus, it has mutated. Where once upon a time were communists, now only the most puritan among the commies would hold to their original beliefs. For Woke has taken this from there, that from this, and become a fattened, ripened beast that subsumes all Left-wing thought that came before.  It hasn’t simply shifted the poles, it has ripped them out. There are no fixed positions for Woke, which prioritises the apprehensiveness of its instincts over its reason (sic).

As such, the direst forces of the worst of unrestrained capitalism are now the judge penitents of Woke’s kangaroo courtroom — a courtroom with no walls or ceiling, but which is an amorphous collective consciousness that passes judgement on thought over action, and without rules, but only a law in which prejudice is truth. The rules are not written, and cannot be, for it is an ever-shifting tide of sands.

A Woke revolution is the CCP’s work done for them

All along the Woke’ have desired a revolution, a change, a tearing down of the past. They have no idea what future they desire since Woke makes it up as it floats along. It is a dangerous creed awaiting a figurehead, a regime in its infancy that is one step away from becoming militant. Cancelling is an effective means of erasure but soon it won’t be enough to satisfy the inherent hatred in its dark heart: the Woke brigades will demand bodies, a purge, and a physical guard to impose its order. Rioting against the police has been its chief outlet of expression but rest assured they are proxies for Whites and what they’d like to do to us.

But that’s a big if, anyway, as before any Woke revolution has its way it’ll have to deal with the fact, at least in Australia and the US, that war with China is coming. War is more likely a ‘when’ than an ‘if’. So, when that war comes what part will the Woke have played in aiding and abetting the enemy?

Right now Woke is a gift to China. More than anything else Woke abhors a straight white male. The pattern of Woke has been thus far, as we mentioned earlier, to erase White European history and culture and place upon a pedestal the “oppressed” coloured peoples, primarily, those who wear black skin. The underpinning narrative of Woke is white people are the oppressors and exploiters of people of colour, or as they refuse to come and out say, the less advanced races.

The irony is that their narrative is a validation of the very White Supremacist ethos they detest since their argument cannot exist without the very idea that those of colour are ‘disadvantaged’ and while they level blame at a racist system designed to impede coloured people, the belief that those coloured folk can’t be saved without their help, reveals their supremacist ego, to the shock of all shocks.

Some Woke whites, like Rachel Dolezal, even figured she would make a better black than a black person so she faked her race with an ersatz tan. Just the same, while Dolezal was humiliated, is it not in the Woke of terms of reference that a person can choose their gender based on the post-modernist ‘gender fluid’ terms of reference? Why then cannot she decide she is a black person?

This buffoonery not only amuses Beijing but pleases it. All along it has sought to divide the West to make conquering it easier, and with these useful idiots, the West has been spiritually weakened. Don’t think for a moment, either, that there isn’t a link between the CCP as well as groups and individuals who comprise the Woke ranks. Don’t assume the reverse is untrue either, that some on the right have also been courted by Beijing.

The CCP has long engaged with those European anti-American groups and persons of influence, if not stoking, then at least supporting their enmity while offering their system as an alternative.

To this end, China manipulates the deference displayed by the European man who is supplicant to Woke pressure. The self-deprecation, the bumbling affability. For instance, in 2018, Vancouver mayor George Robertson, an ‘old friend’ of China, apologised on behalf of his city for the historic injustice committed by his people against those of Chinese heritage. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews did the same in 2017 for ‘racist policies’ during the gold rush era.

Those ‘racist policies’, if they were still in place and hadn’t been revoked, would now have us safe from the monster of Beijing — a monster that Andrews drew the nation closer to when he inked a memorandum of understanding to join Victoria to the Belt and Road.

Regardless, his apology suited Beijing which exploits such weak sentiment to feed Chinese nationalism over historic injustices which are the impetus for its imperialist drive. As such, everyone who is appeasing China, be it at the university level, or the business level, or the political level, or the level of ‘social justice’ by dint of the Chinese being included in the ‘people of colour’ bloc, are aiding and abetting the enemy. Multiculturalism, with its multitudinous flaws, is a gift to the nationalist Chinese, who make a hypocrite out of anyone who decries scrutiny of China’s motives as ‘racism.’ This is a tactic used by the CCP already, which labels Australian government policy around foreign ownership as ‘white supremacist.’

Ergo, anti-white Wokeness weaponises China against Australia. Think for a minute where these Woke lords will be if any military conflict with China that might arise results in Australia’s capitulation? Will the Woke of today becomes Beijing’s puppets tomorrow? Will they be the camp guards in any re-education centres?

Multiracialism gave rise to Woke, and if Australia had continued to lead the world in suppressing it, we would be in the most privileged position now since it would’ve followed that we’d never have designed our military around assisting the US in its futile military adventures. Likewise, we would have long ago prepared for such a possibility through armed neutrality. The only reasoning is therefore to wind back multiracialism and concentrate on establishing Australia’s armed neutrality since the age of American democracy is dead and China is waiting in the wings with its brand of communism which they have already been preparing to impose on the West through its quislings and sympathisers.

By Nathan Sykes

Nathan Sykes is a former magazine editor, journalist and writer. He once performed with an Avant-Garde group and produced a CD album and two videos. He has written two books, I, Snorticus and The Australian Nationalist White Book. He is a loyal member of the Australia First Party and a leading voice in the Australian nationalist movement.

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