May 8, 2021


Nick McKenzie, who impersonates a Walkley award-winning Journalist by being one, has taken to Twitter to round up his Woke comrades-in-yarns. He wants them to join him en-masse tomorrow for Ben Roberts Smith’s defamation court hearing.

In the Tweet, he calls on his Left-wing lynch mob to “…set aside 8 weeks for trial starting June 7.” He claims, “Critical issues at stake.”

What sort of critical issues, Nick?

Ben Roberts-Smith is Australia’s most decorated living Australian serviceman; he is a Victoria-cross recipient, awarded the distinguished and highest military honour for his outstanding valour in combat.

While serving in Afghanistan in 2010, Roberts-Smith and his troop were involved in a special operation to capture a senior Taliban commander. Upon being dropped from a helicopter in the Kandahar Province, his troop came under sustained artillery fire from all around and were pinned down until Roberts-Smith seized the initiative and exposed his position to free up his troop. He then, along with another, kept attacking enemy positions, ultimately driving the Taliban from the area.

The VC is just one of the many honours bestowed upon this brave man for his gallantry. For that matter, he was presented the Medal for Gallantry in 2006 for an earlier deed of heroism. Yet, when an ABC pinko named Chris Masters published a book called No Front Line, it contained reports of ‘war crimes’ ultimately laid at the feet of Roberts-Smith. Journalists thrive on that kind of thing because the ticket to them becoming a tall poppy is by taking down a tall poppy and no other considerations matter.

Chris never named Roberts-Smith, but Nick McKenzie, hungry to be taken seriously as a top-tier investigative journalist, pursued the story like an ambulance chaser and, along with ABC bozo Dan Oakes, made Roberts-Smith his project. It occurred at the same time as the government were disrespecting their brave veterans with an Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force inquiry into criminal misconduct on the battlefield by Australian special forces. Hell, war IS misconduct, what do they want from these guys — a Nuremberg-style set of trials? That inquiry led many a disgusted Afghanistan veteran to take their life. There should be an inquiry into that. But no.

The revelations of alleged terrible deeds done in a dreadful place by an otherwise good man are somehow meant to make McKenzie’s ‘scoop’ the equivalent of Abu Ghraib. We shan’t repeat the allegations because they don’t especially shock us, given it was a theatre of war, and Roberts-Smith has denied them. Even if he hadn’t, what goes on in war is necessarily savage, hence its dreadfulness. That’s why we revere warriors like Roberts-Smith who have the pluck to do what the sniveling SJWs in all their wimpishness can’t. Now they want to crucify him for being able to do just that.

Subsequently, Roberts-Smith accused the duo of being “un-Australian” and to that, we agree wholeheartedly.

ABC and Fairfax, whose track record on un-Australianness speaks for itself, especially ironical given the ABC is our national broadcaster, both eventually named Roberts-Smith as one of those involved in this Afghanistan equivalent of the My Lai massacre. Understandably, given the impact such accusations (based on alleged eyewitness testimonies) have had on the reputation of this celebrated ex-serviceman and Australian, he took umbrage, and is suing those media outlets responsible for what he maintains is defamation.

So, when McKenzie speaks of ‘critical issues’ what he seems to mean masks what he actually means.

This isn’t about exposing ‘serious military misconduct’, and if it was, it’s hardly right blaming the soldiers, as Australia’s top brass have seen fit to do. If there are crooks, it’s the government, for wanting to curry favour with the Yanks by sending our boys over there in the first instance. There was nothing to be gained for Australians but misery. All conduct of the war, therefore, if an onus is to be placed upon anyone, should be upon them.

No, what bugs Nick and his cronies are that they’re finally being called to account for their sly innuendos, which fly just below defamation, and are having the validity of the supposed privilege of their ‘sources’ challenged. All the grubby techniques these ‘journalists’ use are about to go on trial and they don’t like it. Take, for instance, the allegations against Roberts-Smith burying secret USB drives – those claims no doubt came from the former soldier’s ex-missus. Somehow, the media managed to flip her, and that’s going to made clear. Did they pay her? Did they give her the chance to get even some other way? What’s her beef?

McKenzie could give two stuffs about the human element, here, but it’s not simply about his ego or professional ambition either. His mob — along with the top brass — want to eliminate military independence, military patriotism, and the nationalism that all go with it. Roberts-Smith is a symbol of all those things and his valour particularly upsets them.

They can justify this a hundred ways, but behind this journalistic crusade is a dark intent.