May 7, 2021


State informer and Liberal party trickster Neil Erikson, soon to be sentenced for disrupting a religious festival, has made a bold reappearance.

Recently, we published a major feature detailing the history of this recurrent pest and troublemaker and how David Hiscox, the Tory publisher over at XYZ is under instructions to promote him as much as possible. Now, the rat is back and this time capitalising on anger over the treatment of white male students at Parkdale Secondary College.

On Monday night, Erikson was off the leash and lumbering into Kingston Council Chambers with a video camera demanding to know the whereabouts of a council youth work, or rather a radical Marxist-feminist who ritually humiliated male students for being White, Christian and straight, all with the blessing of the council.

However, councils must’ve received training on how to deal with Erikson because everyone was nonplussed and he was told to leave. Calling council members “cowards” as he was forced out by a bald chap who advised that the police had been called, Erikson leaves, presumably to return to his mum’s house.

It’s the timing of the thing that has us convinced that Erikson was tipped off possibly from inside the council itself. See, he turned up exactly as the members were gathered together for a group photo op. We imagine that this political mission will shave points of his charges when he faces the court for sentencing in May, as that’s how it’s worked all along for this detestable snitch and movement wrecker.

We hold to a policy of not promoting Erikson or allowing him a platform under any circumstances. But hot on the heels of our feature, which we link to, it seems appropriate since they’ve once again pulled him out of mothballs to score points for the conservatives.

We note that XYZ has hailed their hero as a “real journalist”. No kidding. But compared to Hiscox, we suppose they’re right. Hiscox, like Erikson, works for those Liberal forces, so he must be seen to legitimise the penultimate scumbag.