Home Affairs secretary, Michael Pezzullo, slated for the top defence job, has warned his staff that “the drums of war” are beating and to make ready “to send off, yet again, our warriors to fight”.

The admonition came on Anzac Day in a message sent to all staff in his department. In it, he said, “In a world of perpetual tension and dread, the drums of war beat — sometimes faintly and distantly, and at other times more loudly and ever closer.

“Today, as free nations again hear the beating drums and watch worryingly the militarisation of issues that we had, until recent years, thought unlikely to be — catalysts for war, let us continue to search unceasingly for the chance for peace while bracing, yet again, the curse of war.”

On Sunday, Defence Minister Peter Dutton also warned that a conflict involving Taiwan and China was probable.

Nationalists have known this for a long time. Us despised nationalists who these same people now running the country have derided as ‘white supremacists and ‘extremists’ warned about dealing with China over two decades before our current Prime Minister was inking deals with the communist dictatorship in his last portfolio. As Marise Payne runs around tearing up those deals, doughty, determined, we were the ones who said not to allow them in the first place. How quickly people forget.

Noises about an alliance involving India, the United States and Japan have been sounded. But here’s the rub from a nationalist perspective, how is Taiwan any of our business?

To say that even in moderate conservative circles will have you howled down and as the situation grows darker could get those espousing it interned at a later date. But China’s claims to Taiwan are not unfounded and our duty as a member of ANZUS should be seriously revised.

Why would we want to march into battle supporting a decrepit, amoral, and fractured USA? Why would we ally with a President who has gone to war on behalf of his egregious party against the very idea of White people? A President who is about a month away from wearing a bib? A President presiding — along with his party — over the collapse of America? Is this a wartime President? Is Kamala Harris?

Sure, the USA still has toys left, but two decades of a futile war fought to satiate burnt US pride has left the country dazed. Negro fatigue has battered what’s left of the nation’s will and now the anarchists and BLM Marxists burning down American cities have many wondering if civil war isn’t more likely than any effort to round on Xi’s forces over Taiwan. Remember, China owns the entire debt of the United States, and from hereon it won’t be loaning any money. Besides, Biden had been playing footsies with Beijing for years, as have many in the country’s senior political class. Their sort has shut down manufacturing and sent it offshore to countries like, well, China … that’s not a good spot to be in if embarking on a long campaign with unforeseeable outcomes.

And Australian political elites still have faith in this broken nation, in this country forced to kneel at the feet of raving black rabbles and other races pouring across a border that Trump has promised to close.

Everything is about to change. If Australia joins in a ‘defensive action’ against China to save Taiwan the odds will be very long, and once again our forces will be deployed away from home at a time we may very well need them. In such a scenario, it probably wouldn’t be a good time for China to attack us, and begin opening fronts far away with all the logistical difficulties that would entail, but if this allied axis fails, that will mean that the scant ability we have to defend ourselves will be even scanter.

For, it wouldn’t simply be China they engage, but in all likelihood, Russia will have a contribution. Not wedded to China in any ideological sense, Putin would still be keen to weaken the ailing superpower. And, could India seriously be relied on? They can’t even win a cross-border punch-up with the Chinaman, so how would they fare in a conflict that they’ve never played such a role in hitherto? It’s been a long time between wars for Japan as well.

With the inevitability of this war, here are some things for everyone to let soak in: jokers on the absolute fringes of politics who like to play pretend Nazis won’t be tolerated. They’ll be considered a threat to national stability and sent behind barbed wire.

Right about now, those out-and-out communists who are so critical of ourselves, and who’ve scoffed at nationalist warnings about China as ‘racism’ should be keenly looked at as a national threat, too. In the years ahead, there won’t be any opportunity to make great shakes to a system set on an all-or-nothing course; you are either with the team or are fair game. That’s the reality of wartime. If Percy Stephensen were alive, you could ask him, or any of those he was locked away with.

With the failure of the capitalist system, even if the allies are successful in defeating China, the cost will be huge. That will become the time of political uncertainty in this country, for it shan’t be like the golden age of consumerism that followed WW2. Capitalism is burning in the streets of US cities with the blessing of Biden and his gang of hair salon radicals. What would come after? What if China wins? What if Australia is so weakened that it has to accept a deal with China? Would those communists we’d like to see interned suddenly be resurrected and placed in a puppet administration? Would Daniel Andrews be China’s choice for our PM?

Who knows? But we do know that, like the US, we’ve buggered off all our manufacturing and that won’t help us in wartime. It’s never been a better opportunity for the government to get Australians working again, in the production of arms, and wartime necessities. We won’t raise hackles from Indonesia as they’ll understand.

But what if we did nothing? What if we let the US sort it out itself? That’s a course nationalists would love to see, but we won’t be counting on it. The very idea behind this quad alliance is based on the belief that if we’re attacked we’ll need help from the same players. Of course, ignoring Taiwan would lessen the likelihood of such an attack, but that argument would be dismissed by louder voices as ‘appeasement’ and reminders about a certain British prime minister named Neville Chamberlain echoed.

Nationalists should prepare for the aftermath of this thing because by then the whole cosmopolitan society experiment will be over. There’ll be too many refugees, too little to sustain them, and those aliens that successive governments on both sides have been so keen to fill our borders with will probably take flight, offering the opportunity to let them stay gone.

Is it the beginning of the end, or just the beginning of a vital, Anglo-Celtic-European Australia? What happens in-between will help us see. Whatever the case, however vile the leadership, it’s still in all our interests to see China taken down several hundred pegs. At least, that would be one nightmare sorted out, allowing us to deal with the others.

Still, we speak about the domestic situation in China without having yet raised the military situation here in Australia, as the top brass of our military pull on panties and prep the forces to be more trans-friendly and to learn feminist principles.

While commie journos hack on our greatest living war hero Ben Roberts Smith who’s so jack of the army and its disdain for its returned servicemen, who have been offing themselves by the hundreds. Is that a military we can depend on? A military that wanted to strip our elite SAS heroes of their medals because a pinko named Chris Masters, and thereafter an avowed anarchist named Nick McKenzie wanted to score the coward’s version of valour by imposing their dainty sensibilities on men who’ve faced bloody conflict? By expecting them to behave as if they’re guidance counsellors in a Swedish university safe space?

The very idea of good guys and bad guys in this war won’t exist. There is nothing good about the United States, and Australia’s reasons for joining the quad alliance, understandably, are purely mercenary. But our leaders, as always with the US, are backing a dog. They’re doing it in the name of a system that has betrayed everyone who’s ever taken it seriously. A system that has been purely about greed and self-interest. A system that replaced God with gasoline, culture with excess, and nationhood with ATMs.

By Nathan Sykes

Nathan Sykes is a former magazine editor, journalist and writer. He once performed with an Avant-Garde group and produced a CD album and two videos. He has written two books, I, Snorticus and The Australian Nationalist White Book. He is a loyal member of the Australia First Party and a leading voice in the Australian nationalist movement.

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