May 7, 2021


Across US cities police departments are facing their toughest time finding recruits. In one instance, they’ve lifted the age of recruitment to enhance “diversity” and to appeal to those coming out of the military.

In the wake of the Chauvin arrest and the trauma for frontline police forced by duty into difficult and life-threatening situations while being subject to arrest on the political mood of an unfortunate outcome rather than a fair assessment of tough split-second decisions, cops are understandably quitting the force in droves.

That dystopian vision of films like Escape From New York, where societal control has altogether broken down (although in the film NY city has become a giant prison) and others of that genre are becoming a reality. The West is collapsing in front of our eyes on the back of identity issues and the stoking by the media of false narratives that have served predominantly Left-wing bigotry.

The American media, as much of the world, never gave Donald Trump a break. So askance were the progressives and elites that a man appealing to middle-America could swing the country away from the Democrats and their transposing of America on racial grounds that they cast the orange man as the modern-day equivalent of Adolf Hitler. They sought a war against Donald and the White Americans they were in the process of racially invalidating.

To this end, the major media networks set upon a course that would see American cities burn. But it didn’t begin with Trump.

Long ago the media had decided that negative, or let’s face it, truthful reportage, of blacks and their crimes was compounding a negative perception of the black. Their solution was to change the perception by altering the depiction, which meant downplaying black villainy, accentuating a narrative of victimhood, and skewing their reporting to withhold facts that ran contrary to their mission.

To this end, back in 1992, when salesman George Halliday filmed Los Angeles police beating black man Rodney King following a chase the story, along with the footage, was selectively edited.

Never divulged to America was the fact that King, a violent, deviant, and habitual criminal was heavily intoxicated and aggressively resisting arrest. All they were allowed to see was an unarmed black man being beaten by police without explanation as to why that excessive force was being used. Thus, the police’s rough treatment of King was put down to racism.

When three of the four officers were subsequently acquitted of charges of using excessive force, LA exploded into riots.

What is the anatomy of a riot? Given the narrative created by the media, it was framed as the outcry of a persecuted community against police tyranny, and more widely, systemic racism. Yet, to analyse the riots, to find the injustice and contradictions within the actions, such as the looting, in which a majority of black businesses were targeted, innocents beaten and killed, and whole neighbourhoods destroyed, the incoherence of the violence becomes apparent. It is a disjuncture that was dramatised in the 1998 film American History X, when the character Derek Vinyard, played by Edward Norton is discussing the riots with a Jewish high school teacher (Elliot Gould) over dinner at his mother’s house.

The discussion becomes heated when Derek refuses to buy the narrative that the stereotypically liberal teacher espouses, about how [the riots were] “…an irrational act … an expression of rage by people that feel neglected and turned away by the system.”

Derek’s point of view, even if the filmmakers weren’t aware, is the most prophetic when he argues, “Calling a riot an irrational expression of rage is such a cop-out, it’s opportunism at its worst, it’s a bunch of people finding any excuse they can to loot a store, nothing more.”

Derek’s view is that “The media twisted things around so that people became all focused on these cops and whether or not they were going to get convicted and whether Rodney King’s civil rights had been violated … everybody lost sight of old Rodney King himself.”

The ‘irrational’ mob violence expressed by the black community, by no means a historic first, paid dividends. The officers were again tried in August that year after federal prosecutors, now working to appease the riotous blacks, courtesy of a misleading narrative disseminated by the media, sought indictments against them for breaching King’s civil rights. The grand jury eventually indicted the officers.

Rodney King was awarded millions which he blew on drugs and alcohol and living the high life. He was arrested many times after that and continued his pattern of dangerous drink driving. He drowned in a swimming pool in 2014 while high on a cocktail of liquor and drugs, including PCP. Following the indictments, two of the officers were imprisoned and afterwards, their lives were ruined … and all because the media chose to report selectively in case a black man be portrayed for receiving everything he deserved. They never mentioned the black passengers who got out of the car that fateful night, followed police directions, and weren’t subjected to stronger than usual restraint.

The LA Riots and the reportage that triggered them became a template for the “protests” (sic) that have followed the accidental death of career criminal George Floyd, another canonised ‘victim’ of systemic White oppression, as the media relates it. Again, the footage from the bodycams of the officers told a very different story, but once a narrative is forged, every effort is made to preserve that view of things, not complicate it with niggling details of truth that, in a world where reason predominates, would deprive the fanatics, whose interest in the case was not civil rights but insurrection, of the emotive response they desired.

But reason does not predominate in our world, emotion does. Absolved by the media of their actions, fed a redacted worldview, misinformed, it’s not hard to appreciate why it is that many information-poor blacks buy into their victimhood status; a privilege as it turns out. It’s also easy to see why they get away with demanding the deaths of White people, any White people, just as payback for ‘historic injustices.’

In 2007, two white Americans, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, a wholesome, loving young couple living in Texas were kidnapped, raped, and horrifically murdered by a group of blacks.

The couple were spotted by the five blacks who were driving an SVU. Because they were embracing, the vindictive negroes, despising both their skin colour and virtue, accosted them at gunpoint and forced them into their vehicle where their hands were tied behind their backs. Thereafter, the sadistic black gang, which included a woman,  drove them to a house where Newsom was raped by the blacks then anally penetrated many times with a blunt object. Newsom was the male.

Having been subjected to unspeakable humiliations and sexual violence, Newsom was then bundled back into the SVU, still bound by his hands, and taken to abandoned rail tracks. Forced to wear a dog collar, the blacks made the near-naked White man walk along the tracks and then kneel before being shot execution-style in the back of his head.

Meanwhile, Newsom’s girlfriend, Channon Christian, was held at the house while her lover was brutally murdered. The negroes amused themselves with hours of sexual torture of the 21-year-old (Newsom was 23). Later, the medical examiner identified injuries to her anus, mouth and vagina. He testified that the attack was “extreme” and “much more than a simple sexual assault.”

In an attempt to clear away evidence of their detestable DNA, before executing her the black torturers poured bleach down the White girl’s throat and scrubbed her bleeding anus and vagina with the chemical. One of the blacks later said of the girl during her torture, “She didn’t want to die.” It was just entertainment to these savages.

In disposing of her, the beasts hogtied her with strips of a curtain, wrapped her head tightly in a trash bag, then stuffed her body inside more garbage bags. Later, the coroner determined she had still been alive and slowly suffocated after being tossed (literally) like a sack of waste into a dumpster.

But Newsom’s death had not been as clean as a bullet to the head suggests. He did not die from the gunshot wounds. He had been blindfolded with a bandana, hands and feet bound and gagged with a sock. This had happened after his forced march along the tracks. He was shot in the back of the head but didn’t die, so they shot him again and set his body alight.

The media withheld the story. The deaths of these two were swept under the rug because it would make a bunch of hateful, savage, worthless negroes look bad. What part had the media already played in stoking up the blacks to believing they had a right to kill Whites? Interviews with “peaceful protesters” from the Black Lives Matter movement currently burning down American cities when the question is put directly to them ‘do you think we should be killing whites?’ reveal a widespread sense of entitlement by blacks to take White lives. Again, these interviews do not appear on the mainstream media, but only on alternative media. The last revelation was, at least, broadcast on Australia’s Sky network.

The truth about black crime has been suppressed. Blacks commit the majority of violent crimes in America, but when it comes to deaths at the hands of police the number of Whites killed outstrips them. Blacks off Whites in record numbers. Yet, the BLM movement will claim that if a White person is killed by police the outpouring from the media will be colossal. Untrue. Moreover, where is their version of reality when it came to Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom?

The media made a devil out of Donald Trump and labelled his supporters White Supremacists. They didn’t just label them, they actively hammered that notion into the heads of every liberal who could listen and speak. It became a reality. The craft of the media came into use with a hostile lexicon that at its very least was misleading. The benches were hedged against Trump in all major newsrooms, and those who wouldn’t toe the line were sacked for wrong think.

The media made much of Donald Trump’s support base in the fledgeling alt-right but have nothing to say about the extremes of its darling BLM and its anarchist support base.

The Capitol Hill protests in January were inflamed to an insurrectionist event of historic proportions while the media persists in describing urban anarchist/BLM rioters as ‘protesters’ and ‘marchers’ and even has the temerity to suggest that by burning down buildings, smashing windows and vandalising federal property their actions are “peaceful.”

More and more police are being singled out as violent crime balloons while officers are under a spotlight that makes it impossible for them to police. Those who signed up to protect and serve find themselves facing time to serve instead of protecting themselves. Barely a week goes by without another black criminal being shot and the rioters using the incident as the basis for more rampant discord without the media ever probing the truth of the story or permitting a balanced perspective. Little wonder that state police departments are now losing recruits in historic waves and volunteers are quitting civic roles. Why bother? If the people in those states wish for anarchy, let them have it.

However, it’s what might become of that attitude. The Democrats are busily using their numbers to build a one-party state in America that consists of a party that is racist, un-American, and adrift from reality’s moorings. President Joe Biden is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. The man is in the secondary stages of full-blown dementia — he has already surrounded Capitol Hill with the military. Imagine if he decides to impose martial law to cope with the rioters. Would those in the military or the national guard simply follow his orders? At a time when Russia and China have allied to probe the weakened USA, the Democrats are like an angry mutt refusing to let go of the bone of ‘race division’, which has served them so well politically that they’ve made a national institution of it.

Whatever unfolds, it was brought to you by the media. Whatever calamity tears down the mighty USA, the reality will have been that it was, ironically, that cornerstone of the constitution, freedom of speech, which gave the fourth estate the power to take the truth and make it an incontestable dictum that led to all-out civil war. But it made for good rage bait.