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When Nine bought Fairfax Media, it acquired a criminal enterprise. The criminality comes with the journalists (sic), their shady backgrounds, and the fake news they pummel the ignorant and simpatico with.

On this week’s propaganda train was a Right-Wing Terror Special all stops to neverland with a putz named Hamish Hastie at the driver’s seat. By that, we mean he was the author of an alarm-ringing piece on the far-right. The protagonist of this 650 words of fearmongering is a non-Australian academic who is whipping up anxiety as self-promotion by demanding ‘far-right’ groups be proscribed, without naming any of the groups she wants to be silenced.

Anne Aly is “the first-ever Moslem MP” and the aesthetically challenged Federal Labor MP for West Australia. She is not an Australian but in 2011 was inducted into the Western Australian Women’s Hall of Fame (which nobody’s ever heard of-ED) for … um, being non-Australian. Aly is an Egyptian whose parents moved to our country in 1969. Since then, she spent much of her time studying in Egypt. Upon her return, this non-Australian has made her way inside the establishment where she disseminates her fixations by way of informing policy.

Aly’s ‘academic background’ is in terrorism. Who better than a Moslem to have for an expert on terrorism? After all, in many parts of the world, very few aren’t. But we’re expected to believe that her brand of terror doesn’t reside in infiltrating Parliament House to wage an ideological war against the parent culture of this nation. Selah. You will not find any true Australian in Canberra anyway, since the very act of entering Parliament House requires signing a waiver against patriotic responsibilities. And as Aly proves, they’ll let anyone in. Worse, voters elected this … expert.

Currently, the fanatical Egyptian campaigner sits on the board overseeing the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Security and Intelligence and Security and Extremist Movements. She brings all the wisdom of a bunco artist to the table.

The formidable social re-structuralists at Nine decided to have Hastie sweep up a few quotes off Aly on the subject of an “imminent terror threat” from the right, like a dog owner chasing after a pooch with a dustpan and brush waiting for it to poop. Her insights were, well, uninsightful. The closest Aly has ever been to a far-right group is a peer-reviewed paper by another halfwitted academic quack who becomes especially perspicacious after several glasses of chablis.

Now that we’ve got the background out of the way, let’s hear what Queen Nefertiti had to say.

According to the Jewel of the Nile, a lone wolf terror attack inspired by a far-right group is “a matter of when not if.”

Why you may wonder? Well, again, it takes an Egyptian expert on terrorism to deduce these things, but it’s fairly elementary our dear Watson because Australia is “trailing its Five Eyes partners” on the conflation of the threat posed by these groups.

She posits the fuel for these inevitable outrages are the current climate of ‘conspiracies’ around world events like COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter. Yes, critics of those phenomena are engaging in conspiracy theories. Oh well. She goes on to argue, “Social movements and conspiracies spark a reaction from these groups so I think we’re going to brace ourselves for more. The fact is that far-right extremism has been growing at really huge rates over the last two decades, to the point where in the US it’s surpassed Islamic violence or Islamic terrorism in terms of domestic terrorist activity. It was bound to happen here as well.” Was? As in the past tense “Dr” Aly?

“Hate crimes … I think they will escalate,” she added. “It’s a matter of when not if.”

OK, that’s paid for her latest trip to Cairo. Seriously, there has been NO right-wing terror attack on Australian soil. As to invoking the American experience, domestic terror doesn’t take account of BLM or Antifa or the seemingly continuous round of rioting and attacks against police that scum like The Age and SMH insist on diluting by describing as protests.

The more obvious thing about Aly is that she doesn’t name any specific group so her intelligence (sic) has hit the proverbial brick wall.

That’s where the intrepid reporter Hastie picks up the slack by reminding us about the bullshit revelations by the overly ambitious crumb cruncher Alex Mann who shocked the nation by revealing how FBI-manufactured US accelerationist group The Base failed to recruit anyone in Australia. The only applicants were try-hards out to impress. They wouldn’t have had the nerve to steal a packet of Tim Tams from a 7-Eleven.

In the end, all Aly is about is feathering the nest she’s made for herself here in Oz. It’s all self-interest to blow-ins like her that fear the day Australians arise to take back what’s been stolen from us by foreign intruders like her. This is why she told Hastie, “What we’re dealing with here is human behaviour. So, the first thing that we need to do is list them because it sends out a clear message of the standards that we do and don’t accept in this country.”

It’s “we” now, is it? This country is it? How many non-Australians are allowed to dictate what Australia is or isn’t? But we digress.

What is so irksome about this report is not so much Aly, who is part of the structure that aims for a complete de-Anglocising of Australia, but that Nine has the temerity to crusade over terrorism and supposedly anti-democratic, illicit actions.

Let’s take a look at how it does its darndest to transgress laws, utilize extremists, and use propaganda to achieve an outcome favourable to its ideological prejudices.

Christopher Shortis was a victim of Fairfax and its frightening state connections. On the back of a piece so poorly written, so contrived, so besmirched with incredible innuendo he had his gun license revoked. He fought the Victoria Police on that, won, but then had his win overturned by none other than the Police Commissioner.

Nathan Sykes, who eventually became an associate of Shortis, was likewise subjected to a hit piece, again, absent of facts, full of defamations and outright falsehoods. Two years later he was arrested by the Nine-Police nexus, on a matter that a well-known barrister described as “a total frame-up by the state.” Nine has used left-wing extremists to procure slander against non-left Australians who’ve had the gall to voice their opposition to the fractured social policies of this nation.

Others have fallen by the wayside and will continue to be smeared by the filth at Nine. Currently, they have a gift in the form of the National Socialist Network and its insane leader, Thomas Sewell. Again, it’s been said more than once, if he isn’t working for the other side, he may as well be. Barely a day goes by without him giving these fascists (sic) more ammunition against the rest of us.

If we’re hard on the NSN and particularly Sewell, it’s because they do their utmost to hand the wowsers of the Left the exact archetype of what they wish to proscribe. And every time this lunatic opens his mouth he makes another utterance that only makes things worse. He doesn’t even do it, as he so vociferously claims, for the “White race”. Sewell has a gangster mentality, and when he talks about his organisation it’s as though he’s discussing “My gang.” They are a pure subculture, comprised of kids who’ve created an insular world for themselves in which politics is the context but not the impetus. They are living a cultish fantasy. Having said, we would never dream of supporting them being proscribed. For one thing, they don’t even pose a threat because they cannot take their rhetoric anywhere.

The most high-profile victim of this slandering hard-left rabble is Australian war hero Ben Roberts Smith. He has been crucified on the back of a psy-op by a poison Teletubbie named Nick McKenzie.

Smith’s legal team would do well to dig into the background of McKenzie and note his unsavoury associations. They should use every trick in the book, through rifling through his bin, minding the human body parts they’ll likely dredge up, and follow him to the haunts of the city’s terrorist left. His sources should be exposed because it’s a sure bet they’re all paid crooks, and it’s odds-on that he obtained his bogus evidence by illegal means.

What’s happening to Smith almost glows in its trail from the Nine muckraker crew to the top echelons of the military brass who fear him for some reason. Maybe Smith has dirt on them. If any war crime was committed in Afghanistan it was by the Australian government who sent the SAS there in the first place. We only became involved to suck up to America, and while there, did bugger all.

While we’re at it, Anne Aly is a Labor politician, but like the other non-Australian Labor firebrand, Kristina Kenneally, she refuses to name her side and its terror links, not imagined, but real. For instance, the link between the ALP and the unions is a good place to start. Follow the daisy chain down the rabbit hole to where the funding for street groups and Antifa starts. We know that much comes from the Greens, but the ALP are almost certainly funding it, if indirectly.

Antifa has been up to its rotten teeth in domestic political-based terror attacks that, for one, Newtown Police refuse to follow up. The pigs in Newtown have given the green light to the ice-smoking dreck that constitutes the mind washed and muddied ranks of this criminal outfit.

Assault, vandalism, stalking, harassment, you name it, it’s been reported to Newtown Police – video evidence identifying the culprits has been shown – but it never leads anywhere because the garbage in blue is under direct orders to do nothing about it. When pressed for why cops just obey obviously illegal orders, they shrug and offer the Nuremberg defence, “I am just following orders.” What if one were ordered to shoot his sister?

Any semblance of justice and fair procedure goes out the window when the political police become involved — and Nine has acted as the political police while the real police do their bidding to satisfy the “narrative” — a narrative that assures no ‘right-wing’ person is ever likely to get a fair trial since the exaggerations of the narrative have already convicted them of being a folk devil.

Certain gremlins who pose as journalists and have participated in these stitch-ups are proud of their moral imbecility. At some point, the very idea of objectivity, of ethics was abandoned. Not only did fear bait and rage bait replace gumshoe journalism but when traditional advertising went south the new market realities gave these firebrands a monied license to act without any moral or professional restraint. In short, the Fairfax mastheads became weapons that ideologically motivated zealots use against their enemies (sic) and any decency over differing views that co-existed in times gone by is dust. This breed of youngsters is out to kill. They abide by no code, they have no allegiances to the truth. All that matters is achieving their goal to impose their idea of how the system should be. As we’ve said before, picking on the far-right is like shooting fish in a barrel, because they’re guaranteed no public sympathy. This is why the invocation of the distortions that come with the incomplete analysis of what is lumped together as ‘the far-right’ is so dangerous since it becomes so clouded that any diverging truth is misted over and obfuscated.

To decieve the people is a terrible thing, but to persecute a person or group of persons is a crime … and it’s one that Nine is guilty of ten times over and some. They have transgressed the law, resorted to defamation, lies, and in the case of one Melbourne freelance contributor to this abominable journalistic-politburo, an (attempted) assault was arranged on a nationalist.

While we’re at it, bear in mind, the only major terror attack on Australian soil was the Hilton Hotel bombing. Who was behind that? ASIO. Think about it.

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