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An African academic and Fulbright scholar with credentials including being an adjunct professor at the prestigious John Hopkins University, who is a member of the Eastern Regional Advisory Committee on the Victorian Multicultural Commission, is also a racist. Or so a suspiciously White-looking “Aboriginal” professor is claiming.

Dr Stephane Sheperd published a joint study that highlighted the high levels of crime in Victoria’s South-Sudanese community. We wouldn’t have imagined that required academic analysis rather than just reading the news.

However, he and co-author Benjamin Spivak’s paper was published last September in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology. In it, they make the controversial claim that the high rates of African are attributable to their behavioural issues and not systemic racism on the part of the police.

The ‘racist’ academic, Stephane Sheperd

They noted that violent crimes rated heavily in the Sudanese criminal community’s choice of offending, leading the state in assaults and robbery. Not even the mandatory disclaimer about how “the overwhelming majority of Sudanese-Victorians are law-abiding” saved them from being accused of singling out the Sudanese based on the colour of their skin.

Amanda Porter, who styles herself as Aboriginal without the supposed disadvantage of looking like one, is also an academic. No surprises there. She is a Melbourne Law School senior fellow of Indigenous programs. Even fewer surprises. She condemned the African scholar’s research as “racist in terms of its methodological approach” and she’s been joined in the criticism by the usual cabal of boring, whining, nitpicking academics and activists who live for outrage.

According to The Australian, Porter howled off at the ANJC’s editorial board to “do something about the racist trollop (sic) that appears on the regular in your not-so-academic journal.”

After this scholarly rant, she vented, “The benefits of publishing must be weighted against the harms, including perpetuation of racist stereotypes and impacts for communities who living with heavy-handed policing every day.”

Gee, Nationalists aren’t black, and we live with heavy-handed policing. But what makes the ‘academically accomplished’ Dr Porter such an idiot is not that she has appropriated Aboriginality in her quest for ideologically sound perfection, but that she has criticised an equally achieved African man of racism. Get that, eh, what some might call a “pretend Aborigine” is fulminating against a real black man over the question of race. We get more like America every day.

The face of Aboriginality, Amanda Porter, is disgusted at the racism of Dr Sheperd

And just like a black-identifying White person, Porter took to Twitter to carry on her diatribe, slamming out the following, “Isn’t it a basic lesson in Criminology 1001 and Laws 1001 that one is innocent until proven guilty (like the men she’s accusing? ED). Dude, get a law degree! How is this crap not picked up by editors??!!!!”

The substance of Porter’s elegant and informed rebuttal was nonetheless challenged by Melbourne University criminal law academic Jeremy Gans who has sided with the racist black author and his co-accused. He argues that the estimates of crime rates based on convictions only “would have omitted some perpetrators whose cases did not progress between charge and court for various reasons … The authors are entirely correct to say that that could underestimate offending rates (as they would with rape, domestic violence, theft etc.)” And he’s got a law degree for its worth.

The actual journal is caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, they must support legitimate peer-reviewed academic research, on the other, they must be seen to do what Woke busybodies tell them. This is why they invited her to “write an open letter about (her) concerns and invite people to sign in.”

Understandably, Monash University, which puts Wokeness before learning, was onto this scandal like a Sudanese gangster onto an Airbnb booking. One of their vacuous associate professors weighed in by saying, “I did not endorse this publication and I do not find a continued focus on these particular statistics helpful or intellectually insightful.” We agree that she would have some difficulty understanding intellectual insights.

Meanwhile, those who may witness incidents of Sudanese crime are urged to pretend the perpetrators are White.

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