May 7, 2021


Nick McKenzie proves that far from Nine’s purchase of Fairfax changing the noxious culture of those character-assassins that use the fourth estate like an unsanctioned inquisition the contamination has spread to the quintessentially commercial Nine. We mean in terms of defamation to suit a hard-Left agenda.

McKenzie is a product of the unscrupulous Fairfax culture that believes any crime of slander is warranted in the pursuit of virtue signalling goals regardless of its impact on their victim or the wider consequences of their misuse of the principles of democracy. One only has to look at the company he keeps, from a deranged establishment-born Melbourne anarchist to other ideological subverters. For a mob that likes digging into the grey-shaded backgrounds of its victims what of their own? If a special court were appointed to examine the ‘journalism’ of this new breed of political sadist then what manner of nefarious practises would it unearth?

Nine must have inherited a compactor full of defamation suits, and will no doubt acquire new ones, as McKenzie’s attack on Australia’s heroic Victoria-cross recipient Ben Roberts Smith attests. Why did he undertake this course, which in its wider objective seeks to denigrate Australia’s noble soldiery traditions, and make them answerable to a latte-sipping cabal of woke excrement-lords?
Is it just his desire to undermine national cohesion, or will he harm anyone in his quest to style himself as the unflappable gumshoe journalist to cover his ulterior partisan agenda?

For long ago did the likes of McKenzie and his breed leave the honourable tenets of objective journalism at the dockside and set forth on a voyage to pursue their fashionable ideological prejudices at any costs. Their school abandoned principles long ago, with the arrogance of their youth, and the hubris of the sick times we live in. They adhere to no code, and they are excited by the prospect of damaging a subject. Their hunger is the appetite of a tormentor to see a victim suffer.

The latest round of unfounded allegations launched by McKenzie against the heroic Victoria-cross winner is symptomatic of the contempt that the new generation of elitists holds not only our country in but the truth that supposedly underscores their profession. Claims of evidence on a USB drive buried in Smith’s backyard are not only unproven but where did they come from? Who do the narcs of these pernicious mastheads connect to?

The absence of substance in the allegations brought against Smith divulges a strategy intent of wearing down the accused (sic) and driving a wedge between his employer and him. Tapes of private conversations released likewise have revealed no source, but they prove nothing but that Smith is intent on doing to McKenzie what McKenzie has been doing to nationalists and others. We predict this case will send McKenzie to the dole queue or at the very least The Guardian, which is the same thing.

We have had a very close position with which to judge the likes of McKenzie. One of his peers recently sent two messages via a VPN to this site that amounts to an admission of criminal behaviour. But their outrageous content has exposed that a nationalist defamed by this sociopath is not only a victim of the scurrilous Nine but of the state, which raises more serious questions about the nature of our ‘independent media.’ What’s more, he’s a fiend and colleague (sic) of McKenzie’s.

These messages have been forwarded to our legal team although they won’t yield satisfaction anytime soon. What they will do is create a tendency pattern that we will share with our readers in the coming months as we bite down harder on these parasites and turn the focus on them.

In the meantime, the Twitterati that typifies this brand of viral news locust Tweets aghast at the ‘revelations’ of soldiery rituals, such as the drinking from a prosthetic limb of an enemy.

This is the same Twitterati that has used its influence to affect the feminising of the defence forces to suit an agenda that will not save us from invasion by the Chinese. You cannot shoot a charging communist soldier with a meme about women’s rights any more than you can scuttle a hostile warship with platitudes about ‘toxic masculine culture.’ You need that ‘toxic’ culture to save your whinging females from a fate worse than the privilege they currently enjoy in the mentally unbalanced West.

Our soldiers were sent on a dangerous mission to a part of the world that they had no business being. The whole situation was screwed up from the get-go and the government that sent them escapes the criticism at the expense of the soldiers forced to do the bidding of the Zionist. Yet the reality of these Afghan ‘civilians’ as the emotive McKenzie invokes them is they’re as much in the service of the ‘terrorists’ who seek to kill our heroes by whatever means necessary as the actual fighters. If they were on the receiving end of hard karma that’s just the nature of war. It’s also proof that a war run by reporters and commentators is only likely to profit the enemy. We nominate McKenzie for the Taliban’s equivalent of the Victoria-cross, the Jihadi half-crescent.

McKenzie is a coward. He wouldn’t even last five minutes as an embedded war correspondent let alone demonstrating valour above and beyond as a hero like Smith. War is a dirty business but compared to the business of journalism it’s a baby’s bathtime.

As it happens, Smith’s employer Seven West is standing by the Australian hero. Nine has failed in its connivings to create a moral panic around Smith and furious Tweeting by McKenzie and his “Jewish mum” won’t change that.

McKenzie is highly decorated with the garlands of poison journalism having won umpteen Walkeys. Yet, his metier, which centres on corruption and exposés of that nature, is suspicious in that from the outset he has enjoyed the type of contacts it takes a veteran journalist years to accrue. It’s as though he was augured into his “profession” by the sources themselves.

Only one place is proper for the McKenzies of this world, they belong in a toilet.