May 23, 2022


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When Thomas Sewell (allegedly) assaulted a black security guard as the titular head of his National Socialist Network filmed it, posted it to social media, and it was disseminated all over the world, he was shocked.

He must’ve been especially disappointed when that film was doctored to add an incriminating sound byte where the person filming (allegedly) calls the security guard who was (allegedly) hit by his leader a monkey.

This seemingly infallible evidence which the prosecution must’ve licked their conniving chops at, unjust bastards they are, was a gift.

It’s rare for the Crown to have incontrovertible evidence of an accused’s (alleged) crime presented inflagrante delicto on film, halving the need for them to stitch the respondent up, as it were.

This was just another episode of the misrepresentation of this group, which is striving to Europeanise Australia with good Aryan stock, something that is at the heart of true Australian identity. But it’s also a message that resonates with the Australian people, along with Odinism, appreciation for Adolf Hitler, and the wisdom of Savitri Diva. It cannot be argued that any of these are in any way foreign to the Australian psyche.

The Aryan people, as Hitler understood them, might be baffled at all this fuss being made over them. It’s much easier when they’re simply described as ‘White’, but that’s only a shorthand. The Aryans themselves might have a different concept of their ethnic composition, but in the (necessary) oversimplification of Third Reich-era fancies, it’s probably fair enough to assume to know the mind of the Fuhrer, since, after all, the entirety of the Third Reich was not simply an exercise in Germanic rebirth, unification and expansionism, but the genesis of a program of pan-universal White domination.

This is why Herr Sewell was so upset at his (alleged) actions being misunderstood, as he and his group are merely on a charitable mission to restore Australia to its intended status among European countries (sic). Indeed, he and his strapping sidekick travelled to Nine’s headquarters in Melbourne’s CBD expressly to confront the producers of a tabloid current affairs program over this ongoing distortion of his and his group’s actions. As he keeps asserting, they are a legitimate, legal, fully registered political organisation that enjoys all the privileges of such an entity.

Why then are they being marginalised so? How come they’re being called, well, Nazis?

Footage taken of the NSN gathered on the Australia Day holiday at a camping trip in the Grampians purports to show the group engaging in the burning of a cross, and expressing their Aryan – or rather Australianness – through the execution of Roman salutes made fashionable by Benito Mussolini thence adapted for use by an admiring Adolf Hitler.

Boisterous group chants of ‘Heil Hitler’, and ‘Ku Klux Klan’ were also in the spirit of our national identity, so why all the fuss?

The problem resides with the Australian people themselves. Thanks to decades of Jewish mind-control they’ve failed to comprehend their Aryanness. Well, that is those who are Aryans. Unfortunately, those who are merely Anglo, Franc, Celtic, Slavic, Grecian, Latins, Umbrians, Samnites, Oscans, Sicels and Gaelic must leave the room for the present as this is a White thing.

Such ignorance of their heritage has thwarted the Australian people to their true destiny, which is our geographical as well as spiritual reunification with the motherlands in Europe.

Nativists who bang on about ‘Australianness’ don’t help in this struggle since they’re part of the problem. It is their kind of ethnonationalism that leads to brother wars and petty squabbles over land when, in fact, all along they’ve belonged to the greater Reich, which wasn’t simply intended to be Germany. No, this mistaken belief is wielded by crude nativists in their attempt to divert young Aryans from the truth about Hitler’s plans. He understood Germany was only a segment of the White race, and with the expansion of Germany into France, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Ukraine and the Czech republic he was just reunifying, um, Aryia. Or whatever it’s called.

But that isn’t the point, what is salient, and an imperative truth is that the only response to White Replacement is to trust in Thomas Sewell and his National Socialist Network who are variously aged from their late teens to their late 20s and even some dinosaurs in their 30s.

For, it is only the youth that can comprehend the greater struggle for Aryan civilisation, and the Jewish mass media’s attempts to bring a peaceful group like the NSN into ill-repute is part of that Jewish occupation.

Nothing was violent about the way that Sewell (allegedly) attacked the security guard, who was black anyway. This behemoth gorilla tried to assault the young man who called him a “monkey” when he and his fuhrer refused to leave the premises when asked to do so. If the shoe was on the other foot and Nine had trespassed onto their property, they would have welcomed it. They would have let them hang around filming everyone in sight and calling them whatever names came to their perfidious lips. That would have been freedom of speech, but such honour isn’t shared among those working for the Jews.

Swastikas, Hitler salutes, and gas chamber memes are all credible expressions of a non-violent, law-abiding dissidence. When an open challenge of dissidence is made to an oppositional system with an implied threat of defiance it’s only reasonable that the dissident group be treated with all the courtesy and respect befitting an ideological enemy; not treated as if they’re somehow a threat to the society they’re trying to pull down. Such appalling reception demands cries of foul and ill-treatment. Imagine if a thief was accused of burglary just because he stole something!

So, when, having shown the likes of ASIO and the Federal Police up for Jewish capos by poking that nerve which elicits hysteria at the first signal of anything militantly far-right, it’s impossible to believe they would react. After all, this is a Platonic confrontation, not a physical challenge, but the other side is too blinded by Jew lies to comprehend the difference. That just because someone acts like something doesn’t mean that is that which they’re imitating. After all, Darth Vader was played by an actor, it’s not as though the actor were really an evil tyrant who wanted to use the dark side of the Force to control the universe.

There may be a constituent of truth in the fact that Sewell did say that the kind of publicity Nine is providing them serves as their greatest recruitment tool. But it’s also tactically accepted that when such publicity is provided in the only way it possibly can, through unfair negative reportage of a fine group of upstanding young Australians the smart thing to do is to act offended and rush to their office to complain loudly about the publicity that is helping them recruit impressionable young blokes.

Therefore, given that the state has chosen, with the raids in South Australia and Qld, to persecute this group of dissidents, over such things as a Coke bottle filled with crushed sparklers and a harmless video of a terrorist raid that was purely for educational and editorial purposes, it is more imperative than ever that one does as Sewell. He says, “Stay out of trouble”, and he leads by example. The fact that he (allegedly) assaulted a security guard for reasons that could only be to further enhance his reputation as the undisputed leader of Australia’s only viable far-right (not far-right, we keep making the mistake of calling them far-right simply because we insist on referring to the appropriate political topography) organisation again is a smokescreen to cover up the fact that he was openly challenging Jewish lies in a non-violent way that the media is making out to be something it wasn’t.

Likewise, that harmless meme of Dvir Abromovich in a gas chamber with a Star of David pinned to his head was a playful tease, it was never likely to equate to the kind of “trouble” that the brilliant leader warns his troops not to engage in. The fact that he knowingly did it, in certain contravention of the insane Racial Discrimination Act, and that it was guaranteed to add more charges to his newly minted rap sheet, was part of the genius of his George Lincoln Rockwell-like showmanship. Provocation is the key, see. But, remember not to do it!

Sewell is merely following in the footsteps of other great New Zealand-born Australian National Socialists such as Alexander Rud Mills, Arthur Smith and Bob Cameron. I guess we should throw Jack Van Tongeren in there somewhere, only he wasn’t born in New Zealand, he is Javanese.

The fact that everything he touches turns to trouble is more reason to believe that he is deadly (sic) sincere about his cause. His passion is greater than even that of Messalina.

Troublemaking movement wreckers, such as the negative psy-ops over at New Australian Bulletin will likely do something to disturb the waters. Them and their crazy notion about Australianness, and how they contest the idea that nativism leads to “brother wars” simply because Russia is at Ukraine’s doorstep to challenge the internationalist control of their neighbour and its Zionist US protector, makes them, if anything, closer to Zionists than to realists like the Odinists.

And they’ll probably reference an article that exposed how leaked files from the National Counterterrorism Centre and the FBI have been penetrating NS groups such as the ‘Siege Network’ online in a strategy to tear those groups apart. That the Home Office’s Research, Information and Communications Unit (RICU) “infiltrated” the Order of the 9 Angles. About how this cold-war black op unit was brought back to life in 2007 to “cut its teeth” on Islamicist terror groups but was kept on to tackle the far-right. That the Atomwaffen and the Base were FBI honeypots and the British government more-or-less created Combat 18 to destroy the British National Party (BNP).

Knowing them they’ll use this information and add the reminder that being a part of the Five Eyes Australian national security will most likely have adapted this to a program of their own and as such the likelihood of them having made an entrance into the NSN is highly probable, and that anyone involved in it is far from fighting the good fight for the White Race but rather playing into the establishment’s hands as they have all along. That would be just like them.

Also, they’ll probably ask how it is that the Feds know where these members all live when the NSN supposedly went to such great lengths to conceal their identities? After all, what are all those stupid facemasks about, protection from COVID?

They may even publish a ‘top secret’ NSN manual to prove that these leaks are greater than they think, and it’ll be a manual that gives insight, not just into the plagiarism of the outfit, but how they operate. And they’ll do this because they’re shills of the state, not dedicated nationalists who are sick and tired of uninformed children who’ve brought the hammer down on their people and anyone else who’s serious … that kiddies like the NSN only get in the way when they try to be serious.


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