April 20, 2021


A Victorian politician has admitted that Victoria’s state government is actively suppressing the race of the perpetrators driving a serious ethnic crimewave through Melbourne suburbs.

Speaking on Sky’s Kenny Report, Liberal MP James Newbury described how ethnic gangs are running raids into Melbourne suburbs every weekend, but the police are gagged from reporting their race or even describing them as gangs. He said what’s happening is “sickening.”

“Over the last two months, gangs have been travelling from outside of the area into Bayside and the surrounding suburbs to commit the most heinous acts,” he said. “Rape, sexual assault, violence. It’s happening on Saturday nights often.”

Of course, this falls into the tell-us-something-we-don’t-know category. But he went on, “Just this weekend, someone’s face was cut in on both sides.

“Last weekend, 20 kids kicked in the face of a teenager… broke both sides of his jaw. I sat with his dad on Friday, who literally cried on my shoulder, talking about the plate that had to be inserted into his [son’s] cheek.”

Newbury made clear that incidents are being reported, and that police are well aware, but that “The police have told me privately that they’re being told to report these incidents as groups rather than gangs and not to whip up hysteria in the community.”

When queried about the ethnicity of these “gangs” he replied, “I can only go by what the police are telling me privately, and what they’re saying is they’ve been told not to report the race because it will cause other issues.”

We didn’t contact the state government for comment because we don’t need to, it’s African gangs, by-and-large Sudanese. And just because this Liberal MP is hustling on the crime issue doesn’t mean that he’s on board with the true issue here, race. Africans, to be precise.

Certain incidents are unavoidable and make the news, like the inevitable stabbings at overcrowded Airbnb parties. Aussies tend to get together over beers and a barbie, but African gangsters are strictly about stabbing, rape and robbery. It must be a cultural thing, among those gangs. Oh, sorry, groups.

If Newbury was sincere, as we know that he can’t be, as he’s part of the system that brought them here in the first place, he wouldn’t be discussing openness about crime, but immigration bans and deportations. That’s the only thing that will solve it since it wouldn’t matter who was in power, African gangsters are going to stab, bash, rob, and rape, and nobody is going to get in their way — especially if they’re wearing a uniform.

So, if we want to talk about openness, allow us to get to the root of the problem instead of quibbling about the symptoms. But we can’t, can we, because that would hurt someone’s feelings … and when that happens, certain ‘racists’ will be locked up. Unlike the ‘groups’ of unidentified ethnic origin in crimes that aren’t being reported.