April 20, 2021


Another thrumming exposé from Alex Mann has demonstrated once again that certain journalists (sic) are obsessed with a phantom menace.

Mann’s latest lightweight undergraduate rubbish is being shared around the usual narcissistic Antifascist-linked social media channels as if it is actual news. But it’s not.

That didn’t stop the ABC giving it major exposure on Background Briefing or the SMH’s ever-reliable stonefish Nick McKenzie from running with it as if it was an Olympic baton. Their motivation? To prove that far-right groups pose a serious threat to the stability of the nation. Their hope? That ASIO’s shiny-headed kingpin, Mike Burgess, will take their hysteria seriously and start recommending the government proscribe groups they don’t like. Then again, since there is no real group, they’ve played up the fear that ‘the Base’ is lying low waiting to explode all over a city near you. It might be a ‘lone wolf’ attack, who knows, but the thing is, many of those expressed admiration for (hold your breath) Christchurch killer Brenton Tarrant.

Their real incentive? Freelance dollars from for fearbait courtesy of your sucker nanny-state ABC etc. Also, they want a two-tier justice system where they and their anarchist mates can do whatever they want but the targets of their obsession are prosecuted.

What’s the article about? When accelerationist boofheads The Base were conducting recruiting operations, before being exposed as a narc’s honeypot trap for the FBI, being run by a former snitch, weasel, and an “intelligence, military and security contractor”, while being proscribed in the USA and Canada, their chickenhawk leader Rinaldo Nazzaro, 46, tried his luck trying to hook a few knuckleheads Downunder.

His efforts were futile, but there’s always someone dumb enough to do it, and in this case, it was a 16-year-old pinhead from Canberra whose father works as a “government security official” (rebellious brat?); a fringe-dweller around the Society of West Australian Nationalists; former One Nation blowhard Dean Smith, and Grant Fuller, a Gold Coast-based ex-Lads Society leader. Actually, Fuller is a lot more, and we’ll be taking a look at this rat sometime soon.

Mann’s pish relies on recordings of conversations between some of those mentioned and others. These were vetted by ‘The White Rose Society’ AKA an unfuckable middle-aged academic from Hobart who vaguely resembles Hyacinth Bucket named Kaz Ross. They were provided by Jason Wilson, another of the interminable cast of antifascist crusaders whose drivel keeps the toy wheels of the far-Left Guardian trolling along. Where did he get them? Well, now, that would be The Southern Poverty Law Centre, the most unadulterated Jewish Supremacist mob in the entire world. If you don’t know who they are, you shouldn’t be on this site. They’re about as reliable as a used car from Honest John’s motors, and as devoted to disrupting White discourse as Romeo was to pounding the bedsprings with Juliet.

So, in the end, after all this lame air, we learn that the Base failed to recruit anyone, either because they lost interest or never measured up to the FBI’s – oops, sorry – The Base’s exacting standards, and that Mike Burgess “…cautioned not to automatically place neo-Nazi extremists and other hate-inspired groups “in the same threat category as ISIL [also known as Islamic State] or al-Qaeda”.

And to think, it took Alex Mann months to confect this dribble. He was on the blower to Jim Saleam fishing around for clues to the Canberra kid’s identity and was trying to track down Matt Grant, hoping he would be caught unawares and admit to accepting a dangerous potential bomber into The Australian Natives. After all that, this is what he turned out.

What is it about left-wing journalists that are so, well, uninspired and lacking in creativity? They have all the imagination of a piss bottle.

Nick McKenzie was so stuck for an angle he worked in an irrelevant snatch of a suggestion by Nazzaro to one of those he spoke to that he should stick a few flyers up around Parliament House. Yep, that was in his lead. With a brain like Nick’s, he should be ON a lead.

Still, we did learn that these bozo accelerationists are interested in recruiting kids and not grown-ups. Whatever reasons they give, it’s mainly because kids are gullible. Just ask Tom Sewell, our resident Chickenhawk.