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From time to time, it seems necessary to reiterate certain facts about the so-called Anti-Fascist milieu, especially their activities in the fora of online social media

As I have written and re-written this article many times over the years, I will be concise, however, certain points must be repeated ad nauseum so that they stay uppermost in the minds of both veteran and prospective activists.

Rule number one would be to never directly engage, or interact with Antifa at any time, in any manner; as tempting as it may be to get stuck into them on their social media pages and no matter how good a writer you are. You are simply wasting your time and putting yourself in harm’s way.

Such sites are set up as a trap, the temptation folk feel to have their say in the comments section is well understood by the people running the pages and they tailor their content to act as “rage bait” to a certain sort of person.

It needs to be understood that this baiting, like everything else Antifa does, is based on sound, well thought-out principles of political warfare which are discussed, workshopped and fine-tuned by their practitioners, one could call it “tactical bullying”.

Once these activists have someone on the hook, they will go all out to achieve one of two outcomes: either the target is so humiliated, or intimidated by being bullied that they cave in and recant their views, or the subject, out of frustration is incited into some criminal act, such as making threats of violence and so forth.

As we have seen over the past five or six years there are numerous personalities in the Antifa milieu whose full-time job is to carry out these cyber-bullying campaigns; there is a huge amount of work put into breaking the victim’s will, an entire online persona has to be constructed for the target complete with fake social media pages, memes, doctored photographs, satirical videos and all manner of other dirty tricks.

In the past, these actions have gone as far as penetrating the mainstream media with bogus and defamatory articles published by complicit or naïve editors or paid for outright in the case of certain trash tabloid sites. Indeed, it is probably not well known among dissidents that, for example, The Daily Mail is open to writing pretty much any article if the price is right, celebrities and social media influencers are known to pay these sites for coverage so it is no stretch to suggest that some of the Antifa crowdfunding money might be going that way.

Unfortunately, once an article is published it then becomes an authoritative source that will be quoted every time the subject’s name is raised and with the prohibitive cost of mounting a defamation action in this country, there is little most people can do to fight back against their tormentors.

Again, I must reiterate, the point of all Antifa social media is to trap people into committing acts that will embarrass them or compromise their liberty, the goal is to cause the target to submit and grovel, or to throw them into the maw of the criminal justice system. There is no debate to be had, you cannot win the argument and you cannot appease them once you are in over your head.

The other important aspect of this bullying process relates to the way the Police and other statutory bodies operate, it is often the case that such outfits are bound to take certain actions once they are made aware of alleged wrongdoing, it may be their obligation, under whatever acts of parliament pertain to their organization, to open an investigation.

Further that the Police are now politicized to the extent that they can be effectively bullied by Antifa if they are seen to be dragging their feet after a complaint has been made, the senior cops are extremely sensitive to bad press. An article in the mainstream media critical of police handling of allegations can often see a dissident arrested and charged over seemingly trivial incidents.

The bulk of investigative journalists are also believers in the same cruel practices used by Antifa, the difference being that they are also in it for money and prestige, the usual pattern is that they will compile an article, or TV report, on their subject and then do them the “courtesy” of giving them a heads up on the content mere hours or minutes before its publication.

In summation, we can only urge nationalists to avoid social media altogether, or at least only to use it for non-political means, such as business, shopping and communication with friends and family. It is simply not worth having your reputation, mental health and livelihood destroyed playing Antifa’s political game, which is rigged against you from the beginning.

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