April 20, 2021


When in Melbourne, or anywhere else for that matter, African gangsters choose to stay at AIR BnB. Then they choose to trash the premises and start stabbing one another in a senseless and bloody violent ritual with no possible logic or understandable motive.

Not that we care, it’s just the fact that they’re, well, in Australia. At this rate, however, they won’t be. They will have killed each other off. Ironically, the reason they were brought here was to prevent that.

This is why we’ve decided to dispense with the orthodox news-lead introduction since it has reached the point that this is no longer news, it’s just a bit of gossip. As we know, Melbourne has no African gang problem so this must be eshays in blackface. Seriously, though, they say Black Lives Matter, but this mob begs to differ.

As to the latest outrage, it’s the same as all the others. A large contingent of 50 Africans booked out an AIR BnB room in Spencer Street in Melbourne’s CBD, everyone got pissed, and at about three in the morning they decided to stab each other. The police were called, nine were hospitalised, one seriously injured. Police were alerted when one of them staggered into Flinders Street Police Station with stab wounds, and so on.

While this sounds alarming, at 3 am nobody much would’ve been on the streets, so only Africans got hurt by other Africans.

After the injured African alerted police they swooped on the apartment building just as the African youths fled in all directions, with nothing much visible but teeth and eyeballs. And lots of blood.

Police are searching for the culprits but wouldn’t be able to tell ’em apart even when they catch them. They’ll face court, nothing will happen, and next month it will all happen again, but this time maybe they’ll have taken the show interstate.

Just another day in multiracial Australia where the major threat to peace comes from right-wing extremists.