April 20, 2021


Australian Parliament House in Canberra has come to resemble Caligula’s brothel. For the home of Australia’s democratically elected (sic) political elite, we have an insight into the loose moral fabric of those drafting and voting on laws, especially those ‘conscience driven’ votes.

What conscience? The Prime Minister only showed a conscience for what’s going on with his appointments when the proverbial hit the fan. The woman in charge of the nation’s defence baulked at rape allegations made by a former staffer on her watch. And everyone’s heard the rumours about Bill Shorten it’s just taken this long to make them public.

The litany of grubby personal stories of politicians is long indeed. We aren’t going to throw around names because we’d be here all day. Suffice to say, the world of politics has come to represent the British aristocracy of old: preaching virtues to the lower classes while living one incessant orgy. Committing adultery, and sins of the flesh on a scale that would make the Marquis de Sade blush. Where does it end?

We live in a time when nobody trusts politicians. You would think that given this breakdown of trust in the democratic system they’d strive to set an example with their own lives. But no.

Politics is a filthy game for sure. It’s not a life that a reasonable person would choose. Backstabbing, deceit, betrayal, and invalidation are constant. But if there was a moral backbone to any of these reptiles, to begin with, whatever the nature of the system that they’ve helped to shape, would be lessened by the execution of civic duty. Instead, they should all be executed. Well, forced to clean up dog crap in the park maybe.

In NSW, we have a Premier who is aesthetically challenged who conducted a relationship with a rumoured bi-sexual man with a taste for young Asian males. This man was as corrupt as a Roman senator. He swindled cash for development projects (allegedly) to favour Chinese businessmen. His entire time as an MP for Wagga Wagga was no doubt spent up to his neck in a decadent spa bath swilling Dom Perignon. For his sins, he’s now the subject of ICAC scrutiny, and with a bit of luck, headed for prison. He is a national traitor.

Yet, this woman has somehow eased through the narrow palings of scandal relatively unscathed. We’re to buy that she wasn’t aware just what a rotten apple her beaux was.

And, fancy having an attorney general who allegedly can’t keep his tackle in his jocks. This man sits at the top of the nation’s legal elite yet his own past is compromised by his predatory lust. He must have a real sensitivity towards victims of rape.

They might as well just stick up neon lighting and run a velvet rope and bollards around the entrance to Parliament House as it’s no better than the Hellfire Club. These are the people deciding on how we live our lives. These are the elected officials and yet their moral equivalents are to be found in the exercise yard of Silverwater Jail.